The perfect hair dryer for every hair type: Dyson Supersonic

Hair care can get a bit strenuous. Anyone with a hair routine will know that. No matter what type of hair you have – straight, curly, oily or dry – the amount of attention, care and time it requires is probably more than what you can (or want to) give.

If your hair routine involves a hair dryer, you especially know this too well. There’s the strained wrist from repeatedly turning the worn-out brush, the risk of over-drying your hair and causing breakage, and the sheer amount of daylight that passes before your hair is actually done drying.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Bing Lee

Oh, did we forget the external complaints about taking too long in the bathroom or making too much noise? Ugh.

Sometimes the struggle is too much. We give in, and the good ol’ bun comes into play the next day.

Luckily, Dyson has heard our desperate cry and dire need for fabulous hair every day. Introducing… Dyson’s Supersonic Hair Dryer.

Love at first sight

Before getting into the technical parts of why you’ll love the Dyson Supersonic, let’s take a minute to appreciate its simplicity and oh-so-chic design.

With its silver body, you can pick from a white or fuchsia accent. We’ve gone all heart-eyed! And rather than a typical chunky head with a fan, the motor is set within the handle for a balanced shape and weight.

Using four buttons to control and select your drying type, it’s still aesthetically pleasing while maintaining its easy-to-use functionality. The small lights on the head indicate how hot and how fast your setting is. Ultra-stylish!

Magnetising attachments

Dyson has made it incredibly easy to switch out attachments by making them magnetic. No more clicking, locking or struggling when wanting to try out something new. It complements the simple and sleek design perfectly.

The Supersonic comes with three attachments – here it comes – that cares for each hair type. Hooray! (Check out the videos to see for yourself!)

First, there’s the Dyson Styling Concentrator that releases high-velocity, focused air. It lets you style one section of hair at a time without disturbing the rest. It’s perfect for those fancier ‘dos that you want to rock on a night out.


Then there’s the Dyson Smoothing Nozzle that’s ideal for your everyday drying. It’s gentler, using smooth, wide air to dry and style at the same time.


Lastly, but definitely not least, there’s the Dyson Diffuser. This is a wider, spout-looking attachment that’s created specifically to dry curls. It’s engineered to disperse air evenly around each ringlet to improve definition – not frizz!


Oh, and did we mention that the magnetic attachments have heat shield technology? Well, they do. The surfaces will stay cool even during close-up styling.

It’s as quiet as it is elegant

Dread drying your hair at night for fear of waking up the kids? Your hair dryer shouldn’t sound like a rocket taking off. Dyson knows that.

The Supersonic is engineered to produce one inaudible frequency that’s enveloped by what’s called a vibration reduction system. The system involves a rubber mount that prevents the motor from vibrating against the inside of the handle, producing less noise between the motor and the case.

The result means that a hair dresser can dry their client’s hair while still being able to have a conversation with them using their regular indoor voice.

Star performance

Sounds great so far, right? Let’s not forget about the core of how it benefits your hair.

It protects your natural shine by keeping the temperature under control. The air is measured 20 times every second (!) so that the temperature is just right. Preventing extreme heat reduces damage to your hair.

A lack of extreme heat doesn’t mean it will take you longer to dry your hair, though. It’s extremely fast-drying with a focus on high-velocity airflow rather than heat.

It’s taken years for Dyson specialists and engineers to tackle the science of hair but it’s been well worth the wait. Hair care has never been more enticing. Test

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