About Bing Lee

It all began with the purchase of a small electronics repair shop in Fairfield in 1957.

Bing Lee and his son Ken Lee transformed their business into a retail store to keep up with the demands of electronic household items such as televisions, washing machines, audio equipment and more.

Their success led to Bing Lee opening more stores around other Sydney suburbs and then further out across New South Wales.

The original Bing Lee store in Fairfield, purchased in 1957.

Bing Lee passed in 1987 and Ken Lee filled the role of Chairman till his passing in December of 2007.

A new era began with Lionel Lee stepping into his father’s role when he became CEO in 2008.

Bing Lee is still proudly run as a family business. Second and third generation family members work in the Bing Lee stores, and so is the objective to treat customers, staff and suppliers as part of the family.

Now being a household name around Australia, customers keep coming back because they know they will get honest advice on brands they know and trust, all at low prices.

Bing Lee brings the same honesty and affordability online, at binglee.com.au, so that customers can shop with the convenience and comfort of being at home.

Having virtually every brand name, high-end electronics product and appliance on display, Bing Lee is where to turn for all your home tech needs.

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