Last minute gifts that’ll make anyone happy this Christmas

Ran out of time this Christmas and need a quick, successful shop for presents to please the whole crowd? No matter what their hobbies are, these last-minute gifts are sure to be a hit.

Christmas can be a crazy time of year. There’s a lot to do and not much time to do it in. If you’re finding yourself stuck on what to buy someone who is particularly picky or perhaps is the person who already has everything, we’re here to help.

These picks are practical and range from low price points to high end – so there’s something for everyone!


Headphones and earphones are a great present pick because everyone uses them, and pretty much everyone could use a spare pair! They range from basic functionality to noise-cancelling and premium-sounding.

Convenience is key with wireless headphones being obviously tangle-free but also catering for newer models of smartphones that go without the earphone jack. Apple AirPods are a good choice for iPhone users!

Bluetooth models are a great option for travellers too, as well as foldable headphones and earphones small enough to fit in pockets for the gym junkies.

There are plenty of varieties to pick from for the business-busy, the DJ and the kids.


Something everyone can appreciate is a powerbank – because sooner or later comes the regret of not having one on hand! They’re small enough to slip into a briefcase or handbag and can be a lifesaver in a (tech) crisis.

Opt for a colourful one if you want to make the gift more personal!

If your gift recipient is a driver, a car charger is just as handy. Don’t forget to double check their phone charger port to find the appropriate wire!

Portable speaker

Downunder, Christmas is simultaneous with summer. So what better way to enjoy the sunshine than with some good tunes at the BBQ, beach and… anywhere! A portable speaker can prove to be handy and a whole lot of fun (with minimal effort).

They’re be pumping their favourite tunes in great quality with a Bluetooth speaker. A waterproof or splashproof speaker is a big plus if you’re gifting to a beach-lover!

If they’re a real adventurer and love the outdoors, gift them a portable speaker with a clip so that they can attach it to their bike or backpack when they’re on-the-go – like these ones from JBL.

Coffee machine

If you’re gifting a coffee-lover, this one’s a no-brainer! There’s no need to go down to the café to get a good cuppa joe when you can make one in the comfort of your home – they’ll thank you for that 😉

There’s a great selection of coffee machines from many world-renowned brands in a variety of sizes so you can pick one that won’t leave them strapped for counter space. If they already have a machine, opt for grinders, coffee beans/pods or coffee accessories.

Do they prefer tea over coffee? A KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker is the perfect gift. They’ll be able to brew tea leaves for flavoured iced tea all summer long!


A Fitbit is so much more than just a wristband. It’s an all-day tracking device that’s innovative and suitable for anyone of any age.

Its features will inspire a healthier lifestyle with heart rate, activity, and sleep tracking, and so much more. It can connect to a smartphone, deliver notifications, and has an incredible battery life.

It’s just as stylish, too, with interchangeable bands and a wide range of colours to choose from. It might be just what they need to pull through with those New Years resolutions!

Small kitchen appliance

They don’t have to be a foodie to enjoy a small blender. These small appliances are super easy to use and will transform the way they have breakfast and enjoy summer drinks. ‘On-the-go’ types of blenders (with a bottle to detach and drink immediately from) will be their diet game-changer.

Gift them some smoothie recipes with the blender if you know they’ll need a head start!

Are they more of an entertainer? Opt for a food processor or mixer – they’re so versatile in the kitchen that they’ll be able to make dips, soups, pastes and more. Just check out these 3 impressive dips that they’ll be able to whip up!

A juicer is another great idea and will encourage more nutritious drinks if they’re trying to cut out the fizzy sodas – perfect for a family with little ones!

5 pieces of entertainment that are better on a QLED TV

Is your TV providing you with less-than-premium quality? Here’s how Samsung’s QLED TV will drastically transform the way you enjoy these five forms of entertainment.

If you don’t know a whole lot about Samsung’s QLED TVs, you’ll want to read this post on why they’re picture perfect. QLED uses Quantum Dot technology and LED panelling to produce outstanding quality in the colour, clarity and detail of the picture on the screen.


We know that you’ll love QLED no matter what – whether you’re binge-watching shows on Netflix, playing the latest HDR video games or streaming from your favourite YouTube subscriptions.

Any content on a QLED is gratifying in its own right, but we’ve narrowed down our five favourite things to watch on Samsung’s best TV yet.

Try them out for yourself and let us know in the comments below what entertainment you love on your QLED!

Horror films

Most TVs don’t provide a cinema-like quality and disappoint people who look forward to a much-anticipated scary movie. Why? Because horror films are generally dark (literally speaking) and their frames can be hard to distinguish.

Because of the deliberate lack of lighting used by directors to create suspense, the details of the scene often get lost and fade into blackness. But that doesn’t mean your TV screen can’t show clear-cut lines or deliver impressive contrast.

With QLED, nothing gets faded into the background.  In fact, you’ll be able to easily decipher between the different shades of black in the scene. Just take a look at the cat in the example below.

The precise colour control of Quantum Dot technology makes it easy for your eyes to catch that shadow in the corner or the masked man approaching…


On the flip side of why you’d want to watch horror films on a QLED, you’ll also want to switch to a QLED to watch cartoons for its incredible display of bright colours.

QLED delivers 100% colour volume. As Samsung explains, “It is how bright each colour can be shown, while maintaining the same rich hue it has at lower brightness (luminance) levels.”

Rather than colours appearing dull or washed out, as on standard conventional TVs, QLED doesn’t shift colours to appear inaccurately. It means that colours reach their richness individually and evenly so that you’re left with overall dazzling colour.

It’s this technology that will give you a much more vibrant and pleasant viewing of anime, animated films or cartoon TV shows. You see animations in the same quality that they were created. To think you haven’t seen the real colours of the balloons in Up!

Wildlife documentaries

Aside from the extreme brightness you can enjoy while watching cartoons, the 100% colour volume re-creates accurate real-world palettes too.

What does this mean? Well, when directors capture beautiful scenes, you get to see it as they saw it. Tone for tone and shade for shade.

That’s why watching wildlife documentaries are even more extraordinary on a QLED. It portrays such a precise picture that you’ll feel like you’re face to face with the world’s most fascinating creatures.

Many nature-themed documentaries these days are filmed up-close and personal. With a QLED, you’ll see such magnificent detail – every slight wrinkle on an elephant, every vibrant feather on an exotic bird and all the magical movements and neon colours under the sea.


QLED has an extremely thin bezel to eliminate the look of a framed TV. It also has one clear cable that runs almost invisibly from the TV, so whether you’re hanging the TV or putting it on a stand, the screen appears boundless.

What does this have to do with sports? Well, the TV’s seamless design gives a virtually endless picture, so you don’t feel boxed in. Watching the big game? You’ll feel like you’re at the stadium!

No longer will you have to fight for the best seat on game day either. Whether it’s the middle of the couch or the bar stool on the bench, you’ll still get a good view thanks to QLED’s expanded viewing angles.

The TV appears just as bright and accurate from any seat, so you’ll love hosting at your place!


The user experience on a QLED is unlike anything gamers have seen before. The latest High Dynamic Range content – especially games – is designed for ultimate enjoyment. But not all TVs can deliver HDR content as intended.

QLED has superb realism so that you can genuinely feel immersed when you play. Whether it’s racing, sci-fi or adventure-packed HDR games, you can bring any world to life.

The TV has an ultra-fast motion rate and delivers silky smooth movement so that you can be in control and hit even the most precise target. You can also expect action in real time thanks to QLED’s exceptionally low input lag.

Check out how cool it really is with the short snippet below.

Turning old air conditioners into smart systems with Sensibo Sky

Wish the house was already cool when you walked in on a hot summer’s day? Thanks to Sensibo, even older air conditioners can set a comfortable temperature for you before you get home!

As the smart technology sector continues to snowball, it’s becoming more and more common for many households to have voice-activated appliances, completely wireless accessories and smartphone-controlled gadgets.

And it’s simple to understand why: convenience. (Plus, who doesn’t want to live like The Jetsons?)

What makes a home home is comfort. And what’s more comfortable than turning electronics on and off with the touch of a screen? There is an answer: Controlling your appliances with the touch of a screen while you’re not even home.

We see these game-changing and innovative improvements in the way we can do ordinary, everyday things. Optimising your old air conditioner is now one of them – thanks to Sensibo.

Sensibo Sky

If you know what it’s like wanting to come to sweet, refreshing relief after a sweltering day but need to wait an unprecedented amount of time before your air conditioner kicks in, let us introduce you to Sensibo Sky.

Sensibo Sky is an external device that pairs with the remote control of your air conditioner. After downloading the Sensibo app, you can then control your air conditioner from your smartphone no matter where you are!

“Sensibo turns on the heat before you wake up in the winter. It cools your house down before you arrive in the summer. At home or on the go, it always makes sure the temperature is just right for you,” as put by Sensibo.

You might be thinking that your air conditioner is too old for this kind of technology and that you’re anticipating having to replace the whole thing. Well, great news, you don’t!

If you’ve got a split system, portable or window wall air conditioner that works with a remote control, then you have the opportunity to dwell in a home of the future.

How it works

You can find the Sensibo user manual here, but we’ll give you the rundown because it’s as easy as pie!

Firstly, you can check if your air conditioner is compatible with Sensibo Sky here.

Sensibo works globally with any voltage and any power outlet, so as long as your A/C is remote-controlled (compatible as per the guide above) and you have WiFi access, you’re ready to go.

Next, simply install the free Sensibo app, and it will guide you through the installation process.  Then it will detect your remote control, sync and voilà!

You’ll get to name your air conditioners on the app so that you can control the work A/C or home A/C simultaneously and with different settings if need be. Now that’s cool.


Sensibo’s in-app automations make it easy to navigate through the controls and features available to you.

With a simple tap, you can turn the air-con on or off from anywhere. You can control the temperature (naturally), but you can also control the mode, fan level, swing and set a timer.

You’ll be able to see the live temperature measurement on your smartphone too without having to be in the same room as the air-con.

What’s even more impressive about the device is that you can schedule the settings in advance. So whether you want to wake up in a warm bedroom at 6am or come home to a cool living room at 7pm, Sensibo will have you covered. You can set it to repeat so that your space is regulated every day without you even needing to think about it!

Or if work is a little unpredictable and you get home at different times at the end of each day, Sensibo can trigger the A/C to turn on when you’re close to home – 1km, 2km, 5km or 10km away!

Another option is to grant other people access to the A/C control. You can send a unique link to our family members, flatmates or colleagues so that they can adjust the A/C settings from their smartphones too.

It also sends filter cleaning alerts so that your air is always fresh!

Climate React

One of the most impressive features of Sensibo Sky is what’s called ‘Climate React’. You can set your air-con to automatically turn on when the room reaches a certain temperature.

So if you’re napping on the couch on a warm summer’s day, you don’t need to wake up from the heat and scramble for the A/C remote – Sensibo will take care of it for you and let you rest blissfully.

It’s also a great option for when you’re busy entertaining or if you want to maintain a comfortable room temperature for the elderly.

Sensibo essentially upgrades and adds value to your current air conditioner with features such as Climate React because it enables your air conditioner to do more than it initially could.

Family friendly

If you have a full house, you won’t need to constantly remind the last person to leave to turn the air con off. (Parents who live with teenagers know exactly what we’re talking about!)

If every family member connects their smartphone to Sensibo, their location services will let the air-con know whether it needs to remain on or not.

When the last person leaves the vicinity, Sensibo automatically turns off to save energy – and lets you know with a notification sent to your phone.

With the running costs of electricity these days, accidentally leaving the A/C on can be a costly mistake. So who wouldn’t love the peace of mind?


Don’t have your phone on you? No problem! Sensibo Sky integrates with Google Home, Google Assistant and Amazon Echo (Alexa).

Once connected in a few short steps, you can ask questions such as:

  • Hey Google, what is the living room set to?
  • Hey Google, what is the temperature in the living room?
  • Ok Google, what is the humidity in the living room?

Or make demands such as:

  • Ok Google, turn on the living room
  • Ok Google, turn on the thermostat
  • Ok Google, turn off the bedroom

And the same with Alexa.

With the option of voice control and smartphone control, Sensibo Sky transforms your existing air conditioner into an almost entirely new appliance!

You can get your hands on one online or in-store now at Bing Lee.

An honest review of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

My hair and I have had many style adventures together. From short, black, sleek-cut bobs to waist-long locks highlighted blonde, I’ve tried everything under the rainbow – including rainbow-coloured hair (not kidding).

As someone who has chopped off bleached hair many times, I (like many people) didn’t realise that my hair dryer was badly hindering my determination to grow a healthy head of hair.

No matter the hundreds of dollars spent on products, shampoos and treatments, I feel silly for not realising that all my good intentions were being reversed by the damaging heat I put my hair through almost every single day.

I know daily drying sounds excessive and will not be the case for every person, but unfortunately, I’ve been cursed with quite fine hair that gets oily very, very quickly.

As a result, I am obliged to wash my hair too often – not leaving it for more than a maximum of three days going unwashed and even then it is “perked” heavily with dry shampoo! Told you, cursed.

My hair dryer plays a regular part of my daily/beauty regime and, in all honesty, I don’t know why I never thought of replacing it. I was so used to it that I hadn’t realised that it could and should be better.

When I found out that Dyson was putting a hair dryer on the market, I knew it was something I had to try. I own two Dyson vacuums and thought that if the hair dryer were anything like their other home appliances, I’d be in for a real treat.

What I was immediately impressed by – without even seeing the product firsthand yet – was Dyson’s research on hair. The company acknowledged that creating a product for hair, that helps hair, requires understanding hair first and foremost.

The research and development behind the Supersonic was the real deal. Dyson built a state-of-the-art hair laboratory and recruited some of the world’s best engineers (103 of them!) and award-winning hair stylists.

Countless factors played a part in each aspect of the design. From heat and sound to balance and weight, Dyson considered everything for hair health and usability for all hair types.

If you can’t tell already, I’m excited to try the Supersonic for myself. I have quite high expectations after reading about all of its high-tech features, and I don’t want to be let down!

I should also point out that the first use of the Supersonic isn’t the only time I want to be blown away (not sorry for the pun). Like applying cream to skin, I’m looking for a long-term solution and progression in my hair’s health over time.

First impressions say a lot, and my first impression of the Supersonic’s box is that it’s modern and luxe. You can immediately tell that it’s holding an upmarket product within it.

I open up the box to find the Supersonic laid out beautifully with its three attachments around it – the styling concentrator, the diffuser and the smoothing nozzle. It also comes with a non-slip mat and a storage hanger which I think is super handy considering how guilty I am of dropping my hair dryer on the bathroom floor!

Picking it up, all I can say is WOW! It’s so much lighter than my hair dryer. I had read about the Supersonic’s motor being much smaller than a typical hair dryer motor, but I didn’t expect it to be this lightweight overall.

I’m finding it so effortless and comfortable to hold, and I would say that’s thanks to the motor being in the handle of the Supersonic rather than the head.


The attachments are as easy to put on as souvenir magnets on a fridge. They just pop into place and twist to the desired direction without much force at all, but still have a good enough hold not to prop off if you accidentally knock it.

I also have to mention how pretty it is. I love the pop of purple on mine and the seamless buttons. The fact that the head resembles a doughnut reassures me that there’s no chance my hair will get stuck in a grill!

There are three precise speed settings (fast drying, regular drying and styling) and four precise heat settings (100˚C, 80˚C, 60˚C and a constant cold at 28˚C).

For my first use, I just want to dry my hair for an everyday look. Nothing special, but smooth enough to go to work with.

I’m going to use the regular drying speed at 80˚C. I’m also going to use the smoothing nozzle to start because I like to dry the top of my head and the crown thoroughly – it keeps my hair looking fresher for longer.

The small light indicators are so chic and stylish! I’m able to control the settings exactly as I want and the Supersonic responds instantaneously.

I slide the button to turn it on and, to my surprise, the Supersonic is much quieter than my regular hair dryer which resembles the sound of a blower vac.

It’s really quite pleasant to use. The air blown out isn’t uncomfortably hot, so I don’t need to move it as rapidly for fear of burning my scalp. The air is also smooth and constant.

Within a few short minutes, the roots of my hair are dry, and I decide to switch to the styling concentrator. Switching between them is a cinch. Off pops the smoothing nozzle.

At this stage of the drying process, I have to admit that I am not very good at coordinating my brush and my hair dryer to style it properly. So I usually opt for switching between brushing and drying. Considering how much more relaxed the Supersonic is to hold, I’ve decided to attempt to do it the proper way.

And it’s a success! The styling concentrator aims air exactly where I need it and the sheer size of the Supersonic doesn’t make me feel like my arm is about to fall off as I navigate through the sections of my hair.

I continue to blow dry the rest of my hair, and before I know it, it’s finished! A job that usually takes me 15-20 minutes to complete (25 minutes if I try to do it the proper way to avoid going over it with a straightener) has taken a total of… 7 minutes and 40 seconds.

I’m in awe. The Supersonic has halved the shortest amount of time I could possibly dry my hair with my blow dryer.

I could not be happier with how my hair looks and feels right now. I don’t have any flyaways, my hair isn’t frizzy nor do my ends feel like they’ll break off from dryness.

Here’s a before and after shot of my hair. Unruly with dry ends on the left, effortlessly smooth on the right – no fancy lighting or cameras, just less than 8 minutes of dry time.

I definitely feel that my hair is smoother and lighter, and I can tell that the regulated heat is something that will keep my hair healthy in the long run. To get this kind of result, I certainly would’ve had to follow my drying process with the use of a straightener.

The verdict?

  • Less than eight mins of drying time with the results of straightener-smooth style
  • Comfortable to hold and balance for styling without strain
  • Significantly quieter and lighter than typical hair dryers
  • Easy-to-use attachments and settings
  • Looks incredible and feels luxe
  • Dries hair without flyaways or static

I’m sold. The Dyson Supersonic is something dreams are made of.

While many headlines point to the higher price point of the Supersonic, I think that like any other item you spend a good amount of money on – it’s all about the quality of the product.

If you’re after just a drying solution, heck, a towel and time will dry your hair! If you’re looking for hair care, I’d recommend the Supersonic. It’s an investment in the same way skincare is.

It’s fantastic in that it caters for all hair types too. I can’t wait to see how the diffuser works on my sister’s curly hair.

In the spirit of festivities, Dyson has a special edition Christmas case that you can purchase with the Supersonic. I’m telling you – gift someone special (why not yourself?!) the Supersonic this Christmas and they’ll thank you for sharing the joy of hair-managing bliss.

The Dyson Supersonic is a Christmas present that will surpass expectations and you can purchase one online or in-store at Bing Lee today!

Try it out and let us know your experience in the comments below!

How to beat the Christmas rush

You might be thinking, “Surely it’s way too early to be worrying about Christmas presents” – don’t be fooled! The tinsel and baubles are already making their way into the department stores and before you know it, you’ll find yourself in aisle 6 with the rest of the nation hoping to snatch the last board game on the shelf.

Christmas is a wonderful yet crazy time of year, and to truly enjoy it you should start getting organised. Especially when it comes to gift-buying.

You might think you know what your kids, family members and close friends might want for Christmas and yet most of us find ourselves panicked as the 25th creeps closer.

Here are our top tips for beating the Christmas rush.

Pace yourself

Don’t leave all your purchases for the week or two before Christmas. Make yourself a list (like Santa) and keep track of who you’re buying for. It’ll prevent you from accidentally leaving someone out or miscalculating the boxes of chocolate!

Start ticking off the gifts and make purchases slowly while you find yourself in a shopping centre over the next few weeks. It’ll also aid the amount of splurges and costly expenses that are seemingly inevitable in the short period before Christmas.

Collect catalogues

Catalogues are the paper version of Pinterest. You see something, you can circle it and add it to the “buy” list. Without putting too much thought into it, you can generally get a good gift idea by simply flipping through the pages.

So start collecting! Grab a catalogue as you walk out of a store and add it to a dedicated pile at home. Allocate some time to sort through it with a texter, highlighter or post-it notes on hand (sounds OTT but it’ll help, promise!).

Flip to a section that you know would be of interest to the person you’re buying for and the world is your oyster. This is particularly useful if you do not have the same interests as that person.

When you’re done, you’ll know exactly which stores you’re headed to when doing the Christmas shopping and voilà – no stress!

Don’t underestimate catalogues.

Browse and shop online

There’s nothing like sitting on your couch at any hour and having the entire online shopping world at your fingertips. Browsing online is great because you can add to your cart or your wishlist before purchasing.

After you’re satisfied with your selection, all you have to do is make your purchase and then try not to stare out your window for the delivery.

Here’s the most important thing to remember when making online purchases for Christmas: order your presents well before Christmas Day. Even if the estimated shipping is one or two days before Christmas, it’s not worth the risk! Don’t forget that the rest of the world is at their ordering peak at this time of year too, and it is not uncommon for there to be over-orders and delays.

Give yourself the peace of mind in knowing that your purchases will be delivered with plenty of time to spare instead. At Bing Lee, we recommend placing your order 7 days before Christmas at the latest.

Separate gifts and decorations

It can get a little crowded in the house around Christmas, and if you’re planning on putting up all the Christmas garlands and the tree AND buying all your gifts and wrapping them… well, that’s kind of festive mayhem.

Allocate days to get through your elvish tasks so that you’re not tangled up between ropes of Christmas lights and strings of ribbon. Set aside a weekend to prepare the house with the family. Get the kids in on the fun and make it an enjoyable bonding time!

Christmas wrapping is best left for when the Christmas tree is already up so that you can pop the present beneath it right away and they’re ready to go!

Why Samsung QLED TVs are picture perfect

With Quantum Dot technology, Samsung has revolutionised the way we watch TV. Here’s why.

If you love watching movies, binge-watching Netflix or simply surfing the internet from the comfort of your couch, you’ll know that the screen you watch will determine how good of an experience you have.

If you’re not particularly a television connoisseur but want simply a great TV, we’re here to break down why you’ll want that great TV to be a Samsung QLED.

What goes on behind the screen

QLED bids its name to the technology behind it – Quantum Dot technology and LED panelling. As you can guess, the highly advanced tech refers to dots – tiny dots that are between 2-10 nanometers in diameter. That’s equivalent to a number of atoms!

Now, when the LED light hits each of these microscopic dots within the screen, they individually light up to produce pure shades of almost every colour visible in the world around us – billions of them.

In addition to this, Quantum Dots also achieve 100% colour volume. The result? Extremely bright and intensely dark colours visible on the screen.

The sheer size of the Quantum Dots that work individually allow for precise detail and, in turn, incredible contrast.

Sceptical about seeing contrast during the day? Precision Black technology automatically adjusts the brightness of the scene you’re watching so that you don’t have to wait till the sun goes down to get that cinema-quality feel! Watch the short clip below to see how it all works.


Entertainment at your fingertips

The High Dynamic Range (HDR) screen of QLED lets you get the most of the latest 4K movies on Blu-ray™ and Netflix. HDR portrays all of the extreme frames so that you don’t have a screen that hides details in dark shadows or whitewashed brightness – meaning you see exactly what the director intended.

All HDR content, including the latest games, is made for incredible user experience – and QLED technology is intended for just that.

Hassle-free control

No longer does your coffee table need to be scattered with a handful of remote controls when the Q One remote can replace them all! With its slim, compact design, you can navigate your way around all the programs and TV features hassle-free.

The all-in-one remote even caters for access to your gaming consoles, Blu-ray™ Players, Pay TV boxes and more. Accessing your entertainment is made incredibly easy and convenient with the Smart Hub, too. Get to your favourite TV channels, connected devices, and streaming services such as Stan and Netflix all from one place.

You can also use your Android smartphone as a handy remote control. Just download the Smart View App and you’ll have a virtual TV remote in your pocket!

What goes on outside the screen

Modern design is all about minimalism – less is more. And there’s nothing minimalist about messy wiring and tangled cables!

Queue the Clear Cable Connection. With one single discreet cable, visible wiring is reduced, and you can place your entertainment sources wherever it looks best.

You can even paint over the clear cable to blend your interior style in any room! No longer does stylish design have to be compromised by the technology and entertainment you love.

For real luxury and convenience, you can hang your QLED TV on the wall easily. And you don’t need to worry about having a bulky look on your wall thanks to the No Gap Wall-Mount. Your stunning TV will sit snug on your wall in no time.

Not only is the front of the TV exceptional – on and off – but so is the back with its sleek, modern design. The brushed-metal rear is timeless, so whether you’re hanging your QLED on the wall or sitting it atop a stand, it will look extraordinary.

Why your nursery needs an Arlo Baby monitoring camera

Don’t second guess whether or not your baby monitoring camera (or the one you’re gifting!) is good enough. Here are all the incredible features that Arlo Baby has to offer.

All parents want safety and security for their little bundles of joy. There’s no greater peace of mind knowing that you can check up on your baby anywhere and at any time.

Arlo by Netgear has designed the Arlo Baby range – all-in-one smart monitoring cameras that are packed with features and have the sweetest designs. Here’s why you’ll want one in your nursery.

High definition video & advanced night vision

Gone are the days of squinting at a pixelated screen! Arlo Baby lets you keep an eye on your baby with a crystal clear 1080p High Definition screen. With this HD technology, you’ll be able to see every detail without disturbing their sleep – all parents know how crucial that is!

Speaking of sleep, the near-invisible infrared LED lights let you monitor them even when they’re dreaming in total darkness. No longer do you need to tip-toe into their room and accidentally wake them.

Arlo Baby gives you ultimate vision so that you feel like you’re in the room with them.

Total control using a smartphone or computer

…or a tablet. With the free Arlo app, you can simply click to check in. Not only can you view live, but you’ll also receive an instant email or mobile notification whenever the monitor detects motion or sound – it even lets you know if that sound is specifically a cry.

Integrated air sensors let you monitor the nursery’s air condition, too! Yes, you can keep an eye on the air around your baby. This feature ensures that your baby gets the most comfortable sleep in just the right temperature, humidity and a safe VOCs level (amount of nasty solvents in the air).

If your child has trouble falling asleep, you can talk to them straight from your smartphone, play soothing lullabies or even let them listen to pre-recordings of your own voice! Now that’s convenience at its best 😉

Secure cloud storage & untethered battery

Live videos can make many parents feel rather uncomfortable. That’s why Arlo ensures that their cameras are encrypted with the highest industry standards – privacy and data collection is taken very seriously. Only you can share camera access or specific videos to show friends and family how fast your baby is growing!

You can also move the camera around whenever you please with the built-in rechargeable battery. It gives you the freedom of mobility for hours at a time, untethered.

Adorable design & customisable night light

All the technical features might seem like the gadget is robotic and unwelcoming, especially for a child – but Arlo has taken care of the exterior just as wonderfully as the technology.

Available in three adorable designs, the camera is as reassuring and comforting for babies as it is for parents. Add character to their nursery with a friendly bunny, a bright kitten or a spotty puppy.

You can keep the theme of your nursery by customising the night light as well! Pick from thousands of light colours and adjust the brightness and warmth without even needing to step into their room.

Arlo Baby knows that technology doesn’t have to compromise on design, so it’s easy to prop it on a shelf, above their cot or simply anywhere!

5 reasons why you should opt for a 2-in-1 convertible laptop

Not sure if you should buy a tablet or a laptop? Here are five reasons why a 2-in-1 is the perfect solution for you.

Laptops are great for their functionality. Tablets are incredible for their portability. A 2-in-1 is an amazing compromise of both. Here are five benefits, among many, that you’ll experience with a 2-in-1 convertible laptop.

1.     Easily transforms

What makes a 2-in-1 is its flexibility. Either a reversible hinge allows the screen to flip back on itself with a 360˚ range or the screen can detach entirely from the keyboard to create a standalone tablet for portability and convenience.

Either form is typically quite light and slim, so it’s easy to carry around or pack in your bag. This innovative design lets you enjoy the best of both worlds.


2.     Touch or type

All technology is moving toward touch-screen functionality. Swiping and tapping on screens is this generation’s norm, so a gadget without that kind of control is simply not as convenient.

In saying that, typing documents on a touch screen isn’t always convenient either.

Switching between touch and type on a 2-in-1 is a win-win situation because you’ll have access to the quickest methods of any activity and comfortably use it according to your personal preference.

3.     Carries all the latest features

A common misconception is that a 2-in-1 will lack in brightness, colour or sound. That’s not true. Just like the wide range of laptops on the market, all these features will vary from model to model.

In fact, 2-in-1s are made with impressive technology with all the latest advancements for a pleasant user experience.

The most recent 2-in-1s have remarkable processors and memory, making them just as powerful as regular laptops. Many also have incredible battery life so that you can enjoy high performance for longer without having to reach for the charger.

4.     Caters for work and play


Whether you’re doodling or typing emails, a 2-in-1 makes it all easy. They’re perfect to use on-the-go, at work or while unwinding in your spare time.

Its space-saving design means that work trips are stress-free – whether by train, bus or plane. You’ll still get the familiar, desktop-classic browser view that makes working simple.

After work, watching movies and catching up on binge-worthy shows are made a cinch when switching to display mode. It prevents a bunch of random keys from being smashed or restarting the episode when you roll over on the couch!

5.     Value for money

A 2-in-1 is cost effective in that you’ll be paying much less than if you were to purchase a separate laptop and tablet. It’ll also prevent you from doubling up on cables and buying all the extra accessories for both a laptop and tablet.

Don’t forget, more importantly, that you’re also getting all the convenience in the points mentioned above!

Last-minute Father’s Day gifts for the dads who have everything

Don’t give your dad something he’s going to toss into storage. Instead, make Father’s Day awesome with a gift he’ll genuinely love. Here are some last-minute ideas for dads who are difficult to buy for.

With just a couple of days left until Father’s Day, the pressure to have a present wrapped and ready to gift is dawning. Are you stuck this year? Do you feel as though your dad already owns everything he could possibly want? Here’s a guide to help you pick a Father’s Day present that he’ll appreciate and enjoy.

If he likes adventure…

If your dad is one to travel or hike regularly, he’ll love a drone. It’ll let him capture amazing, quality shots from breathtaking angles and heights. Even in a domestic setting, drones are fun to fly and race!

Does he already own a drone? No problem! Why not add to his experience with other drone accessories such as goggles, a remote controller or an intelligent flight battery (be sure to check that they’re suitable for the model of his drone!).

If he loves music…

If your dad has a liking to iTunes or Spotify, a good pick is a portable speaker. He’ll be able to play his favourite playlist while riding his bike, fixing things in the workshop, while cooking in the kitchen and pretty much anywhere he goes! Opt for a waterproof speaker so that he can take it to the beach during summer too.

If he’s usually in the driver’s seat…

Is your dad always on the road? A GPS system is a helpful gift that he’ll actually use. Many models have Bluetooth and Wifi features as well as voice control and traffic updates. He’ll never have to ask for directions again!

If he’s a workaholic…

If the office is where dad spends most of his time, make his work easier with a new laptop, tablet or 2-in-1. Or you can even set up a whole new home office with this simple guide on everything you need!

After something little smaller? Make sure his hard work never goes to waste with a backup hard drive or a portable SSD card.

If he’s health-conscious…

Encourage him to keep track of his health every day with a Fitbit. It will inspire him to reach and maintain his fitness goals with features such as auto exercise recognition, reminders and smartphone notifications. Fitbits are also waterproof, so you know they’re durable and resistant.

If he’s a bookworm…

Does your dad’s book collection never stop growing? He’ll have so much space-saving convenience when you gift him a Kindle. Unlike a tablet or smartphone, they eliminate annoying glare and reflections.

They’re lightweight and compact, so he’ll be able to carry it around while travelling and also on a day-to-day basis. A Kindle will let him enjoy his favourite novels comfortably with the quality of a gadget and the familiarity of a paperback.

If he’s simple…

This is quite broad, but if you really can’t put a thumb on what your dad’s hobbies are, it’s best that you give him a gift that is simply functional. All round winners are hair clippers, bread trimmers, smart electric toothbrushes and air purifiers.

You can always browse Bing Lee online or go down to one of our stores for a friendly helping hand from a Bing Lee expert!

4 reasons you still need a separate alarm clock

Not sure whether an alarm clock is worth buying in this day and age? Here are four surprising reasons why the gadget will benefit you more than an app.

With seemingly infinite applications on our smartphones and everyday devices, it’s been questioned whether or not some sole-purpose gadgets are still worth possessing. Sure, living minimally and the having convenience of an app at your fingertips is great, but are you benefitting or missing out?

We’ve got four reasons why you should ditch the app and opt for an alarm clock – we’re talking the real thing. Go on, the pros will surprise you!


1. It’ll encourage better sleep

Phones in the bedroom disturb the quality sleep you should be getting. According to, phones can make it harder to fall asleep at night with their bright blue lights suppressing much-needed melatonin.

They also keep your brain alert with the buzzing of notifications for emails, texts and calls. Even putting your phone on silent won’t necessarily prevent you from reaching over to finish that pesky level of Candy Crush!

Keep the phone out of the bedroom and get an alarm clock by your side instead. It’ll help you stick to a healthy sleep routine and get your eight (or so!) hours of blissful rest.

2. You’re more likely to be on time

Reaching to grab your phone and stop your alarm (or snooze it!) isn’t ideal for two reasons.

Firstly, looking at your phone as soon as you open your eyes makes it all too easy to spend more time in bed opening up your notifications and scrolling through your social media. We all know how crucial a few extra minutes in the morning can be!

Secondly, turning off the alarm on your phone doesn’t require much effort, so there’s a greater chance of you holding the phone in your hand and falling asleep again. Sounds silly, but who isn’t guilty of going into work claiming ‘The alarm didn’t go off!’? 😉

Having an alarm clock on your bedside table will encourage you to get your feet on the ground before hitting the button and starting your day.

3. It’s a stylish décor piece

OK, so an alarm clock isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when redecorating, but hear us out. There’s a reason why wall clocks and wrist watches are still bought every day and make popular gifts: They’re stylish.

There are plenty of alarm clocks and radios on the market with different designs that’ll add a style statement to your bedroom. So being more than just a practical gadget, what wakes you up can also add character to your space.

In love with everything retro? These vintage-inspired alarm clocks from VQ are for you! They’ve got dual alarms, so you know they’re practical, and their chic style blends seamlessly into your décor!

Do you fancy something more sleek and modern? Check out these cool cube alarm clocks from Sony.

4. They’re multipurpose

You don’t need to wake up to a repetitive beeping tone if you’ve got a radio alarm clock. Set it to your preferred station, and you’ll get to brush your teeth while listening to the morning news or make a cup of coffee while tuning into your favourite songs. That’s a nice change from the usual morning rush!

Other features you could look out for are Bluetooth connectivity, sound quality, light displays and dial or button controls.

Some even have phone-charging ports, so if you insist on having your phone in your bedroom at least it’ll be ready to go in the morning 😉