Determining which garment care is right for you based on your closet

If laundry isn’t your forte and you find yourself treating every item of clothing you own in the same manner, Philips’ range of garment care is here to help you iron out your worries.

If you’re one of the many who are guilty of neglecting laundry chores because of a busy lifestyle, this post is for you. We know what it’s like having what seems to be a mountainous pile of clothing that needs to be ironed or steamed, hung or folded, and then packed away.

The shortcut of treating all the clothes the same, with the same temperature setting on the iron, might seem like it’s saving time… until you burn your favourite shirt. We’ve all been shared that regret at one stage or another.

Contrary to how tedious it may seem, catering for the correct care requirements of the fabrics you wear can actually save you a lot of time (and despair) and make your clothes last longer.

Thanks to Philips’ range of garment care, you can get through your laundry quickly, with all your clothes looking and feeling as best as they can.

Each of the following small appliances from Philips is designed to make the chore a breeze. Intended for specific needs, you can pick a small appliance that is best suited for your household and your most common items of clothing.

To help you decide, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to select the right garment care based on what you wear most.

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While you may get your suits dry cleaned, that doesn’t mean that you can’t maintain them between washes to look fresher for longer.

The Philips Steam&Go 2-in-1 is perfect for suits because you can refresh them while hanging them vertically – no need for an ironing board.

It keeps your suits looking crisp and professional while ridding stale, day-to-day odours such as lingering food smells or cigarette smoke. Plus, if you go on business trips often, the Steam&Go is compact and light enough for you to take with you!


For cotton uniforms and everyday wear, the Philips Azur Performer Plus is an all-rounder. With all the traditional settings you’re familiar with, this iron makes everyday ironing easy.

It has 2400W to heat up quickly and deliver powerful performance. It has a continuous steam output of up to 45g/min for the perfect amount of steam to remove creases. For more stubborn creases, steam can boost up to 190G for immediate results.

As convenient as it is in function, it’s also comfortable to hold and manoeuvre. It’s the optimum weight to push and its SteamGlide Plate soleplate moves smoothly over your clothes.


Because denim is such a thick material, it usually requires a more powerful iron. But there’s no need to go over denim with twice the amount of force or time as any other material.

The PerfectCare Azur is ideal for denim because it’s the fastest Philips steam iron and has a steam boost of up to 200G – meaning it can remove even the move stubborn creases (like the ones found on denim jackets!).

Despite how powerful it is, it’s still 100% safe to use on delicate materials too. All you need to do is adjust the setting. Too easy!


Silk (and satin alike) is always treated with more care than most other materials because of how delicate it is. But you shouldn’t have to be frightened about applying heat to remove creases.

You can safely revive silk with the Philips ClearTouch Air Garment Steamer. Hang and lock your garment in place and work the steamer along it for fast ironing. You can pick from three different steam levels so that you’re always in control.

The AirStretch Technology uses innovative air suction to eliminate creases and allow for deeper steam penetration for outfits that are ready to wear!

Linen & Wool

Not only can linen be burnt and wool misshaped, but velvet, lace, taffeta and any fabric can fall victim to their own types of ruin when not cared for properly. If your wardrobe has a vast variety of materials in there, it’s best to opt for a versatile ironing system.

And if versatility is what you’re after, you can’t look past Philips PerfectCare Elite Silence Steam Generator and the Philips PerfectCare Performer Steam Generator.

The Silence Steam has Safe Rest – a smart chip that sets the ideal soleplate temperature, scientifically tested on all ironable fabrics without risk of burning.

The Performer Steam, on the other hand, uses OptimalTEMP technology to set the perfect combination of temperature and continuous powerful steam.

Both products have a detachable water tank so you can fill up easily, and an increased scratch-resistant soleplate for a durable design.


Want more advice? Head into your local Bing Lee store and a friendly staff member can show you our incredible range of steamers and irons!


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