An honest review of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

My hair and I have had many style adventures together. From short, black, sleek-cut bobs to waist-long locks highlighted blonde, I’ve tried everything under the rainbow – including rainbow-coloured hair (not kidding).

As someone who has chopped off bleached hair many times, I (like many people) didn’t realise that my hair dryer was badly hindering my determination to grow a healthy head of hair.

No matter the hundreds of dollars spent on products, shampoos and treatments, I feel silly for not realising that all my good intentions were being reversed by the damaging heat I put my hair through almost every single day.

I know daily drying sounds excessive and will not be the case for every person, but unfortunately, I’ve been cursed with quite fine hair that gets oily very, very quickly.

As a result, I am obliged to wash my hair too often – not leaving it for more than a maximum of three days going unwashed and even then it is “perked” heavily with dry shampoo! Told you, cursed.

My hair dryer plays a regular part of my daily/beauty regime and, in all honesty, I don’t know why I never thought of replacing it. I was so used to it that I hadn’t realised that it could and should be better.

When I found out that Dyson was putting a hair dryer on the market, I knew it was something I had to try. I own two Dyson vacuums and thought that if the hair dryer were anything like their other home appliances, I’d be in for a real treat.

What I was immediately impressed by – without even seeing the product firsthand yet – was Dyson’s research on hair. The company acknowledged that creating a product for hair, that helps hair, requires understanding hair first and foremost.

The research and development behind the Supersonic was the real deal. Dyson built a state-of-the-art hair laboratory and recruited some of the world’s best engineers (103 of them!) and award-winning hair stylists.

Countless factors played a part in each aspect of the design. From heat and sound to balance and weight, Dyson considered everything for hair health and usability for all hair types.

If you can’t tell already, I’m excited to try the Supersonic for myself. I have quite high expectations after reading about all of its high-tech features, and I don’t want to be let down!

I should also point out that the first use of the Supersonic isn’t the only time I want to be blown away (not sorry for the pun). Like applying cream to skin, I’m looking for a long-term solution and progression in my hair’s health over time.

First impressions say a lot, and my first impression of the Supersonic’s box is that it’s modern and luxe. You can immediately tell that it’s holding an upmarket product within it.

I open up the box to find the Supersonic laid out beautifully with its three attachments around it – the styling concentrator, the diffuser and the smoothing nozzle. It also comes with a non-slip mat and a storage hanger which I think is super handy considering how guilty I am of dropping my hair dryer on the bathroom floor!

Picking it up, all I can say is WOW! It’s so much lighter than my hair dryer. I had read about the Supersonic’s motor being much smaller than a typical hair dryer motor, but I didn’t expect it to be this lightweight overall.

I’m finding it so effortless and comfortable to hold, and I would say that’s thanks to the motor being in the handle of the Supersonic rather than the head.


The attachments are as easy to put on as souvenir magnets on a fridge. They just pop into place and twist to the desired direction without much force at all, but still have a good enough hold not to prop off if you accidentally knock it.

I also have to mention how pretty it is. I love the pop of purple on mine and the seamless buttons. The fact that the head resembles a doughnut reassures me that there’s no chance my hair will get stuck in a grill!

There are three precise speed settings (fast drying, regular drying and styling) and four precise heat settings (100˚C, 80˚C, 60˚C and a constant cold at 28˚C).

For my first use, I just want to dry my hair for an everyday look. Nothing special, but smooth enough to go to work with.

I’m going to use the regular drying speed at 80˚C. I’m also going to use the smoothing nozzle to start because I like to dry the top of my head and the crown thoroughly – it keeps my hair looking fresher for longer.

The small light indicators are so chic and stylish! I’m able to control the settings exactly as I want and the Supersonic responds instantaneously.

I slide the button to turn it on and, to my surprise, the Supersonic is much quieter than my regular hair dryer which resembles the sound of a blower vac.

It’s really quite pleasant to use. The air blown out isn’t uncomfortably hot, so I don’t need to move it as rapidly for fear of burning my scalp. The air is also smooth and constant.

Within a few short minutes, the roots of my hair are dry, and I decide to switch to the styling concentrator. Switching between them is a cinch. Off pops the smoothing nozzle.

At this stage of the drying process, I have to admit that I am not very good at coordinating my brush and my hair dryer to style it properly. So I usually opt for switching between brushing and drying. Considering how much more relaxed the Supersonic is to hold, I’ve decided to attempt to do it the proper way.

And it’s a success! The styling concentrator aims air exactly where I need it and the sheer size of the Supersonic doesn’t make me feel like my arm is about to fall off as I navigate through the sections of my hair.

I continue to blow dry the rest of my hair, and before I know it, it’s finished! A job that usually takes me 15-20 minutes to complete (25 minutes if I try to do it the proper way to avoid going over it with a straightener) has taken a total of… 7 minutes and 40 seconds.

I’m in awe. The Supersonic has halved the shortest amount of time I could possibly dry my hair with my blow dryer.

I could not be happier with how my hair looks and feels right now. I don’t have any flyaways, my hair isn’t frizzy nor do my ends feel like they’ll break off from dryness.

Here’s a before and after shot of my hair. Unruly with dry ends on the left, effortlessly smooth on the right – no fancy lighting or cameras, just less than 8 minutes of dry time.

I definitely feel that my hair is smoother and lighter, and I can tell that the regulated heat is something that will keep my hair healthy in the long run. To get this kind of result, I certainly would’ve had to follow my drying process with the use of a straightener.

The verdict?

  • Less than eight mins of drying time with the results of straightener-smooth style
  • Comfortable to hold and balance for styling without strain
  • Significantly quieter and lighter than typical hair dryers
  • Easy-to-use attachments and settings
  • Looks incredible and feels luxe
  • Dries hair without flyaways or static

I’m sold. The Dyson Supersonic is something dreams are made of.

While many headlines point to the higher price point of the Supersonic, I think that like any other item you spend a good amount of money on – it’s all about the quality of the product.

If you’re after just a drying solution, heck, a towel and time will dry your hair! If you’re looking for hair care, I’d recommend the Supersonic. It’s an investment in the same way skincare is.

It’s fantastic in that it caters for all hair types too. I can’t wait to see how the diffuser works on my sister’s curly hair.

In the spirit of festivities, Dyson has a special edition Christmas case that you can purchase with the Supersonic. I’m telling you – gift someone special (why not yourself?!) the Supersonic this Christmas and they’ll thank you for sharing the joy of hair-managing bliss.

The Dyson Supersonic is a Christmas present that will surpass expectations and you can purchase one online or in-store at Bing Lee today!

Try it out and let us know your experience in the comments below!

The toxic reasons you need an air purifier

Did you know that dangerous particles could be lingering in the air in your home? We knuckle down on the facts and explore the features of two powerful humidifiers that could be your answer to a breath of fresh air.  

Imagine living on a hill, out in the open, breathing in fresh air from the clean breeze that blows over beautiful seas. Ahh, bliss.

Why is it that the oxygen in one environment can make us feel very different to the oxygen in another? The answer is simple: air quality.

Homes are busy places. They occupy adults, children and pets, and store everyday possessions such as clothes, shoes, furniture and just about every other thing you can think of.

It’s no surprise that even the cleanest of homes gather pesky dust particles and the nasties that the eye can’t see – allergens, bacteria, mould, viruses, toxic fumes… you get the idea.

You may not realise it, but you’re breathing all of these types of dangerous particles into your body, harming your health and provoking allergies.

Not convinced? Well according to the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research, the air in your home can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside! It’s time to start facing the (gross) facts.

Air purifiers

Surely it’s enough to open the windows wide and let the sunshine in? While that helps refresh the home, most of us don’t have the opportunity to do so on a day-to-day basis. And of course, there are the colder months and nights when airing out the home seems impossible.

With revolutionary technology and intelligent designs from trusted brands, air purifiers are here to blow you away (pun intended!).

Let us introduce you to a couple of our favourites and their incredible features.

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™ Link

Dyson is known for innovative technology, and this purifier is no exception. Its high-efficiency HEPA filter is so powerful that it removes 99.95% of particles as small as 0.1 microns! (Laboratory tested to EN1822, of fine particles from the air.)

The 360° Glass HEPA filter has a layer of activated carbon granules too. What does that mean? Well, not only does it filter particles, it filters odours too. Even toxic odours such as paint fumes won’t go past this Dyson!

Want something for asthma and allergy sufferers? This purifier would be your top choice. It’s the first humidifier to meet the asthma and allergy-friendly standard and has been approved by National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice® program.

As the name suggests, it’s simultaneously a heater and a fan that’s bladeless. (Yes, it really does do even more.) The temperature control means that the whole room will be heated or cooled evenly with a powerful stream of purified air flow.

It’s also acoustically engineered, so you’ll barely notice it’s even on! And the automatic night-time mode still monitors and reacts to the air in the room but purifies with the quietest settings and a dimmed LED display. Now isn’t that clever?

And you can control it all from a smartphone with the Dyson Link app. There’s the cherry on top.

Sharp KCA60JW Air Purifier with Humidifier

Sharp’s air purifier uses a 2-in-1 system with a HEPA and an active carbon filter to capture 99.97% of dust particles. A mesh pre-filter also prevents larger particles from clogging up the main filter so that your purifier lasts even longer.

This purifier reduces microorganism growth (the spreading of the nasties we mentioned earlier) by maintaining the right humidity level in your home. It has a smart sensor that detects a change in room temperature and reacts by picking up water from the tank and releasing moisture into the air.

Plasmacluster Ions are also released in the process. This technology is cool because it efficiently deactivates any airborne viruses, mould spores and eliminates odours from cooking, garbage and cigarette smoke. It’ll get rid of any lingering scents from pets, too!

You can also leave it to operate at night without fear of it disturbing anyone’s sleep. It features a low mode operation so that the noise level is ultra-quiet.

It’s important to note that this Sharp air purifier has been given the Seal of Approval from the British Allergy Foundation. So if you’ve got an allergy sufferer in the house, they’ll benefit greatly from the reduction of allergens in the air.

Check out the quick demonstration below to see how the filters tackle smoke!

The perfect hair dryer for every hair type: Dyson Supersonic

Hair care can get a bit strenuous. Anyone with a hair routine will know that. No matter what type of hair you have – straight, curly, oily or dry – the amount of attention, care and time it requires is probably more than what you can (or want to) give.

If your hair routine involves a hair dryer, you especially know this too well. There’s the strained wrist from repeatedly turning the worn-out brush, the risk of over-drying your hair and causing breakage, and the sheer amount of daylight that passes before your hair is actually done drying.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Bing Lee

Oh, did we forget the external complaints about taking too long in the bathroom or making too much noise? Ugh.

Sometimes the struggle is too much. We give in, and the good ol’ bun comes into play the next day.

Luckily, Dyson has heard our desperate cry and dire need for fabulous hair every day. Introducing… Dyson’s Supersonic Hair Dryer.

Love at first sight

Before getting into the technical parts of why you’ll love the Dyson Supersonic, let’s take a minute to appreciate its simplicity and oh-so-chic design.

With its silver body, you can pick from a white or fuchsia accent. We’ve gone all heart-eyed! And rather than a typical chunky head with a fan, the motor is set within the handle for a balanced shape and weight.

Using four buttons to control and select your drying type, it’s still aesthetically pleasing while maintaining its easy-to-use functionality. The small lights on the head indicate how hot and how fast your setting is. Ultra-stylish!

Magnetising attachments

Dyson has made it incredibly easy to switch out attachments by making them magnetic. No more clicking, locking or struggling when wanting to try out something new. It complements the simple and sleek design perfectly.

The Supersonic comes with three attachments – here it comes – that cares for each hair type. Hooray! (Check out the videos to see for yourself!)

First, there’s the Dyson Styling Concentrator that releases high-velocity, focused air. It lets you style one section of hair at a time without disturbing the rest. It’s perfect for those fancier ‘dos that you want to rock on a night out.


Then there’s the Dyson Smoothing Nozzle that’s ideal for your everyday drying. It’s gentler, using smooth, wide air to dry and style at the same time.


Lastly, but definitely not least, there’s the Dyson Diffuser. This is a wider, spout-looking attachment that’s created specifically to dry curls. It’s engineered to disperse air evenly around each ringlet to improve definition – not frizz!


Oh, and did we mention that the magnetic attachments have heat shield technology? Well, they do. The surfaces will stay cool even during close-up styling.

It’s as quiet as it is elegant

Dread drying your hair at night for fear of waking up the kids? Your hair dryer shouldn’t sound like a rocket taking off. Dyson knows that.

The Supersonic is engineered to produce one inaudible frequency that’s enveloped by what’s called a vibration reduction system. The system involves a rubber mount that prevents the motor from vibrating against the inside of the handle, producing less noise between the motor and the case.

The result means that a hair dresser can dry their client’s hair while still being able to have a conversation with them using their regular indoor voice.

Star performance

Sounds great so far, right? Let’s not forget about the core of how it benefits your hair.

It protects your natural shine by keeping the temperature under control. The air is measured 20 times every second (!) so that the temperature is just right. Preventing extreme heat reduces damage to your hair.

A lack of extreme heat doesn’t mean it will take you longer to dry your hair, though. It’s extremely fast-drying with a focus on high-velocity airflow rather than heat.

It’s taken years for Dyson specialists and engineers to tackle the science of hair but it’s been well worth the wait. Hair care has never been more enticing. Test

Dyson DC59 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Open the cupboard, drag out the vacuum cleaner, plug it in, vacuum around the room, unplug it and put it back into the cupboard.

By the time you’ve done this, someone has probably made more mess, and you repeat the process all over again. Or you don’t and your floors stay looking dirty.

What if I told you there was a solution to the whole ‘pull the vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard’ rigmarole? Well there is. And of course it comes from Dyson’s team of clever engineers, so now you can forget conventional cleaning with the new Dyson Digital Slim.

The DC59 cordless vacuum cleaner is powered by the Dyson digital motor V6. This 350W motor, 2 Tier Radial cyclones and a re-engineered nickel manganese cobalt battery combine to provide powerful suction. The latest motor head with carbon fibre filaments aids in achieving high dust removal.

Together these four technologies enable DC59 to remove as much dust as a corded machine.

Like its predecessor the new Dyson digital slim is lightweight. It is designed with the motor in the handle so it’s easy to use up top ‘ cleaning ceilings and other hard to reach places ‘ as well cleaning across all floor surfaces.

The main floor tool; the one you’ll use on the floor, not the ceiling, combines stiff nylon bristles to agitate carpet fibres, picking up deep down dirt and stubborn hair, with anti-static carbon fibre brushes to collect fine dust from hard floors including wood and tiles.

The slim aluminum wand fits into tight spaces ‘ between kitchen cupboards and fridges. And the wand can also be completely detached from the machine, turning it into a hand held for compact spaces like the car.

The Dyson digital slim comes with a few different heads to tackle every possible cleaning challenge, including:

  • A multi-tool which combines a crevice tool for hard to reach places, with a soft dusting brush for more delicate tasks
  • and a mini motorised head to tackle tough tasks like removing pet hair from the furniture or car seats.

So there you have it. A portable, but incredibly powerful vacuum cleaner that means cleaning up those in-between messes is now quick and easy’so easy and so powerful in fact you may find yourself quickly zipping through the entire house regularly’just because you can.

So come on in to your nearest Bing Lee store, or purchase online right now!

Dyson DC54 Cinetic Vacuum Cleaner

Today I have something really exciting to share with you, but before I do I’m going to take a moment for a quick vacuum tech history lesson.

Pre Dyson ‘ which is actually only 20 year ago – vacuum cleaners had not changed for over a century!

Enter James Dyson, who was frustrated that his vacuum cleaner didn’t do what it was supposed to do. Rather than just tossing the machine in the cupboard, he set about trying to create one that would work.

And of course he did. The DC01 was the world’s first bagless vacuum cleaner. It worked properly and set a benchmark for vacuum cleaner suction performance. I don’t think I need to tell you it was a hit.

Between then and now, the Dyson RDD team has grown from just James to a centre housing around 850 engineers all tasked with continuing to make better machines.

And they have done. Refining technology and continuing to provide customers with better machines…which leads us to Dyson’s latest innovation.

Dyson Cinetic.

This new machine from Dyson is a massive step-change in technology ‘ redefining the no loss of suction benchmark Dyson set all those years ago.

Like other Dyson machines there is no bag, but what isn’t immediately obvious to the eye, is that there’s no filter either.

Why is this important?

Because, just like bags, all vacuum cleaner filters clog. And not everyone washes and maintains them, which ultimately results in a loss of performance. Even in a Dyson.

By developing a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t require a filter, Dyson have taken customers out of the performance equation. There is nothing a customer has to do to maintain the efficiency of the new Dyson Cinetic (well, they will need to empty the bin after they’ve cleaned but that’s it).

So how is this possible? And why did we have to wait 20 years?

Well it didn’t quite take 20 years ‘ but it did take six ‘ which in my calculation is at least 12 filter washes that may not have happened!

James Dyson shared the key to making this possible, was being able to make Dyson cyclones smaller, which means they can spin air faster, which means they can separate more dirt and dust. Makes sense!

But the smaller the cyclones became, the more easily they blocked. To overcome this and make sure they didn’t block Dyson engineers experimented with flexible tips that would oscillate and effectively keep the dust moving through the system.

Once this problem was solved ‘ the 54 ‘ yes 54 cyclones were built and the rest of machine came together around Dyson’s Ball technology.

So after 2000 prototypes and over 10,000 hours (which works out to around 10 years-worth of cleaning) testing, Dyson Cinetic is here. And in its lifetime it will never lose suction.

We invite you to test the finished machine at your closest Bing Lee!

New Dyson Vacuum Range is Launched!

Today, Dyson are releasing two new floor care products into the marketplace, and Bing Lee are excited to show them off to you in store and online.

By now we would have all heard about Dyson and the way that name has become synonymous with high quality floor care products. Who would’ve thought that a vacuum cleaner could be so full of technology and design? Well, Dyson are taking the concept of floor care to the next level with the new DC54.

With the introduction of the DC54, Dyson once again redefines the term “no loss of suction”. It’s called the Dyson Cinetic, and it doesn’t use any filters. No filter cleaning means no loss of suction, ever. All you do is dump the dirt and dust after doing your floor cleaning. It means no maintenance whatsoever outside of simply opening the bin latch. Other than that, you’ve got the only Vacuum in the world that will never, ever lose suction.

How is this possible? Well, this new Dyson, called the DC54, uses very small cyclones. The smaller the cyclones, the faster the air spins inside the Cinetic system, and the better the dirt and dust separation. There are 54 cyclones working at once to make this work.


But if they are that small, how do they stay unblocked? Here’s another key breakthrough that the Dyson team have delivered – each cyclone has a flexible tip that keeps oscillating, similar to a sifter that moves slightly to nudge fine particles. The dust never gets trapped and all the dirt and dust gets sent in to the dust bin for easy release.

And of course the now-famous Ball technology is as much a part of the DC54 design as the reinvented cyclone system. The Dyson Ball, as it is called, contains the motor, the entire power cable when it’s retracted, and two wheels carved out of the spherical design.

Here’s our video on the DC54:

The other new product launched today is the DC59 Digital Slim, powered by the Dyson digital motor V6. This 350W motor, 2 Tier Radial cyclones and a re-engineered nickel manganese cobalt battery combine to provide powerful suction. The latest motor head with carbon fibre filaments aids in achieving high dust removal.

The DC59 battery lasts up to an incredible 20 minutes, so you could conceivably run around a large portion of your home for a quick clean without dragging your main vacuum out for the task.

Together these four technologies enable DC59 to remove as much dust as a corded machine.  

Like its predecessor the new Dyson digital slim is lightweight. It is designed with the motor in the handle so it’s easy to use up top – cleaning ceilings and other hard to reach places – as well cleaning across all floor surfaces.

Dyson engineers used Archimedes’ simple, but brilliant lever principle to perfect the balance in hand. So it’s just as easy to clean cobwebs from ceiling corners, as it is to clean crumbs from the floor.

The DC59 is a portable, but incredibly powerful vacuum cleaner that means cleaning up those in-between messes is now quick and easy…so easy and so powerful in fact you may find yourself quickly zipping through the entire house regularly…just because you can.

Here’s our video on the new DC54. Have a great week!

Winter Guide to Heating

If you’re starting to feel like the doona is the best place to be when you really should be getting up to face the day, then it could be time to look for a heating solution for both those cold mornings, and the wintry nights.

There’s actually a lot of choice when it comes to heating, so here are a few tips:

Split system air conditioning: If you’ve decided to invest in a split system cooling air conditioner and are waiting for the summer to roll around, now might be the time. Reverse Cycle Air conditioners are slightly more in price than cooling only, but they do have the added benefit of heating large areas with the same kind of air reach that they do when pushing cool air around the room. This keeps hot and heated objects away from the floor if you’re worried about accidental collisions with temporary heaters.

Fans: If you have a smaller area and you do want to heat it up quickly, the Dyson Hot And Cool is kind of in a category all its own. It contains no external blades, so children and pets can literally stick their head into the fan with no issues. It also contains a shutoff if the unit ends up on its side. Definitely one to consider for dressing in the cold early morning!

Gas Heaters: If you have Gas connected to your house, investing in a gas heaters will convert your cold open area into a warm sanctuary. Gas heaters can quickly, effectively and efficiently heat large and open-plan areas. This is because Gas heaters are more energy efficient because they provide high heat output in relation to the energy used to generate that heat.

Oil Heaters: If you don’t have gas in your house, then an oil heater for single room heating may be your next best option. Although oil heater do take a while to heat the room, it does keep the room toasty once you get to a selected level. A lot of them have timers so you can have them turn on and off at regular times of the day, and water containers to keep the air from drying out – especially important in sleeping quarters.

Radiant heaters: These heaters are most effective at warming up a person than a room, so you do have to be in fairly close proximity to the radiant heater for it to deliver warmth. The air itself does not heat up, just the area directly in the radiant heaters’ perimeter.

Electric Blankets: We just had to mention these, because (speaking from experience) there is nothing like climbing into a prewarmed bed on an icy night. Electric blankets have expanded from the tie-down models to heated throws, that you can snuggle into while still on the lounge watching TV – or even deliver symptomatic relief for a sick member of the family. Hey, they even look nice with a variety of patterns so you’ll be cosy and trendy at the same time!

There are plenty of heating options available – just come in to see one of our staff at our store locations, have a chat to our online staff or simply browse our website catalogue for our full range.

Have a great weekend! 

Guide to Staying Cool This Summer

We’re hearing from a lot experts that it’s going to be a long, hot summer. With the oncoming heatwave, we thought we’d share our thoughts on how to keep you and your family cool over the next few months. The first, and most flexible option is a fan. Although it sounds pretty obvious, fans are great at moving air around a room, and that circulation is what helps keep you and your cohabitants cool during hot days. Dyson fans are a great choice for families, as they have features that take into account kids’ safety and product safety. After taking the world by storm, the now-familiar circular and rounded tower style of the fans is almost iconic in recognition, but importantly for parents, represents one of the biggest changes to the fan since its invention – the removal of visible blades. This means children can be close to, or even in, the fan blower itself. In fact, if you have an air conditioner running and you have an odd shaped living area, placing a fan in a strategic location can help move cold air from the air conditioner into other areas like corridors or L-shaped spaces, helping the cooler air move around corners and lowering the temperature in more areas of the house. If you’re in an apartment or are renting and can’t do a full installation of a split or window wall air conditioning unit, there is the next best thing – a portable air conditioner. The beauty of a portable air conditioner like one from Delonghi is that it works just like a window wall unit but doesn’t require any installation – you just need to be close to a window that you can use as your vent to expel the hot air in your room and replace with the cool air from the portable air con unit. If you do have the facilities to install a split system air conditioner, then there are a few factors that you will need to take into account. Firstly, although you may be tempted to calculate your own unit, visit your local Bing Lee store with your room’s dimensions, existing windows and orientation of your room and we will be able to help with the calculation of the correct size of the air conditioner to suit your space. We have some great brands in Air Conditioning systems, and each have their great unique features. For example, Mitsubishi is one of the quietest units in the market, as low as 19dB for some units, meaning you can stay cool and not be distracted by the noise of the indoor unit. Samsung air conditioners are right up there with online integration. Using a compatible Android or iPhone, you can download an app that lets you connect to selected air conditioners and control it remotely, no matter where you are. Fujistsu air conditioners incorporate a human sensor, which detects human activity in the room and adjusts the power use depending on what people are doing in the room. Fujitsu also have one button cooling and award winning indoor unit designs to match the modern decor of your living area. Lastly, Panasonic air conditioners have a feature called ECONAVI, which senses people in the room and sends cool air to that actual area of the room. If there is less movement, or no movement at all, the cooling mode is adjusted down to a lower power mode. As you can see, there are many options to stay cool this summer. Make sure you speak to one of our staff for the best advice on the most effective way to keep your family and friends comfortable in your home this coming warm season.

Dyson Delivers Revolutionary Convenience

If you want an example of space-age technology being used in even the most mundane applications, you couldn’t do better than Dyson. Company founder James Dyson realised the limitations of conventional vacuum cleaners in 1978. After just a few minutes, the vacuum would rapidly lose suction power. That marked the beginning of a five year journey that would lead to the development of the world’s first cyclonic vacuum cleaner. The centrifugal force inside a Dyson vacuum can reach 100,000 G, or 100,000 times the force of Earth’s gravity. A later innovative development was the Dyson Air Multiplier, which allows air to be circulated inside the vacuum without the need for blades. Each and every year, Dyson improves its designs and looks for new ways to raise the quality of its products to never before seen levels. Ultimately, Dyson doesn’t manufacture products. It creates breakthroughs.

Revolutionary Products

In the span of less than a decade, Dyson changed the way the world looks at vacuum cleaners, fans, and washing machines. Designs that had been in use for well over a century were suddenly seen as inadequate and out-of-date and new designs came into existence that were truly revolutionary. Dyson continues to make use of brilliant researchers throughout the world to create solutions to problems that many weren’t even aware existed. Dyson is a symbol of a new age of technological innovation, a true brand of the future.

Promoting Cleaner, Healthier Homes

Dyson products are all about improving your quality of life. When you use Dyson products, you can enjoy a cleaner home, cleaner clothes, and even cleaner air. Allergy sufferers can finally find relief thanks to the innovative technologies introduced by Dyson. Since the introduction of bagless vacuum technology, vacuum manufacturers around the world have improved their designs to be functional, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient. Today, nearly every modern vacuum on the market utilises some variant of cyclone or air multiplication technology.

Comfort and Style

Dyson fans offer an attractive addition to any contemporary room and can provide cool, clean air without the noise associated with blade fans. All Dyson products are made with your comfort in mind. When you choose Dyson, you are choosing a cleaner, quieter environment that the whole family can enjoy.

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