MICROSOFT Office 2016

The all new office 2016 for Windows is now available, and here are a few reasons why you should upgrade.

First off, it’s built for team work. Click share in the upper right and you get the new share pane. Before you can share though, you have to save your file to the cloud by clicking this button, then choose the location, and save it. Now, you’re ready to share.

Invite people to the document by typing their names or email addresses. Select whether they can edit or just view. Type a short note, and you’re done. And check this out, real time typing in word. Now you can see other people’s changes as they type them. If you need to know who’s making a change, hover over the flag and you’ll see their name.

Here’s another reason to upgrade – new charts in Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Waterfalls, histograms, creato charts, box and whisker and even charts like tree map and sunburst.

And here’s a faster way to get data into Excel, a feature that is great for both students and businesses. This webpage has some interesting data right here. Previously, you’d need to copy and paste this then spend time formatting it. But, with Excel 2016, it’s much easier. First, copy the url of the page. Now, in Excel, go to the data tab, new query, from other sources, and we choose from web.

I’ll paste in the url and click okay. Now Excel gives me a list of tables on that webpage. 10 most populous countries is the one I want. Click that option, and then click edit. Excel brings in the data, but because data from the web isn’t always perfect, I can do some special clean up here. You can remove extra columns, make the first rows into headers and format this column as numbers. When you’re done, just click close and load. Now the data is in excel and you can work with it and analyse it however you want to. And the cool things is, I can click refresh and see any changes that may have been made on the webpage.

Here’s yet another great reason to upgrade to 2016. Attachments are even easier in Outlook. You no longer have to hunt for files on your computer. Click the paper clip button, and you’ll see recent files you’ve been working on. Click one, and it gets attached to the email. If you attach a file that’s on OneDrive, Outlook will create a special cloud attachment, which is essentially a link to the file. So when people double click it, they’ll go to the original file on the cloud, not a copy of the file.

Another new feature is smart lookup. If you need to quickly research something while working in a document, select a word, like snowboarding, then right click and click smart lookup, and you’ll get search results from the web.

Finally, there is Tell Me. Say you have  hard time remembering where a button or menu is. Just click inside the Tell Me box, type a word or two, and the button appears right away for you to use.  

That’s the Office 2016 for Windows. Built for teams and working smarter.

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