Sony Bravia X8500 Android TV Highlights

Upgrading your current TV has never been more exciting and full of possibilities. And with Sony’s new BRAVIA X8500C series, nothing is compromised in design, visual or sound quality.

At the heart of this smart TV is Google’s Android TV, giving you access to the Google Play store for apps, movies and music. With the Android TV platform driving this new BRAVIA, navigating this Sony 4K Ultra HD TV is all so easy with personalised recommendations. By connecting the TV to your Wi-Fi network either through a wire or wirelessly, and signing in with your google account, you’ll see highlighted clips in the home menu based on your own google account. If you navigate to Google Play, the movies and apps you’ve bought will be visible there automatically.

And not only that, this Sony BRAVIA has Google Cast built in, so you can use the TV with your mobile devices and cast to the TV just as you would with the Google Chromecast. So any apps that work with Chromecast will work with your new BRAVIA as long as it’s on the same network as your mobile device.

This TVs distinct design identity will be an enviable talking point for any visitor with an amazingly slim side profile and hidden speakers making a powerful visual statement, and that’s before you fire it up. Turn the TV on, and sound will fill the room, enhancing the on screen content.

TV images are delivered via Sony’s own 4K Ultra HD X-reality pro engine, that upscales any content you have to take advantage of this TV’s 4K resolution. Even Full high definition content looks better with the engine filling in the pixels and delivering more perceived detail, making any content look stunning.

Now this is a 4K Ultra HD television, and there is now 4K Ultra HD content becoming available online and through streaming services, so you’ll be able to watch the latest content at the best resolution possible, with the latest standards built in to this model. In the meantime, upscaling means an enhanced viewing experience of all of your current content.

And remember that there are quite a few mobile products that are now capable of producing 4K Ultra HD video, like this XPERIA Z3 smartphone. Using MHL 3.0, you can playback any 4K recordings you’ve made straight onto this TV without any loss of that native 4K recorded resolution. And not only that, use your smartphone as the TV’s remote control with the Android remote app that you can download from the Google Play store or the TV side view app from Apple’s App store.

It isn’t just the 4K Ultra HD resolution that makes this a great TV – you can even connect a huge range of peripheral devices such as gamepads, keyboards or use your Android Smartwatch as the TV remote.

And Sony’s Triluminous display provides even more shades of colours across the entire spectrum, giving you enhanced details and even more lifelike image reproduction. It’s like a window into another world.


You can add your own USB hard drive and record programs straight from the channel section, making it easy to enjoy your favourite programs even if you’re not there to watch them live.

That’s the new Sony BRAVIA X8500C series 4K Ultra HD television – huge sound, amazing visuals and stunning design. Make sure you see one for yourself.

Westinghouse Cooking Range at Bing Lee

With Bing Lee and Westinghouse, cooking for the family needn’t be stressful. The new Westinghouse ovens on display in our stores are so practical, you’ll get dinner on the table with ease. Let’s look at some of the highlights in the Westinghouse cooking range in Bing Lee.

(WVE613S) Here is a great value 60cm fan forced oven with an 80 litre capacity. It features a 2 hour timer, and has cool touch door that opens to the side.

(WVE615S) This model here has all those features plus a programmable timer and multiple functions including fan grill fan bake, defrost and pizza functions.

(WVEP618S) Check out this 60cm oven with quadruple glazed door for cool touch exterior, on glass touch controls and a pyro function that turns grease and grime into ash for chemical free cleaning.

(WVE655S) If you need to cook different dishes at once, then then this oven with a separate grill will be perfect for you. It also features knob controls, fingerprint resistant stainless steel and programmable timer.

(WVE626S) If you need a bigger cooking capacity, this duo oven provides an extra half oven space for big family events or even on its own for smaller cooking needs.

And when it comes to cooktops, Bing Lee and Westinghouse make life easier with flexible cooking solutions.

(WHC642BA) This four zone ceramic cooktop can be easily cleaned, has a safety residual heat indicator and knob control for easy temperature adjustment.

(WHG646SA) If you have gas at home, this stainless steel gas cooktop could be a great option with a high powered wok burner, individual easy ignite function for each burner, and family safe trivets and safety gas cut off.

(WHC644BA) And here’s real cooking flexibility. This ceramic cooktop has one special hotplate with three variable zones so you can use a wide variety of pot and pan sizes in that area. The pause button lowers the temperature to a warming mode until you’re ready to get the cooking back on.

(WHI644BA) This induction cooktop only heats the cookware and not other surfaces so it’s very safe. The on glass touch controls make it easy to set heating levels and timers, stylish and easy to clean ceramic glass surface and because it’s induction, perfect heat control.

A cooking solution also needs a good air circulation system. Westinghouse rangehoods complete any kitchen look and capture steam and heat build up while you focus on the important cooking tasks.

From stainless steel slide outs to in-cupboard integrated models and washable filters, Westinghouse has the rangehood to suit your cooking space. (quickly show WRH608IS, EFG540G/A, WRC613SB )

Bing Lee and Westinghouse – making cooking easier.

WVE613S – Basic 60cm fan forced oven – 120 min timer, cool touch doors 80L gross, fingerprint

WVE615S – 60cm fan forced – all above plus programmable timer and multi function

WVEP618S – 60cm quadriple glazed door plus pyro function for cleaning, anti splatter grill inserts, touch on glass controls

WVE655S – totally separate grill, and oven for multiple cooking at once

WVE626S – Duo oven with extra half space for smaller cooking needs, self clean oven liners, glass doors

WVE636S – Multi oven – dual cavity for bigger capacity, separate grill

WHC642BA – basic ceramic cooktop – easy clean surface, physical knob control, heat indicator

WHG646SA – gas cooktop with high powered wok burner, easy ignite, family safe trivets, cast iron trivets

WHC644BA – ceramic cooktop with separate cooking zones – one has three zones, pause button

WHI644BA – Induction cooktop – pause button, quick cook timer, induction cooking touch on glass control, boost, child safe, easy clean

WRH608IS – stainless steel slide out – 2 fans, three speeds, recirculation, slimline, filters

EFG540G/A – integrated in cupboard, improves air quality, washable filters, slim

WRC613SB – 60cm – power twin blade centrifugal blade, touch control, conversation noise levels, touch control, filters can be dishwashed

Fisher and Paykel WA80T65FW1 Washing machine Highlights

Top load washers are a great option if you want to avoid excessive bending and crouching. Whether it’s your fav shirt or your most loved toy, this machine will deliver the ultimate clothes care.

This machine is powered by SmartDrive, a world-first technology that delivers better clothes care and reliability. Smartdrive top loaders spin to a maximum of one thousand rpm, removing as much as two and a half litres more water than other top loaders to reduce drying times.

Fisher & Paykel SmartDrive™ machines are made of just three main parts: a small computer, a flexible agitator, and a simple direct-drive motor. This means washing machines that can sense each load, use less water and run with less moving parts.

All smartdrive washers have a self cleaning lint disposal system. The water and lint are drawn down the agitator and through the inner and outer bowls, and the holes in the stainless bowl trap the lint, which is flushed down the drain. This is a hygienic way of dealing with lint, there’s no need for you to touch the lint and no contamination of micro-organisms growing in filters.

The smartdrive control system uses an in-built thermometer to precisely mix water to the required temperature. This helps save power by making washing in cooler temperatures possible throughout the year.

In the active Eco-Active™ Wash  cycle, a small volume of warm sudsy water is re-circulated through the clothes in a cascade effect. Then after this “pre-soak”, cooler water is added and it agitates to finish the wash. The Eco Activewash saves energy, but best of all it achieves a better clean.

There are 13 Lifestyle cycles including Allergy, Muddy, Sports shoes, Duvet/Doona, Nappy Rinse and many more.


Fabric Sensing is achieved using the flexible finned agitator; the computer measures the resistance of fabrics to specific agitator actions. It senses the average fabric mix and optimises the wash cycle for it, including water level, wash action, time and rinse. With just two button presses you get expert wash results.

Samsung WD10F7S7SRP Washing Machine Highlights

If you have a big family but maybe not big on space, a washer dryer combo might be the answer to your laundry woes. This is Samsung’s Washer Dryer with Wi-fi, offering a 10 kilo washing capacity and 7 kilo drying capacity.

With this washer dryer combo , you can conveniently wash and dry your clothes in one single machine, great for wet winter days or apartments without clotheslines.

This model’s direct-drive inverter motor delivers power right to the washer tub from a variable speed, reversible motor. A beltless direct-drive motor generates a high spin speed of 1,200 rpms for an effective, quiet operation. The washer also has few moving parts. This Samsung washer performs smoothly at top spin speeds, helping to minimize noise and vibration.

Diamond Drum technology covers the drum in deep, diamond-shaped depressions. This revolutionary texture and the fact that the water exit holes are so small, Samsung washing machines help keep your fabrics safe from snags.

Water temperature, spin cycle intensity, extent of clothing soil — chances are, there’s a combination of washer dryer settings that you use most often. The customizable My Cycle feature allows you to pre-set your usual settings, so you can start a load of laundry with just the touch of a button. It’s a convenience that helps make laundry less of a chore. With the Quick Wash feature, you can wash up to 2kg of lightly-soiled laundry in as little as 29 minutes, helping to save time.

Samsung’s Bubble Wash delivers cleanliness with fabric care. Bubble Wash combines water as detergent before the wash cycle commences.

Refresh your favourite clothing simply by using air after you’ve been at a party or have gone out (food, cigarettes). Non-stained clothing shouldn’t need to be washed, simply refresh them using the 2 available cycles for different fabrics.

You can also extend the life of your washer and keep it looking new, with the Samsung Hygiene Drum Clean feature. With the push of one button, heat and water combined with high-speed rpm, reduces detergent residue, dirt and the odour-causing bacteria that forms on the inside surfaces of the washer drum, for a sparkling finish and one that doesn’t require special washing machine cleaner or any harmful chemicals.

Samsung’s innovative Smart Control technology enables you to control your washer through personal technology devices such as smart phones. Smart Control allows you to monitor the washing process and lets you know when the cycle is complete.

The Smart Check automatic error-monitoring system detects and diagnoses problems and provides easy troubleshooting solutions using a smartphone App.

Simpson SWT5541 Washing Machine Highlights


Perhaps you’re downsizing, or your nest getting empty with kids moving into their own places. Either way, you may want to consider a smaller washing machine for you or your newly independent kids.

This Simpson five and a half litre top load washing machine has a small footprint, great value for money and is extremely easy to use. The hard wearing design is both stylish and durable. Let’s look at some of the features of this small size top loader.

With a sleek control panel that’s simple to use and wipe clean, washing becomes that much easier. Designed with your needs in mind, the clever interface is clear and easy to read, and accessible even when the lid is up. With all of your wash cycles together on a familiar looking dial, you can select your wash at the touch of a button. And a simple wipe is all you need to keep the stylish soft touch buttons sparkling clean.

Designed to treat your clothes with the care they deserve, the gentle drum has thousands of holes to enhance the water flow rate so that detergent dissolves faster. This improves effectiveness and ensures a deeper clean.

Timing is everything. All models feature a time remaining display so you don’t have to wait around for a wash to finish. You can better plan your day and get on with things you’d rather do.

You will open and shut the lid of your washing machine thousands of times. So the EZI Set washing machine features a redesigned lid that is not only stylish but also durable. It will easily withstand a basket full of wet towels thrown on top. And due to the smart design, you still have access to the control panel even when the lid is open.

With a gentle and effective agitator wash action, all of your clothes are in safe hands. Our proven top load washer agitator system ensures your entire load is washed evenly and gently. The agitator helps to prevent tangling during the wash and spin cycles. It also has an easy to clean lint filter.

Bosch WAY32540AU Washing Machine Highlights


Even if it does sound old-fashioned, Bosch are still building their appliances the way they did 125 years ago. Their standards have always remained the same: nothing leaves their factory until it is 100% perfect in terms of quality, performance and sustainability.

Their laundry products are a perfect example of this, and let’s look at one today – the Bosch 8kg Home Professional front load washing machine.

First of all, it’s very user friendly. Stylish, straightforward control panel with JogDial for easy selection of wash programs, spin speeds, temperature and other functions.

This front loader delivers gentler, swifter washing, thanks to the uniquely designed glass porthole window. The glass of the special asymmetrically curved porthole softly projects into the VarioSoft™ drum. It gently returns washing back into the centre of drum on each rotation, ensuring even circulation.  It’s also powerful, durable, quiet and efficient. That’s the brushless motor that provides better overall washing performance.

The unique system with its special vario-soft drum design, two drum action and asymmetrical porthole, ensures top washing results and longer lasting fabrics. The AntiVibration™ design of the side walls provides more stability and reduces vibrations. It also helps regulate noise levels, making it very quiet during the spin cycle.

This Bosch also uses sensors to make your washing cycles more efficient. A network of intelligent sensors automatically control the wash process that not only ensures perfect wash results, but minimal water and energy consumption. An automatic load sensing function, which adapts the water consumption to the relevant load size. This means that 1 kg of laundry can be washed just as efficiently as a full 8 kg load.

The AquaStop™ system provides 100% protection against water damage. Bosch guarantees it for the entire service life of the appliance.

This Bosch Home Professional front loader also offers special washing cycles. Allergy Plus uses a  higher water level, extra rinse cycles and a higher water temperature to wash away detergent residues left in the laundry for exceptional hygienic cleaning. Good news for those with sensitive skin.

The Express 15 is a short wash program of approximately 15 minutes for up to 2 kg of lightly soiled washing. Packing in a wash, two rinse cycles and improved rinse spinning, this is one of the shortest complete wash programs.

That’s the Bosch 8 kilogram Home professional front load washing machine with ecosilence – enjoy supremely quiet operation and excellent durability.

Beko WMY9046LB2 Washing Machine Highlights

Do you have a busy lifestyle? A couple of pets that keep you company around the house? Maybe children with allergies or sensitive skin? If any of the above describe you, then you may want to look this Beko washing machine next time you’re looking at upgrading your laundry appliance. With features that provide practical solutions to some of the situations you might face in your household this 9 kilo front loader from Beko could be a real time saver!

Check out this extra large door for easy loading and unloading of larger items of laundry like duvets or bed linen. And inside, this Beko washing machine has a soft drum pattern that is designed to be non abrasive, for better protection of clothes, but creates enough gentle friction to assist in cleaning the laundry.

Beko’s ProSmart Inverter Motor Technology provides increased efficiency and reliability by consuming less energy whist prolonging the life of the machine. Uniquely patented unbalanced load detection and combination of different wash motions will deliver a superior washing experience.

The CoolHygiene Program washes your lightly soiled clothes at 20 degrees providing hygienic wash results while still keeping the look of your clothes.

Beko has developed a smart solution for pet lovers with a function that removes pet hair on laundry during the wash cycle. When this function is selected, your machine adds a pre-wash and additional rinsing steps to the normal cycle. 

You no longer have to wait hours for your daily wash to be ready, with this machine’s Daily Quick programme you can wash a large load of lightly soiled laundry, even as big as 9kg, in 39 minutes or under.

Specially designed to care for babies and toddlers or for people with sensitive skin, the anti allergy plus cycle extends the washing time and applies extra rinsing to avoid allergy problems related to sensitive skin.

The wool program washes delicate woollens even more gently than you can by hand. This special washing cycle with its smart control will ensure that woolen garments are washed without damage. Moreover, by adjusting the optimum water level fibres will not absorb too much and become damaged and stretched.

This special compartment is designed for alternative detergent usage. Beko washing machines with the Liquid Detergent Compartment gives the opportunity to use liquid and concentrated liquid detergents with the time delay option.

That’s the Beko 9 kilo washing machine – great for pets, kids and busy lifestyles!

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