Sony Bravia X8500 Android TV Highlights

Upgrading your current TV has never been more exciting and full of possibilities. And with Sony’s new BRAVIA X8500C series, nothing is compromised in design, visual or sound quality.

At the heart of this smart TV is Google’s Android TV, giving you access to the Google Play store for apps, movies and music. With the Android TV platform driving this new BRAVIA, navigating this Sony 4K Ultra HD TV is all so easy with personalised recommendations. By connecting the TV to your Wi-Fi network either through a wire or wirelessly, and signing in with your google account, you’ll see highlighted clips in the home menu based on your own google account. If you navigate to Google Play, the movies and apps you’ve bought will be visible there automatically.

And not only that, this Sony BRAVIA has Google Cast built in, so you can use the TV with your mobile devices and cast to the TV just as you would with the Google Chromecast. So any apps that work with Chromecast will work with your new BRAVIA as long as it’s on the same network as your mobile device.

This TVs distinct design identity will be an enviable talking point for any visitor with an amazingly slim side profile and hidden speakers making a powerful visual statement, and that’s before you fire it up. Turn the TV on, and sound will fill the room, enhancing the on screen content.

TV images are delivered via Sony’s own 4K Ultra HD X-reality pro engine, that upscales any content you have to take advantage of this TV’s 4K resolution. Even Full high definition content looks better with the engine filling in the pixels and delivering more perceived detail, making any content look stunning.

Now this is a 4K Ultra HD television, and there is now 4K Ultra HD content becoming available online and through streaming services, so you’ll be able to watch the latest content at the best resolution possible, with the latest standards built in to this model. In the meantime, upscaling means an enhanced viewing experience of all of your current content.

And remember that there are quite a few mobile products that are now capable of producing 4K Ultra HD video, like this XPERIA Z3 smartphone. Using MHL 3.0, you can playback any 4K recordings you’ve made straight onto this TV without any loss of that native 4K recorded resolution. And not only that, use your smartphone as the TV’s remote control with the Android remote app that you can download from the Google Play store or the TV side view app from Apple’s App store.

It isn’t just the 4K Ultra HD resolution that makes this a great TV – you can even connect a huge range of peripheral devices such as gamepads, keyboards or use your Android Smartwatch as the TV remote.

And Sony’s Triluminous display provides even more shades of colours across the entire spectrum, giving you enhanced details and even more lifelike image reproduction. It’s like a window into another world.


You can add your own USB hard drive and record programs straight from the channel section, making it easy to enjoy your favourite programs even if you’re not there to watch them live.

That’s the new Sony BRAVIA X8500C series 4K Ultra HD television – huge sound, amazing visuals and stunning design. Make sure you see one for yourself.

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