What is a pyrolytic oven and do I need one?

You might’ve heard the term ‘pyrolytic’ floating around, but what does it actually mean? Here’s what you need to know.

Ovens can be impossible to clean. They’re one of the most dreaded house chores because of the level of effort and time involved. And the fact that you’re never really certain you’ll achieve the tip-top result you want isn’t very encouraging either!

Over time, food residue sticks to the walls of the oven, crumbs fall into small cracks and grime can set in hard-to-reach places. It’s basically a baked disaster in there.

We are then left with no choice but to turn to harsh, chemical-filled cleaners and constant scrubbing to desperately get the oven back to its as-new state… until trusty technology came along with the pyrolytic oven.

What is a pyrolytic oven?

Of all the features an oven can possibly have – you’ll want to know about the one that cleans itself. Yes, that’s right, a pyrolytic oven is one that has a self-cleaning mode which blasts its interior with extremely high temperatures of up to about 500˚C.

It turns any food residue (and pretty much anything else) into ash! Yup, all the nasties are turned into a fine powder that you can simply wipe away with a damp cloth. No scrubbing, no oven cleaners. Just a quick wipe around and your pyrolytic oven is as sparkly as the day you bought it!

So you don’t have to worry about cooking disasters, accidental spills or general constant use. Blast your oven clean, sit back, and enjoy unlimited kitchen adventures with peace of mind.

Other innovative features

Of course, the thought of putting an oven at 500˚C would naturally cause all the red alarm bells to go off in your head. Especially in a family home. The really cool thing (pun unintended) about pyrolytic ovens is that their doors are designed to stay… well, cool.

The multilayer door of a pyrolytic oven ensures safety for the whole family and doesn’t open until it has reached a safe temperature. It’s designed to create a kitchen environment that you’re comfortable with.

Is it worth it?

Now, pyrolytic ovens aren’t this month’s breakthrough – they’ve been on the market for some time. However, many people are unaware of this cooking game changer when looking for a new oven or are scared off the price tag.

Like all good appliances, the spend is reflective of the quality. A pyrolytic oven is an investment. It will save you an incredible amount of cleaning time, and will save you from spending money on oven cleaners every few weeks for the many years that your oven is meant to last!

If you’re renovating, a pyrolytic oven will add some serious value to your kitchen. If you’re updating your appliances, you’ll definitely feel the difference in convenience and overall value.

This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to get one. Pop into a Bing Lee store and ask one of our friendly staff about current offers and the best pyrolytic oven to suit your budget.

Who doesn’t want something that’s self-cleaning?! It’s every home cook’s dream!

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