Father’s Day Gift Ideas

With Father’s Day fast approaching on the 1st of September, it’s probably a good time to think about how to spoil your dad – and Bing Lee’s got some great Big Boy’s Toys to kickstart your ideas.

GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition: All GoPros are 15% off from this Thursday until Sunday, but it’s the Black Edition that has all the bells and whistles. This action camera can shoot video up to 4K resolution, so dad will have the clearest footage possible of his bike rides, track day races or underwater adventures. The waterproof housing is good to 60 metres deep! The Hero 3 comes with inbuilt wifi for use with a compatible smartphone, but the Black edition also comes with its own dedicated wi-fi remote control.

Samsung 60” Smart Plasma TV: If you’re looking to upgrade your TV, then why not hit two birds with one stone and impress your dad to the max at the same time? The 8 series takes TV discovery to the next level – you can ask it, with your voice, to help find shows you’re looking for. Whether it’s a genre like cooking or sport, or shows with particular actors, you simply use the Smart Hub remote and speak into it. Swipe using your hand between different panels of the TV, select and open apps, even change channels and adjust the volume. And with Wifi built-in to the TV, it’s very easy to get this connected to your home’s wireless router. Once you have online connectivity, you can load in your Skype, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter passwords and get social from the comfort of your lounge.

Samsung Sound Bar: When Dad sits down to watch an action flick (what else would he watch, right?), it won’t be using just the speakers on the Samsung Smart TV – the HWF450 soundbar and wireless active subwoofer will deliver a dramatic audio experience with dynamic range and impressive sound quality – and with wireless connection, there’s minimal clutter and a great streamlined design to suit just about any modern entertainment area.

Breville Nespresso U Solo Espresso Machine: If your Dad likes a caffeine hit before he starts the day, upgrade him from instant coffee to a new Nespresso machine. Whether it’s espresso or milk based coffee, the BEC300W will be able to provide that morning or afternoon shot.

Palsonic Wine Bottle Cooler: Moving onto the evening, if your Dad is fond of the odd drop or two, or likes to collect wine but doesn’t have a good place to store it, then the Palsonic PAL42BWF will keep up to 42 bottles at the right temperature for long term storage, and with the see through safety glass door, Dad will be able to look fondly at this wine collection whenever he’s in the mood!

And of course we have a full range of Samsung Digital Still smart cameras as well. How smart? Check out our video below showing the range we carry and a short tutorial on how easy it is to connect online and to compatible smartphones. Hopefully that helps with those last minute gift decisions for Dad. Have a great weekend celebrating Father’s day!

Hands on with the Samsung NX300 Smart Camera

It’s almost second nature for us to share our daily goings-on with our social networks and on blogs. A camera that had the performance and flexibility of a digital SLR with great connectability and eye catching design could add some great flourishes to your status updates. Let’s have a look at the new Samsung NX300 which represents the best of the mirrorless range that is gaining popularity.

The 20.3 megapixel CMOS sensor is a professional class component that helps you create high resolution, lifelike images. The ISO rating up to 25,600 delivers awesome low light moments. With a shutter speed selectable to a super fast 1/6,000 of a second, even fast moving objects will be captured with great precision and clarity.

The shutter speed can be slowed down to 30 seconds for one shot for those long exposure compositions (you’ll definitley need a tripod for those shots!). On the flip side, you can shoot bursts of up to 8.6 frames per second, great for sporting events.

And let’s not forget video – with the NX300 you can record full HD video at 1080p and 50 frames a second, producing content that will look great on your large screen flat panel or to edit and share online.

The retro brown leather look of the body, makes the camera a talking point even before it’s turned on. The brush aluminium design of the top and bottom completes the eye catching design.

On the back there’s a bright AMOLED touchscreen display that flips up ninety degrees and down 45 degrees, giving you great flexibility to frame your shot even in hard to maneuver situations, and can be used in bright, daylight conditions. And being touch screen you have access to all the important commands.

If you’re coming from a DSLR and are more comfortable using physical buttons, then the iFunction toggle on the lens. This is also much more useful when you want to keep your subject in frame and on screen and make adjustments on the fly. By pressing through on the ifunction button, you’ll be able to make the changes and see the difference on the screen, before you take your shot.

Move the dial to wifi, and you’ll be presented with a few different options. If you have a skydrive account, simply click on the cloud icon. It will ask you to connect to a wifi account, and then you enter your skydrive details. All the photos on your camera will sync with your skydrive, allowing you to access them from any other cloud connected device.

You can also upload to facebook, picasa, and videos to your youtube account. Once you enter your account details, you’ll have them there for seamless uploading from then on. You can even email selected photos as well to any person with an email address.

Using the Samsung Smart Camera app onto our compatible iPhone or Android device, allows you to transfer pictures wirelessly to the paired tablet. You can also use the autoshare function to send any photo snapped on the camera directly to your device – so you’ll end up with high quality shots right on your phone. You can then use your tablet/smartphone to edit or simply share your pics on your favourite social networks.

Here’s our video that goes into more depth on the camera features and the connectivity – and right now we’re bundling the NX300 with a Samsung Tab3 7″ tablet at no extra charge so you can get connected and start snapping and sharing right away!

Have a great weekend!

What Is a Chromebook?

If you spend a lot of your time online, then chances are you’re probably doing that via a browser. And when it comes to browsers, there are many options – Microsoft’s Explorer, Apple’s Safari, Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome.

Google’s Chrome Browser has become one of the biggest browsers in the world, with features such as the omnibrowser which allow you to both search and type in URLs in the same area, and Instant which prepares your chosen page for viewing even before you’ve finished typing in the address in the omnibar.

Chrome has evolved into its own operating system, Chrome OS. The Chrome OS is, in simple terms, a computing environment based entirely on the browser environment. It has its own app store and is fully integrated with all of Google’s sign-in services, including Gmail, Calendar, Google plus and Google Drive.

Chromebooks are notebooks that run on the Chrome OS platform. The keyboard is tweaked for shortcuts related to Chrome functions, and it’s an ideal second PC for someone that uses online (and Google services) regularly.

We’re excited to now carry the Samsung Chromebook, with an 11 inch screen, a dual core processor, 2GB RAM and 16GB solid state storage. For connectivity there is a HDMI output, two USBs – one standard and one superspeed, and an SD Card slot. The Chromebook stays connected online via an 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless LAN. The battery will last around 6 hours, and it also has a webcam.

Specs aside, there are quite a few reasons to consider a Chromebook as your backup or second notebook, especially if you are already a google account user.

Inexpensive: Without a doubt, if you compare the price of this to any other notebook in our range, it will come first (or close first) if you sort by price from lowest to highest. And for the screen and keyboard size, it really is money well spent if you are a heavy keyboard pounder while online.

Fast bootup: Despite the price difference, this is one area that Chromebooks can go toe-to-toe with the more heavily featured Ultrabooks, and that is boot up time. Chrome OS is very lean and isn’t much more than launching a more sophisticated version of the browser, albeit with a file management and total PC settings support system. For quick status updates or email checks, the speed is terrific.

Multiple users: You can share your Chromebook with confidence as other users can set up their own profile, or even as a guest, where all their browser history and downloads are deleted at logoff.

Automatic updates: Just like the Chrome Browser, updates are pushed to the Chromebook without the user needing to get involved – no patches or service packs.

Free cloud storage: Using a Chromebook pretty much depends on you using cloud based storage. One benefit is that if you happen to misplace your Chromebook, or a stranger picks it up, there is no locally stores data – you could literally pick up a new Chromebook, sign in and you’d be able to pick up right where you left off. Right now, owning this Chromebook gives you 100GB of Google Drive Storage free, for two years.

Many apps work offline: Even if you are offline and need to work on a document, this is possible with some major apps now available to use offline, including Google Docs, Gmail, calendar, as well as a whole set of third party apps and games, the list of which is growing all the time.

Hopefully this gives you a good overview of the Samsung Chromebook and the Chrome OS.

Have a great weekend!

Bing Lee Alive App July Competition Winner

We’re excited to announce the winner of our July Bing Lee Alive competition!

Joseph Licastro submitted the following entry for the question “where would you most likely use the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, and why?”:

“I would most likely use it at home because it is a moreconvenient way to surf the Internet and it is easy to use, especially when I need to look for something really quick, I don’t have to turn on my big computer, all I would have to do is use my Samsung galaxy tablet”.

Congratulations Joseph, you’ve won a Galaxy Tab2 7.0 Tablet courtesy of Bing Lee. Thanks to all entrants who participated and look out for more competitions on our Bing Lee Alive app soon!

What’s Hot This Week at Bing Lee?

At Bing Lee, it’s never a dull moment – our suppliers are always releasing new products and these last couple of weeks have been no different. So in case you haven’t been to one of our stores or browsed our site lately, here’s a few new products which have just made their way to our shelves, fresh from the manufacturer!

Samsung HWF-450 Sound Bar: We’ll be honest, big screen TVs look great, but if you’ve flicked from the news and weather to an action movie, you’re probably going to want sound with a little more oomph. The latest Sound Bar from Samsung takes all the wiring up hassles away because… well, there are no wires! The main unit connects to your Smart TV or other devices via Bluetooth, and because the Soundbar is designed to sit right underneath the TV there’s no issues with connectivity or signal strength. The Sound Bar then passes the low frequency sound to the wireless subwoofer for a superb rumble to compliment the audio spectrum – matching your immersive image with immersive sound. No wires, all cinema!


Sony SRSBTM8B Wireless Speaker – If you have a phone with NFC (Near Field Communication), then you will want to check out this portable speaker – simply touching the speaker while you have NFC activated on your phone will instantly pair the two devices and provide a bluetooth connection for sharing your music. And if your phone rings while you’re enjoying your playlist? Not to worry, you can actually take and make hands-free calls with the speaker as well. Simply insert 4 AA batteries for 20 hours talk and playing time, and your portable music session is good to go.


Panasonic DMRBWT835GL – you would have heard of Smart TV – how about a Smart Blu-Ray Recorder? Panasonic have snuck everything possible into this sleek looking player. It can play back, Blu Ray discs at Full HD, as well as record and playback Free To Air broadcasts up to Full HD. It comes with a 1TB drive that can hold up to 50, yes FIFTY days of full HD content. Being DLNA capable, it has a pretty special feature that allows it to stream from other devices, as well as share it’s content to your DLNA network. It also comes with ABC iView and Youtube video as well as other live reports of news and weather.


Have a great weekend everyone!

Samsung Series 8 Smart TVs – Your Entertainment Hub

Remember that movie with Tom Cruise called Minority Report? One iconic part of the film was the way Tom Cruise’s character used his hands to swipe the air to get information. At the time, that kind of technology still seemed to be fantastical. As we all know in the world of technology, things have a way of improving and developing at a rapid pace, and today, here we are with Samsung’s latest 8 series TV. In fact calling it a TV probably doesn’t do justice for what it can deliver in terms of content and interaction.

If you’re an avid watcher of free-to-air TV, then you will love the way this TV can help recommend shows that are currently airing on other channels or upcoming shows – and it does this based on learning your TV viewing patterns over time. You can use the TV to simply alert you, or help you set up recording these suggested programs using your own hard drive.

The 8 series takes TV discovery to the next level – you can ask it, with your voice, to help find shows you’re looking for. Whether it’s a genre like cooking or sport, or shows with particular actors, you simply use the Smart Hub remote and speak into it.

So let’s talk about that hand movement thing for a second, because on this TV, it works really well. I’m left handed and it recognised my gestures as easily as it would a right handed person. And you can do a lot with one hand on your Series 8 TV. Swipe between different panels of the TV, select and open apps, even change channels and adjust the volume.

As with all Smart TVs, you really need to have this connected to the internet to get the most out of it. And with Wifi built-in to the TV, it’s very easy to get this connected to your home’s wireless router. Once you have online connectivity, you can load in your Skype, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter passwords and get social from the comfort of your lounge.

Here’s a brief video highlighting some of the “smarts” of the Series 8 Smart TV. Click below for more details and to order online:


Samsung Leading the Way Into the Future

Bing Lee is pleased to offer Australian households a wide range of innovative products from Samsung, globally renowned as a leader in electronics technologies. Established over 70 years ago, Samsung is an award-winning pioneer in electronics innovation and digital solutions for everyday needs. As specialists in designing and engineering quality audiovisual and home appliances, the Samsung brand certainly lives up to its motto of “Inspire the World, Create the Future.”

Community Leaders As Well As Industry Leaders


Over 50,000 Samsung employees across 10 countries work hard every day in researching and developing new technologies. Samsung has a proud history of being at the forefront of electronics, and it’s this dedication that you can trust to ensure the best quality product every time.


Not content with just designing breakthrough appliances, Samsung also makes it a priority to give back to the community. Among the company’s many community-focussed ventures are initiatives to improve social welfare, the environment, and education. So when you buy a Samsung product, you’re not only improving your life with the latest time-and-money saving gadget, you are also improving the lives of many others.

Samsung’s Technology Solutions


  • Enjoy cinema quality viewing with the ultra-thin screens, crisp images and vivid colours of Samsung’s LCD and LED TVs. Some models are HDTV and even 3D capable, giving you the ultimate visual experience.


  • Enhance your television’s capability with an immersive Samsung home theatre system, and the crystal clear viewing pleasure of a DVD / Blu-ray player.


  • Samsung brings you instant accessibility and advanced functionality with its range of PCs, laptops, and notebooks. And let’s not forget the phenomenally successful Galaxy tablet series!


  • Create your own perfect temperature, at any time of day or year, with an energy-efficient Samsung air conditioner that will keep your home’s air filtered, hygienic and fresh.


  • Samsung’s impressive range of washing machines will not only look stylish in your house but will do the job more quickly, effectively, quietly, and by using less water than other brands.


  • Samsung’s dryers have the generous capacity to handle large loads, and use sensor technology to stop the cycle when your clothes are dry, eliminating creases every time.


  • Transform your kitchen from drab to fantastic with Samsung’s top-of-the-range refrigerators, microwaves and dishwashers, featuring life-improving technology such as smart cross-section cooling, sensor cooking and quiet operation.



From televisions to tablets, Samsung holds a unique distinction for consistently delivering first-class electronics solutions across a broad spectrum of product lines. Whether you’re after state-of-the-art home entertainment, rapidly intelligent and portable computing power, or simply a reliable and ultra-modern modern kitchen appliance to make your life easier – at Bing Lee we stock all the Samsung products you’ll ever need.

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