We tried The Perfect Press from Breville and here’s what happened

We’re giving away 4 of The Perfect Press from Breville! Find out exactly why you’ll want one and what happened when we tried one for ourselves.

If you’re aboard the toastie wagon, you know that it’s the perfect meal no matter what time of day. A toastie has endless combinations – much more than the good ol’ ham and cheese combo – and is simply satisfying whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

But if you share this kind of love for the timeless toastie, you also know how annoying it can be to have all your fillings spill out the side.

I’ve had my fair share of pineapple pieces grilling themselves outside my Hawaiin toastie, tasty cheese creating a pool of crunchiness on the press plate, and tomato slices mushed into something unrecognisable.

Not to mention, it’s pretty close to heartbreaking when you put the effort into a great ensemble of well-cut ingredients but end up with a cardboard-like, utterly flat sandwich thanks to the heavy press.

That’s why, needless to say, when Breville introduced The Perfect Press™ I knew I had to get my hands on one and try it out for myself. Breville claims that The Perfect Press™ is a sandwich maker that will prevent fillings from being squished, while still giving bread that golden, toasted finish.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, here’s what happened.

First, I went to my local Bing Lee store and grabbed one of these boxes off the shelf.

Next, it was straight to the kitchen.

The first thing I notice when I carry it is how light it is. I inspect it quickly and see that it could not be simpler – there’s an ON/OFF switch, and a lever that you can push in or out for options of LOCK, CRUSH CONTROL and OPEN MELT.

I normally make a quick toastie for lunch and avoid filling it with more than two fillings because I dread the mess. But to really put The Perfect Press™ to the test, I doubled the usual and filled my sandwich with four ingredients. The sandwich ingredients were salad leaves, tuna, sundried tomatoes and bocconcini cheese.

My ideal outcome for this sandwich is to first and foremost keep my fillings within the sandwich and not seeping out the sides. I’d also like the heat not to be too high, otherwise my lettuce leaves will start to wilt. And I’d want the cheese melted to perfection – not stringing off the plate but not remaining cold and solid either.

Sounds like I’m asking for a lot, right? Well, here goes nothing.

I switched The Perfect Press on, and within a couple of minutes, the light indicated that the plates were ready for my sandwich.

I put my sandwich in and set the lever to CRUSH CONTROL. As I put the lid down, I did notice immediately that it sat nicely and neatly on top of the toast without weighing itself down.

I was already impressed. My regular sandwich press would’ve let me down at this stage!

Within approximately three minutes, the green READY light flickered on and it was time for the great reveal.

To my surprise, the sandwich had not been morphed into the usual sad-looking pancake mess. It was intact, not even a leaf out of place. There was not even drop of oil on the metal plate as I had anticipated from the tuna or sundried tomatoes. The outside was golden, just as promised.

After my delightful peek, I was keen to cut it open and see if it had done anything at all to the insides – it looked too clean (for lack of a better word) to indicate that the cheese had melted. No melted cheese would be a huge disappointment.

I grabbed the knife and heard the crunch as I sliced it down the middle. See for yourself what happened next…

It was indeed perfect!

The sandwich still maintained its height (despite how high I stacked it!), the leaves were not hot and yucky, and the cheese melted beautifully!

As someone who is a toastie enthusiast, I’m really thoroughly impressed. The Perfect Press™ is said to provide x4 less pressure on your sandwich – and it’s evident that it works.

I’m not done with the testing just yet though! If you too are a toastie enthusiast, you know that there’s one thing left to call it a complete success… The level of cleaning required to pack it away.

The beauty of a toastie is how quickly it is to whip up. So if the cleaning required is longer than the making of the sandwich itself, it’s a thumbs down from me.

I could tell instantly that this wasn’t going to be an issue with The Perfect Press™. Its non-stick plates were a cinch to wipe up. A soapy sponge or cloth wasn’t even really needed. Literally 10 seconds later (if that!), the press looked as good as new!

Final verdict? The Perfect Press™ ticks all the boxes for me. It’s the ideal size for a quick and delicious meal for one, it’s easy to clean up, and at Bing Lee it’s really a steal for the price!

Now all that’s left to do is to create more toasties! 😉 What’s your favourite combination? Let us know in the comments below!

Breville Oracle Coffee Maker Highlights

Hi there, and first up, a confession – I love coffee. The taste, the aroma, even the social aspect of sharing stories and laughs over a good latte or macchiato. Now if you want to experience all three of those at once, you’d normally arrange to catch up with your friends at a nice cafe. But with the release of the Oracle from Breville, your friends can enjoy true cafe quality coffee at your place, without you having to be a barista.

Breville’s Oracle is the world’s first “automatic manual” coffee machine. What does that mean? The best of both worlds… a two-in-one. The great taste and latte art of a manual machine, with the convenience of an automatic; in less time than it takes to boil the kettle!


The new Oracle takes care of all the tricky bits of coffee making like grinding, dosing, tamping, AND milk texturing, so that you can entertain with confidence. But any baristas in the family can still override the auto milk texturing with the lift of a lever, to practice their skills. One important bit is still up to you and that’s adjusting the grind size, with the simple twist of a dial.

Which takes us to pouring the shot, or “extraction” as it’s known. You know you have adjusted your grind correctly when the espresso flows thick, like warm honey, with a smooth, creamy taste. Too coarse and it will under extract and you’ll get too much water and a bland taste. Too fine and the water will be blocked, and the flow will only drip out and the taste will be bitter.

We know that 9 out of 10 Australians prefer their coffee with milk, but achieving that café-style latte art at home can be really tricky, even with a milk thermometer. The secret is not just the temperature, but the milk TEXTURE. That’s what sets the Oracle apart. With the twist of a dial and the touch of a lever, the Oracle’s steam wand automatically textures your milk to the exact temperature and consistency that you select on the LCD display. So you’ll never burn or over froth your milk again.

So let’s make one of my favourite coffees now – a latte. First, we fill the milk jug to the bottom of the spout, then push the steam wand down into the milk as we place it onto the drip tray. Next we scroll to ‘latte’ on the display, toggle once to select the temperature at, say 60 degrees, and then we just bump this lever. And that’s the milk taken care of. Once it reaches 60 degrees it’ll stop automatically so you can’t burn your milk.

Now we have some freshly roasted beans here. I know they’re fresh because they have a ‘roasted on’ date stamped on the bag that’s within the last 30 days. Very important, because fresh is always best. Because they are so fresh we can dial it up to the coarser, higher number. So now with the bump of the handle, the grinder will grind, dose and tamp the coffee grounds flat & evenly for a consistent extraction, AUTOMATICALLY! All of this happens in this area, so there’s no mess.

Now we just move the portafilter from the grinder to the grouphead, the temperature is pre-set at that magic 93 degrees, just like a machine in a café, and the only decision we need to make now is one shot or two? When I push the one shot button, I’m watching the shot clock, and if we’ve selected the perfect grind size for these beans, we’ll see warm honey start to pour out at around 8 to 10 seconds. It’ll automatically stop pouring at 20 seconds for one shot (or 30 seconds for two shots), leaving us a delicious café-quality shot with a nice thick crema.

Now, we take our milk jug, give the outside of the steam wand a quick wipe, then push it back in place, and it’ll “auto purge”. That’s right, the Oracle even cleans itself. I then give the jug a quick swirl, and slowly introduce the milk into my crema. And there you have it, a true café quality latte. I’m not going to waste it. Mmmmmm, that’s gooood.

That’s the new Breville Oracle – the best way to serve true cafe quality coffee at your place, in as little as 90 seconds. Now excuse me, I’m going to make another cup…


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