Working from Home Essentials

Working from home essentials

More Australians are working from home this year. Whilst it can be a big adjustment for many, it can also be an opportunity to properly set up your home office. We’ve put together a list of all the essentials you’ll need to consider when setting up a working-from-home environment.

A good computer

This is the key item you’ll need – a good workhorse of a computer. Whether it’s a desktop, laptop or a more portable all-in-one, the computer you choose will make a massive difference to your home office experience. Whatever you’re looking for, Bing Lee has a huge range of options to choose from.

A widescreen

If you’re used to working with a multi-monitor workspace it might be an idea to invest in a larger widescreen monitor to mimic your usual working conditions. You’ll also be able to team it up with a laptop screen to expand your desktop real estate.

Extra storage

Depending on how you’re accessing content and files you may need to store more files at home than you normally would. This is certainly the case if you’re trying to access work documents over virtual private networks and have unstable or slow home internet access. An external terabyte storage drive could be your best friend for the ever-growing collection of work files. With an external drive you can add space for more files instantly, consolidate all your files to a single location, or free up space on your computer’s internal drive for improved performance. Set-up is straightforward, simply plug in the included power supply and USB cable and you are ready to go.

Workable software

Office 365 is now Microsoft 365. The massive revamp of the subscription packages still provides the usual Office products and includes options for individuals, families and businesses. Some interesting new additions include the Microsoft Teams phone app to chat and plan with family and friends. Plus, the Microsoft Family Safety app, allowing family members to keep in touch with location sharing, insights on how everyone is doing while on the road, content filters and screen time limits.

Wireless combo

If you’re mounting your laptop at eye-level to be ergonomically correct at home, you’ll need to also set up a keyboard and mouse combo. Wireless combos like the Logitech MK345 make the whole set-up simple and will keep the desk area clear of cords, allowing ease of movement when transporting your laptop to other work areas.


If you’re whole household is working from home, the last thing you’ll want to do every day is to talk over multiple Zoom sessions. Make the transition smooth by ensuring everyone has their own set of headphones. Bing Lee has a great selection of choices from simple earbuds that can be removed quickly, to wireless overhead earphones for comfort and moveability.

The real office essential

Ok, this is the one item worth investing in if you love your coffee. A good coffee machine for the home office is a great motivator and the perfect reason to get up and have a break. It is best to go with a full automated one like the DELONGHI DINAMICA ECAM to save on time and hassle. Tell the boss it will boost productivity.

Why an Intel 10th Gen Laptop is for you!

Are you looking to upgrade your laptop and wondering whether an Intel 10th Gen laptop is for you? Well, lets have a look at what’s on offer and how it translates to a better user experience no matter what we’re using your laptop for.



Laptops with 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors learn and adapt to what you do, leveraging the benefits of built-in AI instructions to help you get things done faster and more fluidly. Consider any photo or video editing you’re already doing or interested in learning. The built-in AI can automatically select subjects or objects in a picture, fill in missing pieces in photos, make blurry images clear, and even create artificial backdrops in videos without the need of a green-screen.


Intel - wifi

The Wi-Fi demands of your digital life keep expanding with more connected devices and higher-bandwidth needs – like video streaming, gaming, and dealing with increasingly larger file sizes. Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) enabled PCs and wireless networks deliver a generational advance in Wi-Fi performance, traffic management, interference avoidance, and security for best-in-class connectivity. This is the new Wi-Fi you’ve been waiting for.


Intel - movies

If watching movies or gaming is a core purpose of your laptop, then you’re going to love the 10th Gen. A new graphics architecture supports incredibly rich and vivid entertainment experiences like 4K HDR and the performance needed for 1080p gaming. 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors with Intel® Iris® Plus graphics and Intel® UHD Graphics bring immersive, visually stunning experiences to laptops.


Intel - fast paced

Enabling the most innovative laptop and 2-in-1 designs with the power of AI, next gen graphics, and best-in-class connectivity, 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors redefine the laptop experience for those who are always on the go.

Compatible laptops are in every budget as well. The 15.6″ HP Laptop 15-DA2018TU for example is a great entry level compatible laptop with High Definition display, a 256GB Solid State Drive and HP TRUEVISION, giving video chat vibrant clarity, even in low light.

Or there’s the stunning ‘laptop of tomorrow’ Asus Zenbook Duo. This unique design lets you take your creativity and productivity to the next level with the full-width Asus ScreenPad™ Plus built in just above the keyboard that works seamlessly with the main display.

Finally, for fans of the 2-in-1s, there’s the Lenovo Yoga C940 2-IN-1 Laptop. Co-engineered with Intel® for advanced mobile performance, the Yoga C940 will power through your day, combining sleek portability with up to 17.5 hours of battery life. And if you need an extra boost, the rapid-charging battery will give you 2 extra hours in just 15 minutes

Click HERE to find out about all the 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processor compatible computers in the Bing Lee range.


The Unmatchable Travel Companion


Whether you’re heading off on a road trip around Australia, or a jaunt across the seas, you’re going to want to take a device that will not only capture your memories, but be your personal guide and travel consultant at the same time.

Gone are the days of packing multiple maps, guidebooks, and cameras for a holiday. The most convenient and best performing option these days is to a smart-device. And when it comes to the ultimate travel companion you need not look any further than the range of OPPO smartphones.

Here’s the top five ways an OPPO smartphone is all you’ll need to optimise and streamline your next travel experience.

Capture those memories


The trusty selfie shot is the staple of every traveler. With the OPPO Reno 10x Zoom you’ll be capturing selfies, landscapes, wildlife and portraits all in stunning clarity with a super HD lens that delivers high resolution and greater colour accuracy for more vivid detail in your photos. A 48MP ultra-clear main camera, 13MP telephoto lens and 8MP wide-angle lens, all make up the Reno 10x Zoom tri-lens setup. By combining three lenses over different focal ranges, this achieves a full bandwidth of 16-160mm, an effective focal length 10 times that of an ultra-wide-angle lens. The tri-camera setup is complemented by dual OIS for ensuring stability, even when fully zoomed during hand-held operation. The technology behind Reno 10x Zoom truly elevates photography to all-new heights.

Explore the nightlife


Most smartphone cameras let you down in lowlight and night photos. The Reno Z is equipped with a Sony IMX586 48MP ultra-clear camera. Its 1/2.0’’ ultra-large sensors and f/1.7 ultra-large aperture combine with MFNR and HDR software algorithms, protects users from over-exposure in order to create stunning detail in low-light conditions. The new addition of AI portrait optimisation for night photography can differentiate between the subject and background, ensuring that skin tone is accurate and delivers a professional photo every time. The Reno Z further minimises shutter speed for night photography without leaving the default camera mode, paving the way for fast and crisp photos.

Protection from drops


There’s a reason the original 35mm travel cameras came with a strap attached. Taking pictures when on the move comes with a major risk of damage due to drops and falls. The OPPO Reno 10x Zoom comes with free-fall protection for free spirited adventurers. The drop protection mechanism for has been engineered to sense in real time when the phone is in free-fall and automatically retracts the camera to prevent damage.

A screen perfect for mapping out your adventure


Navigating on holidays is made even easier with a huge panoramic screen to view your maps on. The OPPO Reno 10x Zoom offers you a completely uninterrupted screen experience. There’s no holes or other distractions and a chin of only 3.5mm height makes a huge screen-to-body ratio of 93.1%. You’ll be able to stay one step ahead when viewing your maps on your OPPO travel guide.

A long lasting battery for exploring


Leave your battery packs and extra cords at home, the OPPO AX5s 4230mAh battery is designed to get you through your day. A long-lasting battery keeps you enjoying every moment with your phone. Whether you’re using GPS, playing games or listening to tunes on a long train trip, or making video calls, now you can do want you want for longer.



kid holding eco gift box with brown tag


Supermarket windows are fast being graced with baubles and tinsel and carols will soon ring out through shopping centres around the nation – Christmas is here.

While this time of year marks a great time of festivities with friends and family, it also offers a chance to show them just how much they mean to us through the art of gift giving. However, we all have that one person who is difficult to buy for because they seem to have everything they need. Instead of taking the easy way out and giving them cash, why not get creative and consider gifting something that will inspire them to cross something off their bucket list.

Most of us will have a bucket list of things we want to do over our life time. They could range from learning an instrument to travelling to Scandinavia to see the northern lights. Either way helping a loved one tick off an item on their bucket list would be the ultimate gift.



Whether it’s hot air ballooning over French wineries, snorkeling with whales, or backpacking around Europe, everyone has a travel destination on their bucket list. One thing they all have in common is the need to capture the amazing experience in photos. While everyone has a basic camera built in to their smartphones, you can’t go past a dedicated digital camera to capture stunning photos while on an adventure. You have a lot to choose from, be it a compact digital camera to a more feature heavy digital SLR. To browse the full range of digital cameras click HERE.



Smart homes are no longer a thing of science-fiction – the homes of the future are available now. Smart lighting is the first step into adapting a home with user friendly technology. Imagine being able to program your home lights from the touch of a button or even a voice command. The benefits range from being able to make sure all the lights are turned off at home from the comfort of your desk at work, or being able to switch on the porch lights while in your car in the driveway, to even programming your lights to turn off or on at certain times – great for the early risers in the family. Once you have them in a home you won’t want to do without them again. Consider the Philips Hue lighting system as a great foray into smart homes. For more smart home ideas click HERE.



When you consider the amount of cookbooks available in stores it would be safe to assume Australians love to cook. While this may be the case, many recipes call for items we just don’t own. Why not gift something that will help inspire someone to become the next Nigella Lawson. They can make their own mince and pasta from scratch, so they know exactly what goes into their next tantalising dish of spaghetti bolognaise. Or what about helping with the new year health kick so they can make their own healthy and organic dehydrated food and snacks? Then there’s the bench-worthy KitchenAid mixer – the ultimate chef must-have. For more budding chef inspirations click HERE.



We take a lot of photos in our modern digital world. But how often are we getting those memories printed out into tangible photos? When pictures stay on our devices they get lost and we often forget to go back and look at them. Having them printed off in photo form in frames on walls, tables and albums means we can relive those wonderful memories regularly. The quickest and convenient way to do this is with a personal photo printer at home. These also make great devices at a party, where photos taken that minute can then be printed off and shared with guests at the press of a button.



Getting fit and healthy is often the basic new years’ resolution, but translate it to a bucket list and it might come in the form of a wish to run a marathon. The only way to get there is to start training. Fuel this inspiration in the form of a wearable fitness device. Wearable tech will keep track of your daily steps, count calories, monitor heart-rate, and record sleep routines, all while also being a stylish watch at the same time. For the best wearable equipment click HERE.



And finally, how many of us want to get out of the rat-race and work for themselves? If you have a loved one planning on running their own business or who has just started one up, the best gift you can give them is technology. The gift of a tablet, 2-in-1, or a laptop is the ultimate first step for the budding entrepreneur. Utilising the flexibility of a portable computer or tablet is essential for any modern business. They are also the go-to technology for all new students starting university next year! For a full range of entrepreneur inspiring computer gifts click HERE.



For more amazing gifts to buy someone who has everything, check out the Bing Lee Christmas Gift Guide.

5 reasons why you should opt for a 2-in-1 convertible laptop

Not sure if you should buy a tablet or a laptop? Here are five reasons why a 2-in-1 is the perfect solution for you.

Laptops are great for their functionality. Tablets are incredible for their portability. A 2-in-1 is an amazing compromise of both. Here are five benefits, among many, that you’ll experience with a 2-in-1 convertible laptop.

1.     Easily transforms

What makes a 2-in-1 is its flexibility. Either a reversible hinge allows the screen to flip back on itself with a 360˚ range or the screen can detach entirely from the keyboard to create a standalone tablet for portability and convenience.

Either form is typically quite light and slim, so it’s easy to carry around or pack in your bag. This innovative design lets you enjoy the best of both worlds.


2.     Touch or type

All technology is moving toward touch-screen functionality. Swiping and tapping on screens is this generation’s norm, so a gadget without that kind of control is simply not as convenient.

In saying that, typing documents on a touch screen isn’t always convenient either.

Switching between touch and type on a 2-in-1 is a win-win situation because you’ll have access to the quickest methods of any activity and comfortably use it according to your personal preference.

3.     Carries all the latest features

A common misconception is that a 2-in-1 will lack in brightness, colour or sound. That’s not true. Just like the wide range of laptops on the market, all these features will vary from model to model.

In fact, 2-in-1s are made with impressive technology with all the latest advancements for a pleasant user experience.

The most recent 2-in-1s have remarkable processors and memory, making them just as powerful as regular laptops. Many also have incredible battery life so that you can enjoy high performance for longer without having to reach for the charger.

4.     Caters for work and play


Whether you’re doodling or typing emails, a 2-in-1 makes it all easy. They’re perfect to use on-the-go, at work or while unwinding in your spare time.

Its space-saving design means that work trips are stress-free – whether by train, bus or plane. You’ll still get the familiar, desktop-classic browser view that makes working simple.

After work, watching movies and catching up on binge-worthy shows are made a cinch when switching to display mode. It prevents a bunch of random keys from being smashed or restarting the episode when you roll over on the couch!

5.     Value for money

A 2-in-1 is cost effective in that you’ll be paying much less than if you were to purchase a separate laptop and tablet. It’ll also prevent you from doubling up on cables and buying all the extra accessories for both a laptop and tablet.

Don’t forget, more importantly, that you’re also getting all the convenience in the points mentioned above!

The essential checklist for setting up a home office

A home office needs more than just a chair and desk. What gadgets do you really need and which can be made obsolete? Here are the essentials to get you working comfortably.

Having a dedicated workspace or a versatile study at home is very common. Whether you’re setting one up for yourself or for your little ones to get their homework done, there are essentials to make the room as productive and efficient as possible.

But what tech and gadgets do you really need? We’ve got the checklist you need to get your home office up and running.

A computer and its accessories

This one is fairly obvious, but it all starts with the computer you opt for. A desktop is great for having a larger monitor in a permanent work station. A laptop is ideal for those who plan on taking their work outside the dedicated office space. If you can’t decide, why not have both? 😉

Plugging in a laptop into an external monitor is a popular option for those who use multiple programs at once and would like the convenience of having two screens to work between

It’s simple to set up most laptops and monitors by connecting them with an HDMI cable. You can always ask an expert at a Bing Lee store for more information!

You might even want to opt for a curved monitor for optimised viewing. The clip below is a preview of the amazing Samsung 32″ Curved Monitor.

A printer and ink

Choosing a type of printer depends on whether you’re after the basics (printing) or if you’re looking for an all-in-one design that can copy, print and scan. You can, of course, buy a separate scanner but it is good to note how much desk space you want to occupy.

Another thing to remember is to always have extra ink cartridges and toners in storage. The worst thing is wanting to print out a document only to find that there’s no ink left!

For a busy home office that needs professional, high-quality prints, find out why the jam-free Epson WorkForce WF-7620 could be the printer for you! Just hit play on the clip.

A backup hard drive

This one is vital. Computers sometimes fail us and can result in literal tears. Saving all your important documents, audio, images and video regularly on a backup hard drive is a small habit that can prevent big hassle. Trust us.

Portable SSD storage is a good option for backing up files because it’s generally faster, more secure and durable in build. Check out the compact and light Samsung T3 Portable SSD below!

A wireless network

Keep your home office clean with a wireless network. Self-explanatory, wireless means you’ll spare yourself trying to fiddle around with cables and how to keep them neat and tidy. Internet connection via a router can provide a secure, high-speed link that’s modern and easy to function.

Netgear’s Orbi range is sleek, reliable, fast and easy to use. The video below gives you all its features and tips on picking the right one for your home!


Storing a pair of headphones in the office (that don’t leave the office) means that you can watch a tutorial, listen to a podcast or play music as you work without disruption. They’re convenient to have on hand so that you don’t find yourself searching for your everyday pair of earphones.

Wireless headphones are a good option in particular because you can simply pop them in and out of the desk drawer without worrying about tangling or damaging wires. Too easy!

Beats By Dr.Dre and Sennheiser offer wide ranges of headphones with quality sound, comfortable designs and wireless features. JBL E55BT Wireless Over-Ear Headphones are another great pick for long-lasting battery life. Take a look below!

Phone charger

Save yourself the trouble of moving adapters from room to room and dedicate a phone charger to the office. Remember to cater for your work mobile phone or tablet too, if they require different chargers. A USB hub is useful in that case!

Shop the Energea Power Hub 6 at Bing Lee.

Fuji Xerox Printer Range

A great range of Fuji Xerox range of printers are available right now at Bing Lee, and they come packed full of easy-to-use features and great print quality throughout the range. Let’s check them out!

All the Fuji Xeerox models printers we’re showing you today have one this in common – the powerful Mopria Print service. By using the Mopria print service, Android mobile device users can easily print to these Fuji Xerox printers. How does this work? First, make sure the printer is connected to the network, either wirelessly or through ethernet depending on what you prefer.

All you then need to do is download the Mopria app from the google play store. Now your android device does need to be running Android 4.4 or later. When you have a photo or document you need to print, just select print from the menu of the app you’re in, and select the printer that you want to print from.

Your handset will automatically discover all the printers you can print to. You can even change some of the print settings, such as media type, duplex or borderless printing. Just tap the print button and your page will be printed by the Fuji Xerox printer you’ve just selected. It’s as easy as that.

That’s Android, and what about Apple devices? This range from Fuji Xerox has you covered there as well. The printers we’re showing today are all Airprint compatible as well, so as long as they are on the same network as your ipad or iPhone, they will be picked up automatically for quick and easy printing. Let’s go through the range now.

The DocuPrint P265DW is a great value single function, mono printer. Its compact design means it can sit on a small desk and it can print up to 30 pages per minute. And at this price with a duplex printing function you’ll be saving paper as well, with the ability to print double sided pages.

The Docuprint CP225W isa full color function printer, bringing to life school projects and business proposals alike. The colours are bright and detailed with up to 1200 by 2400 dpi print resolution. And if you’re in a rush, you can print colour pages up to 18 pages a minute, so you’ll never miss that next meeting.

When you need a productivity workhorse, then look no further than the DocuPrint M265Z 4 in 1 mono printer. This one unit lets you print, copy, scan and fax, giving you great business performance. Duplex printing means efficient use of paper and a better way to present documents to clients. The 2.7 inch colour screen provides a clear and simple interface to access the functions you need at any moment. And how’s this? If you need to copy a business card on both sides, the card copy feature lets you copy both sides and then prints out one page with both sides of the card on the single sheet of paper.

Finally, for the ultimate in both work and home printing, the Docuprint CM225FW is a multifunction colour printer with fax function. You can print, copy and scan documents in full colour, with WPS technology to easily connect to your local wireless network. Like the rest of the range, the image quality from this printer is incredibly detailed, perfect for professional documents and classroom presentations and assignments.

That’s the Fuji Xerox printer range available right now in Bing Lee stores – easy connectivity and printing from mobile devices with great printing image quality.

NETGEAR Nighthawk Range

The average Australian home today is connecting 10 devices. Think about how many devices you have connecting at home?  It quickly adds up, and many of these are streaming videos and gaming at the same time!

It’s important to upgrade your home network and router to suit any application so you can enjoy ultimate performance from all devices, now and in the future. As we demand more from our home network, it is important that we have the correct router to improve the performance for the best online experience

The Netgear range of Nighthawks are perfect for all internet connections and usage types.

There are several routers, modem routers and extenders in the Nighthawk range and each are designed for ultimate performance.

For fast, buffer-free connections your network needs to have as much speed as possible. With next gen AC WiFi, all Nighthawk products feature a minimum of AC1900 dual band WiFi. All nighthawk products include a minimum dual-core 1GHZ processor for faster WiFi, wired and WAN-to-LAN speeds as well as faster USB access.  With best-in-class processors, you can do more, faster.

QoS automatically priorities traffic for best gaming & streaming performance. Beamforming plus boosts speed, reliability & wifi range.These features and more are perfect for all households, with multiple devices, content streaming and gaming.

The newest premium model in the Nighthawk range is the D7800 – an AC2600 Dual band Modem router.The outstanding features in this modem router means it is the best performing model in the market.

Traditional WiFi routers stream data to one device at a time. More devices lead to more congestion. MU MIMO enables streaming to multiple devices simultaneously, delivering twice the throughput. As the world’s fastest VDSL/ADSL Modem Router on the market, it will process network traffic incredibly fast, which means not only do you get fast internet but you can run several applications at the same time.

Dynamic QOS will recognize your application and make sure they are performing at their fastest at all times. It also has 2 x USB 3.0 and 1 x Sata port for super-fast data backup and streaming. Additional features like itunes server, secure remote access and enhanced parental controls means security and peace of mind for your network.

And of course, the Netgear Genie app is a great way to monitor and control access across your entire network, a must have app for your Netgear networking services in your household.

Get the best out of your home networking with a new Netgear Nighthawk.

HP Spectre x360 Convertible Notebook

The HP Spectre x360 is a high performance Windows 10 convertible PC from HP, powered by Intel’s latest 6th generation core processor. The Spectre x360 is a smart looking elegantly designed notebook, with its aluminium unibody carefully chiselled by aerospace industry standards. It is as durable as it is refined – a computer that is also a work of art.

Taking a look around the device we find a USB port, power button and SD card slot. On the other side two USB ports, a full size HDMI output, mini display port and volume toggle.. Now it’s worth pointing out that all these are full size connections, which is pretty impressive on such a slim device. On the front we find a TrueVision HD Webcam with an integrated microphone that can be used with Skype and other video messaging services.

The display is a thirteen point three full high definition LED touchscreen with a nineteen twenty by ten eighty resolution. The x360 features Bang and Olufsen with 2 speakers for great audio for movies and music.

Internally, the Spectre x360 is powered by the very latest 6th gen Intel Core i7 processor for amazing response for apps and the OS. This processor delivers a new class of computing with new features to power the next generation of 2 in 1 PCs like this Spectre. Intel’s sixth generation processor gives lightning fast speeds and peak performance through even the toughest of tasks and games.

The x360 also features eight gigabytes of RAM for superb multitasking, and a two hundred and fifty six gigabyte solid state hard drive to hold all your documents and files. Of course with the full size SD card slot card you can also expand your memory or easily transfer photos and other files to and from the Spectre x360. If you want to share your content, it’s a cinch to use a HMDI cable to connect to your flat panel TV to show off your photos and movies.

The Spectre x360 provides up to twelve and a half hours of battery life thanks to the incredibly efficient 6th generation Intel processor. But it’s not just your standard notebook. There are 4 amazing modes the Spectre can transform into depending on your needs. As a notebook it can be your productivity workhorse. In stand mode, it can be angled perfectly for movie watching or video conferencing. In tent mode, it’s great for apps or gaming. And in tablet mode, the screen can be flipped all the way around for easy on-the-go touch screen use.

And with Intel inside, Windows 10 is amazing on the outside. The latest Windows is designed to be used perfectly with Intel processors to enable the best performance out of convertibles just like this HP Spectre x360. From notebook to tablet, Windows 10 runs best on Intel’s new 6th gen intel core processors.

That’s the HP Spectre x360 convertible PC – massive flexibility in notebook, tent, stand and tablet modes – with high end performance and screen to match, all thanks to Intel’s 6th Gen Core processor.

MICROSOFT Office 2016

The all new office 2016 for Windows is now available, and here are a few reasons why you should upgrade.

First off, it’s built for team work. Click share in the upper right and you get the new share pane. Before you can share though, you have to save your file to the cloud by clicking this button, then choose the location, and save it. Now, you’re ready to share.

Invite people to the document by typing their names or email addresses. Select whether they can edit or just view. Type a short note, and you’re done. And check this out, real time typing in word. Now you can see other people’s changes as they type them. If you need to know who’s making a change, hover over the flag and you’ll see their name.

Here’s another reason to upgrade – new charts in Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Waterfalls, histograms, creato charts, box and whisker and even charts like tree map and sunburst.

And here’s a faster way to get data into Excel, a feature that is great for both students and businesses. This webpage has some interesting data right here. Previously, you’d need to copy and paste this then spend time formatting it. But, with Excel 2016, it’s much easier. First, copy the url of the page. Now, in Excel, go to the data tab, new query, from other sources, and we choose from web.

I’ll paste in the url and click okay. Now Excel gives me a list of tables on that webpage. 10 most populous countries is the one I want. Click that option, and then click edit. Excel brings in the data, but because data from the web isn’t always perfect, I can do some special clean up here. You can remove extra columns, make the first rows into headers and format this column as numbers. When you’re done, just click close and load. Now the data is in excel and you can work with it and analyse it however you want to. And the cool things is, I can click refresh and see any changes that may have been made on the webpage.

Here’s yet another great reason to upgrade to 2016. Attachments are even easier in Outlook. You no longer have to hunt for files on your computer. Click the paper clip button, and you’ll see recent files you’ve been working on. Click one, and it gets attached to the email. If you attach a file that’s on OneDrive, Outlook will create a special cloud attachment, which is essentially a link to the file. So when people double click it, they’ll go to the original file on the cloud, not a copy of the file.

Another new feature is smart lookup. If you need to quickly research something while working in a document, select a word, like snowboarding, then right click and click smart lookup, and you’ll get search results from the web.

Finally, there is Tell Me. Say you have  hard time remembering where a button or menu is. Just click inside the Tell Me box, type a word or two, and the button appears right away for you to use.  

That’s the Office 2016 for Windows. Built for teams and working smarter.

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