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It’s so simple to enter the competition! Just post a photo of yourself playing netball, follow @bingleeofficial and hashtag #ilikebinglee – easy as pie!

Our panel of judges will select the most creative image and announce the winner via Instagram. But be quick – the competition ends on 18 October 2017.

Find the terms and conditions here. Good luck!

Bing Lee Launches Samsung Experience Destination

Bing Lee and Samsung today launched a major retail experience installation at Bing Lee’s Rhodes Shopping Centre store, designed to profile a selection of its Home Appliance products to Australian shoppers in an immersive and interactive way. The event was attended by Yenda and Lionel Lee, as well as Mr Yoon and Phil Newton from Samsung.

This display is the first of its kind for Samsung’s home appliance retail operations in Australia. The 100 square metre stand offers hands on product experiences through plumbed and connected Samsung home appliance products while customers visit the Bing Lee store. When shopping during peak periods, Bing Lee customers can also enjoy a beverage from the coffee machine located at the stand while they explore Samsung products.

The home-inspired design showcases a number of premium and innovative home appliances and also allows consumers to interact with the products. The space features zones of products including refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves, vacuum cleaners and dishwashers.

Galaxy tablets situated throughout the stand deliver an interactive way to discover products based on a number of questions. The customer can then have the information on the most relevant products emailed or sent via SMS to them.

A number of the products in the washing machine and refrigerator zones will be fully functional, enhancing the shopping experience and providing a realistic understanding of the product benefits in a realistic setting. The retail stand will also have a Samsung trained product expert available to provide consumers with specialised advice during peak trading hours.

The installation at the new Bing Lee Rhodes Shopping Centre will be open to the public from today, so be sure to come down and check out the new Samsung Retail Experience.

New Bing Lee TV Ads Launch

We’ve had some great feedback about the ads we’ve been creating over the last few years – quirky, family oriented and memorable. We’re going live right now with the next batch of TV ads and thought it would be a good opportunity to expand on some of the messaging that we’re delivering on these new ads.


Anyone that works at Bing Lee knows Theo, who helps run our Old Guildford Store below head office. Theo has been with us for 40 years and has seen many product categories come and go – Black and White TVs to Colour, to Digital and now “Smart”; computers go from desktops to touch screen tablets; and record players to mp3 players.

At the core of it, though, Theo is still ingrained with the same culture that he was taught the day he arrived at Bing Lee – to provide great customer service and provide great advice to help customers make the right purchasing decision. And ultimately, that’s what we hope all of our customer-facing staff deliver every time you step into a Bing Lee store.



You may not know this, but in addition to all the stock we carry and display in each our stores, we also have a central warehouse full of TVs, air conditioners, fridges, washing machines and other large products. This means that even if the item you’ve chosen at your local store only has display stock, we can still arrange delivery to your home from our warehouse, in some cases the next day.



 It’s a dynamic time we live in, and that applies to stores like ours that offer electronics goods. As the market shifts, we’ve committed to making sure we can offer the best of both worlds – great advice based on what you need for your lifestyle and situation, and competitive prices that are monitored on a daily basis.

With these new ads hopefully you get a feel for what we offer as a consumer electronics retailer – a friendly family-based in-store experience, backed up by a solid logistics system, and daily tracking of market prices so you can be assured of getting a great deal from us every day of the week.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend. Here’s the collection of the new ads below:

Bing Lee Wins at Online Awards Event

This year, Bing Lee were the proud recipients of the award for Best Site Optimisation and Design at the recent ORIA event. This is very a humbling and exciting recognition from ORIA, which is the only awards event to recognise achievements in the e-commerce retailing segment.

As the recognised leader in design and optimisation, we are continually trying to make your online experience more enjoyable – and winning the award does not mean we’ll be sitting on our laurels to keep our site at the top of the pack.

So what does mean to you as a visitor to the Bing Lee site? Here are some of the highlights of our optimised site that hopefully will keep you coming back to us just as you might visit one of our local stores:

  • Site speed: whenever you click onto a product or other page on our site, we are dedicated to making sure that page loads up fast to deliver the information you’re looking for quicker.

  • Recommendations – as you visit the site, we’ll pick up what products you’ve been browsing and supply suggestions based on your browsing history. Hopefully you’ll see something that piques your interest!

  • Live chat: There’s nothing like being able to speak to a real person when you’re shopping, even when it’s online. Our live chat crew are based here at head office and are ready to take your inquiry.

  • User reviews: We’d love to hear what you think of the products we carry. Post your comments and share your thoughts on the latest appliance you purchased from us.

  • Filters: On the left hand side of the page, you’ll see many subcategories that help you focus your search down to a smaller subset of products. We want to help you find that product you’re looking for with minimal fuss and clicking.

  • Free delivery: We offer free delivery on a wide range of products when purchased online. Just check for the “free shipping” tag on products to see if your product qualifies.

  • We have regular sales and four day “Awesome Foursome” is being becoming quite the industry event. Sign up to our subscriber list for access to these regular promotions.

  • Product comparisons: If you want to see the difference between two or more products, just add a product to your comparison list. You can then see all the selected products and easily see the differences between the products you’re considering.

  • Product videos: We have a very active YouTube channel and we embed all our product and tutorial videos onto the related product pages. See how a products looks and what it can do before making your final buying decision.

As you can see, visiting the Bing Lee website is full of information and the little details that help make your online shopping experience more memorable and easier. Just like our stores located throughout New South Wales, we hope you come back to our online site again and again when you need help with your next appliance or electronics purchase.


New Products And A New Store for Bing Lee

The great thing about retail is there’s always new products released into the market. New tablets, pick up and go blenders, and sound bars to name a few, as we’ve seen lately! This week we’ll have a look at a few more products that have just arrived into our stores – as well as a… well, new store!

Samsung Curved OLED

Samsung Curved OLED: This new TV is a gimpse into the future of television screens. Available at the moment at the Alexandria store and due into more selected stores in the next few weeks, the Curved OLED represents the next leap in viewing technology. The self emitting diodes deliver the same intensity of LED panels, but because they are individual lights, blacks are the same as plasmas – so the total results is the richest colours you have ever seen on a screen.

The curved display is designed to immerse you in the content. The vision envelopes you so you feel almost part of the action, whether it’s sport or dramatic cinema. And even when the TV is turned off, it’s going to take the breath away from anyone that visits you. Style, bleeding edge technology and the best conversation piece in the street awaits you with Samsung’s curved OLED.


Yamaha Musical Instruments

Music: If you’re a regular customer of Bing Lee (and thank you if you are!) then you might have bought an audio system to play music, a tablet to watch music videos or a home theatre to bring concert DVDs alive. Now, you have the opportunity to create the music, with the introduction of music equipment in selected stores – Online, Alexandria, Balgowlah, Bankstown, Casula, Old Guildford, Penrith, Prospect and Rhodes stores.

Whether you want to try serenading your loved one with the pluck of a guitar string or the tinkle of piano keys, or want to raise the roof with a rock-out with your mates, we have a range of selected musical instruments right here. With an electric guitar and amp pack, an acoustic guitar, two keyboards and an electronic drum kit, there’s enough gear to transform your whole family into the next Partridge family. If that’s your thing.


New Google Tablet

Nexus 7 (2013): Nexus is the name of the Google branded tablet and phone range. We’ve just received our first shipment of both the Wi-fi and 4G versions of the new Nexus 7, no name change but it’s the 2013 version. And it is a stunner: a 1,920 x 1200 screen on a bright, richly coloured 7” screen, you cannot discern pixels – it’s simply one of the best displays ever on a mini tablet.

Full support from Google means the latest updates to the operating system before any other manufacturer. You just have to try a full HD video to see how good this screen is. It comes pre-loaded with all the Google Services like Drive, Music, Books, Movies and Earth. Of course hundreds of thousands of apps are available from the Google Play store as well. Check one out online or instore today.


… And a new store for Bing Lee!

And last but not least, the latest addition to Bing Lee is not a product but a new destination to showcase all these products. We’ve opened a new store in Balgowlah, with our usual great range of products across TVs, computers, fridges, floorcare, cooking, laundry and more. It’s been fitted out with Small Appliances, IT and AV products on the top levels, and whitegoods, floorcare, fitness and cooking on the ground level. Come visit our friendly staff at the Balgowlah store now.

Have a great week!

Regional store introduction

Most of you would know that Bing Lee is a NSW-based company, predominantly based in Sydney Metro. What some of you may not know is we have northern region stores reaching all the way up to Armidale. Today, we’d like to show some of these stores off to you and introduce the teams to you.

First store is Taree. Located in Taree’s city centre with access from the street, our 1,350 sqm store has expert staff ready to assist you in any facet of home electronics. Our wide display of large screen TVs will inspire you to upgrade your cinema experience along with our home theatre solutions. Try out a new camera and take a few snaps before you buy, print photos from your existing camera, browse our computing range while you wait. We also have the Asko range of laundry and dishwashing solutions as well as a cooking display to help you decide on your kitchen upgrade or renovation.

Next is Port Macquarie. Located off the street with plenty of parking, our 790 sqm Port Macquarie store is filled with the best in electronic appliances, from computing and audio visual solutions to climate control and refrigeration. Our Port Macquarie store displays Asko and Miele laundry and dishwashing products, along with an impressive cooking display, including Miele, to help you choose your next components to enhance your kitchen upgrade or renovation.

Further up north is Tamworth, home of the Golden Guitar. Located just outside the city centre at the Longyard Homemaker Centre, our 800 sqm Tamworth store has friendly, helpful staff along with a great selection of brands across the range of home electronic appliances. Browse through our Smart TVs, fridges, air conditioning and heating options, as well as a great cooking display. Check out our Miele laundry products if you are looking to update or replace your existing clothes washer. Get hands on with our range of computing options from handheld tablets to large screen notebooks.

And our northern-most store is Armidale. Located in the city centre with easy access from the street, the 650 sqm Armidale store has a great range of air conHave a great weekend!ditioning, fridges, TVs and computers. Armidale have a great range of Asko appliances as well as a cooking display to help you decide on your next kitchen purchase, along with experts in store to help you with your digital imaging needs.

Have a great weekend!

Bing Lee Alive App July Competition Winner

We’re excited to announce the winner of our July Bing Lee Alive competition!

Joseph Licastro submitted the following entry for the question “where would you most likely use the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, and why?”:

“I would most likely use it at home because it is a moreconvenient way to surf the Internet and it is easy to use, especially when I need to look for something really quick, I don’t have to turn on my big computer, all I would have to do is use my Samsung galaxy tablet”.

Congratulations Joseph, you’ve won a Galaxy Tab2 7.0 Tablet courtesy of Bing Lee. Thanks to all entrants who participated and look out for more competitions on our Bing Lee Alive app soon!

What’s Hot This Week at Bing Lee?

The last few weeks have been full of new product launches for us here at Bing Lee, and today’s the day we get to highlight a few of them with you.

First up, a brand new Nespresso Coffee Machine called the U Milk. This great looking coffee maker has a really small footprint, so it will fit on benchtops of any size kitchen without cramping your style. The water tank rotates 180 degrees to help fit snugly into tight spaces. Three touch sensitive buttons allow you to choose between three pour sizes, and the bonus Aeroccino3 milk frothing device gives you the opportunity to make your own macchiatos and add froth to your espressos.

After you’ve relaxed with a great cuppa, it’s time to get on your feet and hit the road, trails or bike tracks with your new Magellan fitness GPS. The Magellan range includes devices to track your running stats such as speed, distance and time; a cycling range that mounts directly onto your bike and keeps track of all your riding stats, is weather proof for any riding conditions and has downloadable data for use on a desktop tool; and the Explorist for hikers with camera, mic, ability to create waypoints, use road maps for Australia, US, Canada and Western Europe, colour touch screen and has 16 hours life off 2 AA batteries.

Bing Lee has launched our own range of audio-video accessories, with a focus on value for money and great features. The powerboard range includes energy saving features that turn off slave devices once the master product is turned off as well as USB charging for your mobile devices. The range also includes antenna cables and HDMI cables with rotating ends for easier connection in tight places. Check these out online and in-store now.

Finally, a great accessory for the latest generation of Smart TVs is here, with a Hard Drive specifically designed for recording and playing back from your TV. It’s called the My Book AV-TV, and the storage has been optimised for smooth video playback and consistent recording. It will respond, to your rewinding, fast forwarding and pausing commands effortlessly, converting your Smart TV into a PVR.

As you can see, some great new products are in store and online right now. Have a great weekend!

What’s Hot This Week at Bing Lee?

Happy Friday to all our online visitors! Today we’re going to have a quick look at some of the brand new products that have just arrived in our stores across computers, home theatre and food preparation.

Toshiba P70 Notebook: If you’re looking for an absolute workhorse to replace your current desktop, then look no further! This 17.3” notebook features a fourth generation quad-core processor for extra grunt. The gigabit ethernet connection means the fastest fixed line internet connection and super fast wireless connectivity if you need to move it around the house.

The 2GB graphics card provides clear, jutter-free video entertainment when the lights go down, and impressive response to video and photo editing. The massive 1 terabyte hard drive will hold huge amounts of documents, music, photos and videos.


Yamaha YHT-799AU Home Theatre System: Speaking of connectivity, even home theatre systems are becoming smarter and more feature rich as well. The latest Home Theatre system from Yamaha features 5 x 115W speakers including two impressive tall boy speakers to immerse you in the cinematic action in your home.

The real smarts are in the receiver, with fixed ethernet connection to provide airplay for your Apple iDevices – imagine music coming from your iPhone thumping it’s way into the lounge room! It also has a large range of internet radio stations to choose from, and if you’re a Pandora music streaming user, you’ll be able to login via the receiver on-screen display and enjoy tailored playlists.

There’s some great future proofing here as well, with 4K pass through for latest Ultra High Definition content. 5 HDMI inputs and one output means you can use this as your home entertainment hub.

Electrolux Professional Stick Mixer: When you’re planning to cook a big winter meal, the first thing you’ll be reaching for is your mixer. The professional stick mixer from Electrolux, available now at Bing Lee, uses a triple blade for quick mixing and consistent results.

You can adjust the mixing speed and keep track of how fast it’s spinning with the handle’s blue LED indicator. The powerful 700W motor with turbo function creates a powerful vortex, sucking the ingredients in your container onto the blades, ensuring all the components are mixed evenly.

This stick mixer also comes with a double whisk attachment for fluffy, light textures. Plus, why use more mixing bowls than necessary? The anti-splash design means you can use the mixer directly in the pot, which reduces cleaning and preparation time.

Have a great weekend and look out for some great deals on the Clickfrenzy event next Tuesday!

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