Getting the best of both worlds with Samsung’s FlexWash washing machine

If you’re on the fence about whether you prefer a top loader or front loader, you don’t have to decide. Samsung’s FlexWash Washer has both so that you can take care of the laundry all at once!

Samsung’s FlexWash™ is an all-in-one washing machine that has both a 16kg front loader as well as a 2.5kg top loader – that’s a total of a whopping 18.5kg capacity!

Why have both kinds of loaders? It’s simple really. The FlexWash gives you the flexibility (as the name suggests) to handle all kinds of laundry needs simultaneously, from small to large loads, delicates to everyday items.

The FlexWash is so flexible in fact that it also has Samsung’s innovative AddDoor. It’s exactly what it sounds like – an access door on the front loader so that you can prop in any forgotten items or dropped socks. The AddDoor allows you to add more fabric softener too, without draining the drum from water or detergent.

Because FlexWash is essentially two washing machines in one, you’ll get through your laundry faster and with fewer loads. Not only does its vast capacity save time, but so can each of the cycles. The programmes come in a variety to cater for the types of clothes you’re washing.


You can find FlexWash’s user manual here with all the details on every programme, but we’ve selected a few of our favourites from both the top and front loaders so you can know that make this washing machine a standout among the rest.

TOP LOADER: Programmes and cycles

This upper washer is intended for relatively small loads that you want cleaned quickly. Think of the last-minute uniform wash, the use of everyday gym gear or more frequent washes of delicates.

The programmes are simple to use with the options of Normal, Rinse + Spin and (for the more specific types of clothing) Active Wear and Delicates.

If you have particular materials to care for, you can always select warm or cold temperature, or you can choose Extra Rinse to rid laundry additives more thoroughly.

The Self Clean option is to keep the tub itself clean from dirt and bacteria. No need for detergents or bleach, just make sure the tub is empty, and when it’s done, you’ll be ready to wash more loads!

LOWER WASHER: Programmes and cycles

Using Super Speed, the FlexWash can power through a load in just 30mins without sacrificing cleaning performance. If you want an even faster cycle, Quick Wash will wash up to 2kg of laundry in a mere 15mins!

If your concern is more a pile of clothes that need a thorough clean, you’ll be impressed with the BubbleWash and BubbleSoak treatments available in the front loader.

BubbleSoak™ is a pre-wash treatment which intensively soaks clothes in the bubbles before the wash starts. This process helps loosen stains or dirt that usually stick onto fabrics, even during the cycle.

Similarly, BubbleWash™ is designed to help clean heavily-soiled clothing by generating foam through an innovative method of pre-mixing detergent with air and water from the beginning of the cycle. The residue is then able to come off a lot more easily.

Alternatively, you can use the power of steam on your load instead of a pre-treatment. With the Steam option, the washer senses the weight of the load within the drum and controls the amount of steam needed accordingly. Clever, right?

Steam is a great way to sanitise, particularly whites, sheets and other bedding.

Smart Control

What is arguably one of the most incredible features of the FlexWash Washer is what Samsung calls Smart Control. Smart Control lets you use your home network and Samsung Smart Home app to have control over the washer remotely – using your smartphone!

It works for both the top and front loaders. You can start, pause and track the remaining time left on your cycle, and you’ll get alerted when it’s finished! You can even schedule cycles from your smartphone.

When you select Smart Control, the indicator blinks and the front door locks. The machine then enters ‘waiting mode’ and waits for your command! You can find out more about how it works on the Samsung Smart Home page.

Other innovative features

Smart Control isn’t the only technologically advanced feature that FlexWash has to offer. It also has Smart Check – an error-monitoring system that also is compatible with the Samsung App.

Smart Check helps detect and diagnose certain problems (should they occur) and provides you with stress-free, quick and easy troubleshooting. How’s that for peace of mind?

We want to mention here that you won’t face any fuss for a long time. The digital inverter motor comes with an 11-year parts warranty!

This motor that we speak of works ingeniously without brushes, which in turn helps to minimise the number of separate moving parts. Less friction results in lower vibration, so you’re left with a machine that’s as quiet as it is intelligent!

This is enforced by VRT Plus™ (Vibration Reduction Technology), which allows even heavy loads to stay balanced within the tub and remain discreet in sound at high speeds.

Safety and efficiency

Little hands can go wandering around the house, especially when household appliances have eye-catching buttons. Conveniently, FlexWash comes with Child Lock.

There are Child Lock options on each of the loads which prevent children from accidentally starting or setting the washer. When selected, it locks all buttons except for POWER.

In addition to safety, Samsung has ensured the FlexWash’s efficiency. Rest assured that the lower washer meets the strict standards for Energy Star® certification, making it eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

With the FlexWasher being good for the environment, your long-term savings and your clothes, what’s left is to head to your local Bing Lee store to check it out for yourself!

Determining which garment care is right for you based on your closet

If laundry isn’t your forte and you find yourself treating every item of clothing you own in the same manner, Philips’ range of garment care is here to help you iron out your worries.

If you’re one of the many who are guilty of neglecting laundry chores because of a busy lifestyle, this post is for you. We know what it’s like having what seems to be a mountainous pile of clothing that needs to be ironed or steamed, hung or folded, and then packed away.

The shortcut of treating all the clothes the same, with the same temperature setting on the iron, might seem like it’s saving time… until you burn your favourite shirt. We’ve all been shared that regret at one stage or another.

Contrary to how tedious it may seem, catering for the correct care requirements of the fabrics you wear can actually save you a lot of time (and despair) and make your clothes last longer.

Thanks to Philips’ range of garment care, you can get through your laundry quickly, with all your clothes looking and feeling as best as they can.

Each of the following small appliances from Philips is designed to make the chore a breeze. Intended for specific needs, you can pick a small appliance that is best suited for your household and your most common items of clothing.

To help you decide, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to select the right garment care based on what you wear most.

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While you may get your suits dry cleaned, that doesn’t mean that you can’t maintain them between washes to look fresher for longer.

The Philips Steam&Go 2-in-1 is perfect for suits because you can refresh them while hanging them vertically – no need for an ironing board.

It keeps your suits looking crisp and professional while ridding stale, day-to-day odours such as lingering food smells or cigarette smoke. Plus, if you go on business trips often, the Steam&Go is compact and light enough for you to take with you!


For cotton uniforms and everyday wear, the Philips Azur Performer Plus is an all-rounder. With all the traditional settings you’re familiar with, this iron makes everyday ironing easy.

It has 2400W to heat up quickly and deliver powerful performance. It has a continuous steam output of up to 45g/min for the perfect amount of steam to remove creases. For more stubborn creases, steam can boost up to 190G for immediate results.

As convenient as it is in function, it’s also comfortable to hold and manoeuvre. It’s the optimum weight to push and its SteamGlide Plate soleplate moves smoothly over your clothes.


Because denim is such a thick material, it usually requires a more powerful iron. But there’s no need to go over denim with twice the amount of force or time as any other material.

The PerfectCare Azur is ideal for denim because it’s the fastest Philips steam iron and has a steam boost of up to 200G – meaning it can remove even the move stubborn creases (like the ones found on denim jackets!).

Despite how powerful it is, it’s still 100% safe to use on delicate materials too. All you need to do is adjust the setting. Too easy!


Silk (and satin alike) is always treated with more care than most other materials because of how delicate it is. But you shouldn’t have to be frightened about applying heat to remove creases.

You can safely revive silk with the Philips ClearTouch Air Garment Steamer. Hang and lock your garment in place and work the steamer along it for fast ironing. You can pick from three different steam levels so that you’re always in control.

The AirStretch Technology uses innovative air suction to eliminate creases and allow for deeper steam penetration for outfits that are ready to wear!

Linen & Wool

Not only can linen be burnt and wool misshaped, but velvet, lace, taffeta and any fabric can fall victim to their own types of ruin when not cared for properly. If your wardrobe has a vast variety of materials in there, it’s best to opt for a versatile ironing system.

And if versatility is what you’re after, you can’t look past Philips PerfectCare Elite Silence Steam Generator and the Philips PerfectCare Performer Steam Generator.

The Silence Steam has Safe Rest – a smart chip that sets the ideal soleplate temperature, scientifically tested on all ironable fabrics without risk of burning.

The Performer Steam, on the other hand, uses OptimalTEMP technology to set the perfect combination of temperature and continuous powerful steam.

Both products have a detachable water tank so you can fill up easily, and an increased scratch-resistant soleplate for a durable design.


Want more advice? Head into your local Bing Lee store and a friendly staff member can show you our incredible range of steamers and irons!


Washing loads together but not ‘together together’ with the Haier TwinTasker

Want to save time finishing your laundry but finding your clothes ruined by putting them all in the same load? The TwinTasker washing machine from Haier is here to clean your clothes two washes at a time.

If you’re part of the majority of the nation who dread doing their laundry on the weekend or early in the morning before work, you know how annoying it can be to wait for one load to be done before you’re able to do the next. It’s very much a waiting process.

One load for the whites, the colours, the delicates, the denim… it doesn’t end! And after waiting for each cycle, you’ve realised yet another entire day has been spent taking care of the laundry – whether it’s yours or the whole family’s.

Haier knows how precious time is (especially weekend time) and that you’d rather spend your day in the sunshine at the beach than at the clothesline.

So they came up with a genius idea – what if it was possible to do two loads of washing together… but not together together. In essence, having two separate loads of washing running at the same time in the same machine! Brilliant, right?

Introducing the Haier TwinTasker Washer – the innovative washing machine with two drums. The 4kg drum is perfect for delicates, smaller loads and intricate fabrics. The 8kg load is ideal for your larger loads, colours and denims.

Laundry efficiency

Operating as two separate drums, the TwinTasker lets you pick from the smart LCD touchscreen which cycle, temperature and duration you’d like to set each load to. Then with the touch of your fingertip, away you go! Two cycles (equivalent to a huge 12kg capacity) work simultaneously to have your washing done and dusted.

The beauty of the TwinTasker is that a busy household or a household with flatmates isn’t restricted to a washing timetable. You and your spous, you and your friend, you and your teen can each sort out your laundry while one drum is already occupied. No more excuses for an overflowing laundry basket!

Two drums prevent accidental pink socks, shrunken clothes and lint-coated pants. (We’ve all been there!). Simply set each cycle to cater for the recommended care labels of your clothes – cold water, hot water, intensive wash, extra rinse.

Another convenience of the TwinTasker is being able to take care of your washing properly but with the shortcut of a time-saving process. Same goes for bath towels or tea towels, heavily soiled clothing and other loads that you won’t want to mix into your regular cycle.

The specs

As mentioned before, the TwinTasker has the equivalent of a substantial 12kg capacity with one drum catering for 4kg and the other 8kg. They have energy ratings of 3 Star + 4 Star, and water ratings (WELS) of 4 Star + 4.5 Star – meaning the efficiency will save you money in the long run. Win!

The drums themselves have a unique platinum pillow pattern which is designed to be more gentle on clothes during the cycle and maximises water extraction without pulling on clothing threads.

You can also see how your loads are tracking thanks to LED lighting in each drum. It’ll ensure you don’t leave any pesky socks behind when unloading!

Wondering whether two loads of washing will make your laundry sound like an earthquake? Don’t! Direct Drive Motor technology powers the two independent drums with less moving parts. So the innovative machine works quietly and resourcefully.

It doesn’t stop there – we’ve saved one of the best features for last. Just like your smartphone, the TwinTasker has a seamless look that functions with a touchscreen. The LCD screen lets you swipe through the variety of programmes (including Allergy Care, Sports Wear, Daily Wash and Baby Care) for an easy-to-use experience every time.


Want to know more about this phenomenal washing machine? Check out the Haier TwinTasker online or in-store at Bing Lee.

The great debate: front loader or top loader washing machine?

Not quite sure which washing machine you should opt for? Here is an ultimate guide of the pros and cons of both front and top loaders.

Of course, there’s no right or wrong answer when picking a washing machine – it all depends on your lifestyle and personal preference. Nevertheless, there are pros and cons to each design, ones that may influence your decision more than others depending on what matters to you.

We’ve comprised a list of the good and not-so-good of both front and top loader washing machines to help make your decision easier.

It’s good to keep in mind that if your laundry is small or if you live in an apartment with no clothesline, a washer dryer combo is a space-saving option that will provide you with the 2-in-1 functions!

Front loader

  • Gentler on clothes
  • Longer wash cycles
  • Generally uses significantly less water
  • Generally more expensive
  • Generally uses less energy due to the horizontal drum benefitting from gravity
  • Potentially more creased clothing due to the higher spin speeds (unless there’s an anti-crease cycle)
  • Uses less detergent
  • Most won’t let you add forgotten items once the cycle has started
  • More specific setting options
  • Heavy to move
  • Higher temperature wash options
  • Generally have a smaller capacity than top loaders
  • Cost less to run
  • Some may rinse poorly in comparison to top loaders due to low water usage
  • Higher spin speeds, which gets more water out and speeds up drying time
  • Best for small spaces
  • Stackable to put a dryer above it

Top loader

  • Faster normal program wash cycles
  • Generally harsher on clothes
  • Generally cheaper to purchase
  • Uses up more water
  • Generally has a better rinse performance
  • Uses more detergent
  • Easy to add more clothes in once the cycle has started
  • Costs more to run
  • Lighter to move
  • Creates more lint due to the friction of clothes during the cycle
  • Slightly more reliable in comparison to front loaders
  • Not stackable
  • More energy efficient when using cold water
  • Less bending to retrieve clothes – a good option for people with back problems


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