Simpson SWT5541 Washing Machine Highlights


Perhaps you’re downsizing, or your nest getting empty with kids moving into their own places. Either way, you may want to consider a smaller washing machine for you or your newly independent kids.

This Simpson five and a half litre top load washing machine has a small footprint, great value for money and is extremely easy to use. The hard wearing design is both stylish and durable. Let’s look at some of the features of this small size top loader.

With a sleek control panel that’s simple to use and wipe clean, washing becomes that much easier. Designed with your needs in mind, the clever interface is clear and easy to read, and accessible even when the lid is up. With all of your wash cycles together on a familiar looking dial, you can select your wash at the touch of a button. And a simple wipe is all you need to keep the stylish soft touch buttons sparkling clean.

Designed to treat your clothes with the care they deserve, the gentle drum has thousands of holes to enhance the water flow rate so that detergent dissolves faster. This improves effectiveness and ensures a deeper clean.

Timing is everything. All models feature a time remaining display so you don’t have to wait around for a wash to finish. You can better plan your day and get on with things you’d rather do.

You will open and shut the lid of your washing machine thousands of times. So the EZI Set washing machine features a redesigned lid that is not only stylish but also durable. It will easily withstand a basket full of wet towels thrown on top. And due to the smart design, you still have access to the control panel even when the lid is open.

With a gentle and effective agitator wash action, all of your clothes are in safe hands. Our proven top load washer agitator system ensures your entire load is washed evenly and gently. The agitator helps to prevent tangling during the wash and spin cycles. It also has an easy to clean lint filter.

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