How to wall mount a TV (properly!)

After the excitement of purchasing a brand new HD, 4K, OLED or QLED TV, the best thing is bringing it home. For the best cinema-like feel in the living room, most people are ditching the entertainment unit or stand of the TV and opting to hang the screen on the wall.

Once mounted, the viewing experience is completely transformed! You’ll get an unobstructed view, a minimalist look and, best of all, comfort from the perfect eye level!

However, it’s not uncommon to take a little while to get to that stage – first is the process of actually hanging the TV. You want to make sure that you’re not drilling unnecessary holes into your wall and that you’re setting up all the wiring properly.

Most importantly, wall mounting a TV needs to be done with all the essential precautions for the safety of yourself and your family. The TV needs to sit securely on the wall, ensuring nothing is loose or unstable.

Here’s how to wall mount a TV properly.

Finding the right wall mount

Not just any wall mount will be suitable for your TV. Wall mounts differ depending on what brand, how heavy and what size your TV is.

Always read the packaging to ensure that your TV lies within the minimum and maximum TV size and weight range of the wall mount.

Another thing to take note of is whether you want the mount to tilt, swivel or hang the TV snug against the wall. The best way to decide is to visualise your living room and where you’ll be watching from.

If your couch is much lower than the hanging point of your TV, you may choose a tilting mount. If you have a wide living room, you may opt for a swivelling mount.

If you have a Samsung QLED TV, don’t forget that Samsung has created a No Gap Wall Mount for seamless hanging.

Measuring and fixing

Because you will be drilling holes into your wall, you’ll want to be certain of instalment the first time around. Here is the basic how-to, along with some helpful tips!

  • Read the instructions/manual twice before proceeding. It will prevent you from missing an important piece of information before it’s too late.
  • Also before proceeding, make sure you have the necessary tools and equipment, as well as any screws or fixtures that may not already be included in your wall mount pack.
  • Check that you have the required amount of powerpoints within reach and that all ports will be accessible.
  • Set aside the necessary amount of time (and a little extra) to complete the task – you don’t want it to be a rushed job!
  • Some steps might be a two-person job, especially if you have a large TV, so have a friend lend a helping hand.
  • Double check all measurements before drilling into the wall and mark with a pencil.
  • Always level after measuring so that you don’t end up with a TV that slopes to one side. These clever wall mounts have a level built into them to make your job easier!

If you’re ever in doubt, head down to your nearest Bing Lee Store. Our friendly staff are happy to give you advice on which wall mount is right for you and how to get your TV hanging in no time!

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