The essential checklist for setting up a home office

A home office needs more than just a chair and desk. What gadgets do you really need and which can be made obsolete? Here are the essentials to get you working comfortably.

Having a dedicated workspace or a versatile study at home is very common. Whether you’re setting one up for yourself or for your little ones to get their homework done, there are essentials to make the room as productive and efficient as possible.

But what tech and gadgets do you really need? We’ve got the checklist you need to get your home office up and running.

A computer and its accessories

This one is fairly obvious, but it all starts with the computer you opt for. A desktop is great for having a larger monitor in a permanent work station. A laptop is ideal for those who plan on taking their work outside the dedicated office space. If you can’t decide, why not have both? 😉

Plugging in a laptop into an external monitor is a popular option for those who use multiple programs at once and would like the convenience of having two screens to work between

It’s simple to set up most laptops and monitors by connecting them with an HDMI cable. You can always ask an expert at a Bing Lee store for more information!

You might even want to opt for a curved monitor for optimised viewing. The clip below is a preview of the amazing Samsung 32″ Curved Monitor.

A printer and ink

Choosing a type of printer depends on whether you’re after the basics (printing) or if you’re looking for an all-in-one design that can copy, print and scan. You can, of course, buy a separate scanner but it is good to note how much desk space you want to occupy.

Another thing to remember is to always have extra ink cartridges and toners in storage. The worst thing is wanting to print out a document only to find that there’s no ink left!

For a busy home office that needs professional, high-quality prints, find out why the jam-free Epson WorkForce WF-7620 could be the printer for you! Just hit play on the clip.

A backup hard drive

This one is vital. Computers sometimes fail us and can result in literal tears. Saving all your important documents, audio, images and video regularly on a backup hard drive is a small habit that can prevent big hassle. Trust us.

Portable SSD storage is a good option for backing up files because it’s generally faster, more secure and durable in build. Check out the compact and light Samsung T3 Portable SSD below!

A wireless network

Keep your home office clean with a wireless network. Self-explanatory, wireless means you’ll spare yourself trying to fiddle around with cables and how to keep them neat and tidy. Internet connection via a router can provide a secure, high-speed link that’s modern and easy to function.

Netgear’s Orbi range is sleek, reliable, fast and easy to use. The video below gives you all its features and tips on picking the right one for your home!


Storing a pair of headphones in the office (that don’t leave the office) means that you can watch a tutorial, listen to a podcast or play music as you work without disruption. They’re convenient to have on hand so that you don’t find yourself searching for your everyday pair of earphones.

Wireless headphones are a good option in particular because you can simply pop them in and out of the desk drawer without worrying about tangling or damaging wires. Too easy!

Beats By Dr.Dre and Sennheiser offer wide ranges of headphones with quality sound, comfortable designs and wireless features. JBL E55BT Wireless Over-Ear Headphones are another great pick for long-lasting battery life. Take a look below!

Phone charger

Save yourself the trouble of moving adapters from room to room and dedicate a phone charger to the office. Remember to cater for your work mobile phone or tablet too, if they require different chargers. A USB hub is useful in that case!

Shop the Energea Power Hub 6 at Bing Lee.
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