Westinghouse Cooking Range at Bing Lee

With Bing Lee and Westinghouse, cooking for the family needn’t be stressful. The new Westinghouse ovens on display in our stores are so practical, you’ll get dinner on the table with ease. Let’s look at some of the highlights in the Westinghouse cooking range in Bing Lee.

(WVE613S) Here is a great value 60cm fan forced oven with an 80 litre capacity. It features a 2 hour timer, and has cool touch door that opens to the side.

(WVE615S) This model here has all those features plus a programmable timer and multiple functions including fan grill fan bake, defrost and pizza functions.

(WVEP618S) Check out this 60cm oven with quadruple glazed door for cool touch exterior, on glass touch controls and a pyro function that turns grease and grime into ash for chemical free cleaning.

(WVE655S) If you need to cook different dishes at once, then then this oven with a separate grill will be perfect for you. It also features knob controls, fingerprint resistant stainless steel and programmable timer.

(WVE626S) If you need a bigger cooking capacity, this duo oven provides an extra half oven space for big family events or even on its own for smaller cooking needs.

And when it comes to cooktops, Bing Lee and Westinghouse make life easier with flexible cooking solutions.

(WHC642BA) This four zone ceramic cooktop can be easily cleaned, has a safety residual heat indicator and knob control for easy temperature adjustment.

(WHG646SA) If you have gas at home, this stainless steel gas cooktop could be a great option with a high powered wok burner, individual easy ignite function for each burner, and family safe trivets and safety gas cut off.

(WHC644BA) And here’s real cooking flexibility. This ceramic cooktop has one special hotplate with three variable zones so you can use a wide variety of pot and pan sizes in that area. The pause button lowers the temperature to a warming mode until you’re ready to get the cooking back on.

(WHI644BA) This induction cooktop only heats the cookware and not other surfaces so it’s very safe. The on glass touch controls make it easy to set heating levels and timers, stylish and easy to clean ceramic glass surface and because it’s induction, perfect heat control.

A cooking solution also needs a good air circulation system. Westinghouse rangehoods complete any kitchen look and capture steam and heat build up while you focus on the important cooking tasks.

From stainless steel slide outs to in-cupboard integrated models and washable filters, Westinghouse has the rangehood to suit your cooking space. (quickly show WRH608IS, EFG540G/A, WRC613SB )

Bing Lee and Westinghouse – making cooking easier.

WVE613S – Basic 60cm fan forced oven – 120 min timer, cool touch doors 80L gross, fingerprint

WVE615S – 60cm fan forced – all above plus programmable timer and multi function

WVEP618S – 60cm quadriple glazed door plus pyro function for cleaning, anti splatter grill inserts, touch on glass controls

WVE655S – totally separate grill, and oven for multiple cooking at once

WVE626S – Duo oven with extra half space for smaller cooking needs, self clean oven liners, glass doors

WVE636S – Multi oven – dual cavity for bigger capacity, separate grill

WHC642BA – basic ceramic cooktop – easy clean surface, physical knob control, heat indicator

WHG646SA – gas cooktop with high powered wok burner, easy ignite, family safe trivets, cast iron trivets

WHC644BA – ceramic cooktop with separate cooking zones – one has three zones, pause button

WHI644BA – Induction cooktop – pause button, quick cook timer, induction cooking touch on glass control, boost, child safe, easy clean

WRH608IS – stainless steel slide out – 2 fans, three speeds, recirculation, slimline, filters

EFG540G/A – integrated in cupboard, improves air quality, washable filters, slim

WRC613SB – 60cm – power twin blade centrifugal blade, touch control, conversation noise levels, touch control, filters can be dishwashed

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