5 pieces of entertainment that are better on a QLED TV

Is your TV providing you with less-than-premium quality? Here’s how Samsung’s QLED TV will drastically transform the way you enjoy these five forms of entertainment.

If you don’t know a whole lot about Samsung’s QLED TVs, you’ll want to read this post on why they’re picture perfect. QLED uses Quantum Dot technology and LED panelling to produce outstanding quality in the colour, clarity and detail of the picture on the screen.


We know that you’ll love QLED no matter what – whether you’re binge-watching shows on Netflix, playing the latest HDR video games or streaming from your favourite YouTube subscriptions.

Any content on a QLED is gratifying in its own right, but we’ve narrowed down our five favourite things to watch on Samsung’s best TV yet.

Try them out for yourself and let us know in the comments below what entertainment you love on your QLED!

Horror films

Most TVs don’t provide a cinema-like quality and disappoint people who look forward to a much-anticipated scary movie. Why? Because horror films are generally dark (literally speaking) and their frames can be hard to distinguish.

Because of the deliberate lack of lighting used by directors to create suspense, the details of the scene often get lost and fade into blackness. But that doesn’t mean your TV screen can’t show clear-cut lines or deliver impressive contrast.

With QLED, nothing gets faded into the background.  In fact, you’ll be able to easily decipher between the different shades of black in the scene. Just take a look at the cat in the example below.

The precise colour control of Quantum Dot technology makes it easy for your eyes to catch that shadow in the corner or the masked man approaching…


On the flip side of why you’d want to watch horror films on a QLED, you’ll also want to switch to a QLED to watch cartoons for its incredible display of bright colours.

QLED delivers 100% colour volume. As Samsung explains, “It is how bright each colour can be shown, while maintaining the same rich hue it has at lower brightness (luminance) levels.”

Rather than colours appearing dull or washed out, as on standard conventional TVs, QLED doesn’t shift colours to appear inaccurately. It means that colours reach their richness individually and evenly so that you’re left with overall dazzling colour.

It’s this technology that will give you a much more vibrant and pleasant viewing of anime, animated films or cartoon TV shows. You see animations in the same quality that they were created. To think you haven’t seen the real colours of the balloons in Up!

Wildlife documentaries

Aside from the extreme brightness you can enjoy while watching cartoons, the 100% colour volume re-creates accurate real-world palettes too.

What does this mean? Well, when directors capture beautiful scenes, you get to see it as they saw it. Tone for tone and shade for shade.

That’s why watching wildlife documentaries are even more extraordinary on a QLED. It portrays such a precise picture that you’ll feel like you’re face to face with the world’s most fascinating creatures.

Many nature-themed documentaries these days are filmed up-close and personal. With a QLED, you’ll see such magnificent detail – every slight wrinkle on an elephant, every vibrant feather on an exotic bird and all the magical movements and neon colours under the sea.


QLED has an extremely thin bezel to eliminate the look of a framed TV. It also has one clear cable that runs almost invisibly from the TV, so whether you’re hanging the TV or putting it on a stand, the screen appears boundless.

What does this have to do with sports? Well, the TV’s seamless design gives a virtually endless picture, so you don’t feel boxed in. Watching the big game? You’ll feel like you’re at the stadium!

No longer will you have to fight for the best seat on game day either. Whether it’s the middle of the couch or the bar stool on the bench, you’ll still get a good view thanks to QLED’s expanded viewing angles.

The TV appears just as bright and accurate from any seat, so you’ll love hosting at your place!


The user experience on a QLED is unlike anything gamers have seen before. The latest High Dynamic Range content – especially games – is designed for ultimate enjoyment. But not all TVs can deliver HDR content as intended.

QLED has superb realism so that you can genuinely feel immersed when you play. Whether it’s racing, sci-fi or adventure-packed HDR games, you can bring any world to life.

The TV has an ultra-fast motion rate and delivers silky smooth movement so that you can be in control and hit even the most precise target. You can also expect action in real time thanks to QLED’s exceptionally low input lag.

Check out how cool it really is with the short snippet below.

Why Samsung QLED TVs are picture perfect

With Quantum Dot technology, Samsung has revolutionised the way we watch TV. Here’s why.

If you love watching movies, binge-watching Netflix or simply surfing the internet from the comfort of your couch, you’ll know that the screen you watch will determine how good of an experience you have.

If you’re not particularly a television connoisseur but want simply a great TV, we’re here to break down why you’ll want that great TV to be a Samsung QLED.

What goes on behind the screen

QLED bids its name to the technology behind it – Quantum Dot technology and LED panelling. As you can guess, the highly advanced tech refers to dots – tiny dots that are between 2-10 nanometers in diameter. That’s equivalent to a number of atoms!

Now, when the LED light hits each of these microscopic dots within the screen, they individually light up to produce pure shades of almost every colour visible in the world around us – billions of them.

In addition to this, Quantum Dots also achieve 100% colour volume. The result? Extremely bright and intensely dark colours visible on the screen.

The sheer size of the Quantum Dots that work individually allow for precise detail and, in turn, incredible contrast.

Sceptical about seeing contrast during the day? Precision Black technology automatically adjusts the brightness of the scene you’re watching so that you don’t have to wait till the sun goes down to get that cinema-quality feel! Watch the short clip below to see how it all works.


Entertainment at your fingertips

The High Dynamic Range (HDR) screen of QLED lets you get the most of the latest 4K movies on Blu-ray™ and Netflix. HDR portrays all of the extreme frames so that you don’t have a screen that hides details in dark shadows or whitewashed brightness – meaning you see exactly what the director intended.

All HDR content, including the latest games, is made for incredible user experience – and QLED technology is intended for just that.

Hassle-free control

No longer does your coffee table need to be scattered with a handful of remote controls when the Q One remote can replace them all! With its slim, compact design, you can navigate your way around all the programs and TV features hassle-free.

The all-in-one remote even caters for access to your gaming consoles, Blu-ray™ Players, Pay TV boxes and more. Accessing your entertainment is made incredibly easy and convenient with the Smart Hub, too. Get to your favourite TV channels, connected devices, and streaming services such as Stan and Netflix all from one place.

You can also use your Android smartphone as a handy remote control. Just download the Smart View App and you’ll have a virtual TV remote in your pocket!

What goes on outside the screen

Modern design is all about minimalism – less is more. And there’s nothing minimalist about messy wiring and tangled cables!

Queue the Clear Cable Connection. With one single discreet cable, visible wiring is reduced, and you can place your entertainment sources wherever it looks best.

You can even paint over the clear cable to blend your interior style in any room! No longer does stylish design have to be compromised by the technology and entertainment you love.

For real luxury and convenience, you can hang your QLED TV on the wall easily. And you don’t need to worry about having a bulky look on your wall thanks to the No Gap Wall-Mount. Your stunning TV will sit snug on your wall in no time.

Not only is the front of the TV exceptional – on and off – but so is the back with its sleek, modern design. The brushed-metal rear is timeless, so whether you’re hanging your QLED on the wall or sitting it atop a stand, it will look extraordinary.

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