Home Networking Made Easy with Netgear

Have you outgrown your home network?  Think about how many devices you were using 2-3 years ago and how many you are using today.  Today’s digital homes have an average of 10 WiFi devices with multiple family members online at the same time, web surfing, music streaming, watching video, on devices from smartphones and tablets to smart TVs and game consoles.

This can lead to frustration when experiencing slow connection speeds, buffering, gaming lag, poor WiFi range and WiFi dead zones. (Could show shot of buffering on YouTube video or no/1 bar on WiFi signal of tablet/smartphone)

WiFi technology has evolved greatly overly the last few years and a WiFi network today needs to be able to handle all of your mobile and entertainment devices.  Upgrading your network is easy and will allow you to use more devices anywhere in the home, anytime you want.

We’re going to demonstrate how easy it is to upgrade and set up your home wireless network.

Create a futureproof home network by upgrading to the latest in WiFi technology with a NETGEAR next generation Wireless AC product.    You’ll experience greater wireless coverage, faster wireless speeds and the ability to easily connect more devices. All NETGEAR AC products are NBN ready.

Now, upgrading your home network is easy. In just a few simple steps you can easily upgrade your modem router and overcome your network problems. NETGEAR offer simple CD less installation for all their new networking gear.

The first thing you will need is an active internet connection with a service provider. Unbox the router, taking out the main product and the power supply. Then, install your modem or modem router. Today we are using a Netgear D6200. Connect the router to your internet service – You can connect either directly to an ADSL line or to a fibre/cable modem.

Connect the power adapter to the router and plug the power adapter into an outlet. Wait until the Wi-fi LED turns solid blue. Then, connect a computer. You can do this with a cable or connect wirelessly. You would use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer to an Ethernet port on your router, or connect wirelessly by using the preset wireless security settings on the label on your router.

NETGEAR Genie is an easy step by step guide to help you set up your network quickly and correctly. It is your home network dashboard that you can access via computer, Tablet or smartphone.

Genie lets you easily view, manage and control your entire home network, and can also help to fix common network problems should they arise. NETGEAR Genie makes home networking easy. Should you need it, NETGEAR also offer a 24/7 support line to assist you further. Now you’re connected!

By upgrading your wireless home network you will experience faster connection speeds, greater range and improved online experience on all of your connected devices throughout your home.

Futureproof and maximise your wireless network today and upgrade to a NETGEAR AC wireless network.

Come and visit our Bing Lee Networking team to help you get the best out of your wireless network!

WD Mycloud Personal Cloud Storage

Today I’d like to show you a new way to save and organise your digital life plus access your stuff from anywhere on any device. Introducing WD’s newest personal cloud storage offering, MyCloud.

Mycloud gives you complete control over your personal content, allowing you to keep it safe at home, yet always with you. Unlike public cloud solutions that either backup or store your photos, videos and files on a remote server, Mycloud keeps your stuff secure in your home network.

There are no monthly fees and you get terabytes, not just gigabytes of storage. Because 1 terabyte holds up to two hundred thousand photos or a hundred and twenty hours of video, and who can store all that with just gigabytes.

Mycloud also comes loaded with a dual core processor for the performance you need to stream media seamlessly, and transfer files without skipping a beat. It also has a USB three expansion port to add capacity to your personal cloud.

With MyCloud, it’s easier than ever to install and manage your personal cloud storage. To get started, simply plug your MyCloud to your wifi router. Download the My Cloud app and connect to the drive, that’s all you need to do to be up and running in seconds. The WD websitewww.wd.com/setup will walk you through more advanced features via step by step how to tutorials. Here you can also access all the software you need to support your My Cloud.

Once you are set up, it’s a breeze to save your stuff in one central location. Just drag and drop the files that you want to save on your personal cloud using the MyCloud app for your desktop. This app keeps your computer connected to your personal cloud no matter where you are, whether you’re on a mac or a PC. From your app you can easily manage and organise your files and share direct links to specific photos, videos, folders and even presentations via email either as a link to that file or folder or the file itself.

Backing up your data is extremely important. If your computer has issues, you know that the things that are really important to you are safe. Mycloud works seamlessly with your mac or PC computer to save and wirelessly back up your files on your home network.

For PCs, WD’s backup software, WD Smartware Pro, makes it easy to protect your personal content. Simply select the files you want to back up Select your Mycloud to back everything up to, and choose your backup schedule. It’s really that easy.

With the Mycloud dashboard you have a clear view of your drive’s status at anytime. You can also share your photos, videos and documents with family and friends, and customise how these users access your drive, so they only see the shared folders you want them to see.

Being able to access and see what important to you when you’re at home is ordinary. Being able to access and share those memories anywhere in the world is extraordinary. With WD’s free Mycloud apps, all your personal content on your drive is available to you on your smartphone or tablet wherever you are.

Once the Mycloud app installed on any iOS, Android or windows phone device, you can view your folders, share your photos with friends, watch a movie on your ipad, and stream your music library. If you’re going on a trip or even getting on an airplane, you can download files directly to your phone or tablet and watch them when you’re not connected.

Most of us take tons of video and photos on our smartphones and tablets which takes up a lot of memory on your mobile device. With the Mycloud app you can instantly free up space on your phone by directly uploading photos and videos directly to your drive at home.

If you’re a dropbox, sky drive or google drive user, you can access your account within the mycloud mobile app and share files between your cloud service and your own personal cloud. There’s no need to pay extra fees for more capacity. Get the most out of your public cloud and your personal cloud all on one device. Mycloud also works with other public clouds including google drive and skydrive.

There you have it, WD’s Mycloud is the newest personal cloud storage solution that keeps your media safe on your home network so you can access it anywhere on any device. You can protect your content with automatic file back up and free up space on your tablets and smartphones with the direct upload feature. Setup is as easy as 1-2-3

So come on in to your nearest Bing Lee store or purchase online right now.

Xmas Gift Ideas

At Bing Lee, we have a huge range of items that could fit very snugly in a Xmas stocking or wrapping paper, across a wide variety of product groups. Here are some of the products that could tick the box for one (or many) of your friends and family.

Tablets are the perfectly-sized windows into a world of entertainment, social networking, reading and browsing. Here we’ve chosen two great small sized tablet you can use in bed, on the train or on the couch in the lounge room.

The best features of Google’s tablet platform come together in the Nexus 7, a lightweight, high definition tablet that is perfect for a spot of gaming, browsing the internet, watching TV and movie content or just updating Facebook. So small it can fit in the smallest of handbags, its bright screen is perfect for catching up on a couple of chapters on an ebook or watching a viral YouTube clip.

If you want more functionality out of your tablet then the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will suit your busy and productive life. It comes with an S-Pen, which allows you to use the tablet as a doodler, photo editor and even recognises your handwriting so you can convert your notes into text that you can then save or send on to others. It also comes with a Micro SD card slot for extra storage capacity.

Taking photos and videos of every moment of your life is now almost second nature. We’ve got a great range of compact, DSLR and high zoom cameras for any budget and shooting need. Here’s a couple of great cameras to fill that empty stocking.

The Panasonic Lumix Compact camera has all the features needed to take great shots and fit in your pocket. With a 25mm wide angle lens you can get all the family (and extended family) into your obligatory group shot, and with built-in wifi connectivity you can instantly share your shots and use your smartphone as a remote viewfinder when you want everyone, including yourself, in the shot!

The toy for the boy who already has a big boy’s toy – a Go Pro action camera that can be mounted* on pretty much anything that moves for dramatic capture of speed, slides, flying, stunts – or even strap it to your dog and throw a stick. Relive everything from your point of view, and because it records in full HD, you can play it back on your big screen TV in lifelike detail. *Wide range of mounting accessories available separately.

With all the cooking programs and books on home cooking all the rage, there’s nothing worse than not having the right equipment to make that perfect dish. Buy your loved one a great new cooking tool and inspire them to be the next world class chef!

The Breville Power Blender has 5 speed settings and can crush ice to make great smoothies, cocktails and juices. The glass jug has a large 1.5L capacity so you can serve the whole family at once. The Power Blender is great for creating healthy shakes to refresh the team after a big game, or unwind with friends and concoct your own “evening” drinks! This blender has versatility for all occasions.

When you’re planning to cook a big winter meal, the first thing you’ll be reaching for is your mixer. The professional stick mixer from Electrolux uses a triple blade for quick and consistent mixing. Adjust the mixing speed and keep track of how fast it’s spinning with the blue LED indicator. The anti-splash design let’s you use the mixer directly in the pot, cutting cleaning and preparation time.

Xmas is a great time to upgrade to a bigger, smarter TV. We are giving away an awesome popcorn making machine with every TV over $1,000. Nothing better than a movie, friends and family and hot buttered popcorn within arm’s length!

When it comes to bigger and smarter, the Samsung UA60ES6500 ticks all the boxes. It’s a huge 60 inches for BIG screen entertainment, with 3D for maximum “in-your-face” action experience and Smart Hub for internet connectivity. It’s full HD for great playback of your Blu Ray collection, and wireless internet so you don’t have to worry about cables or adapters to hook into your network.

If you’re looking for something a little smaller for a bedroom or rumpus room, then the LG 42” television could be a great stocking filler – if your stocking is a metre wide! Now this is a cool TV, with a browser, wireless connectivity, USB recording to a hard drive so you can record programs for the kids or for yourself, and plenty of HDMI inputs for gaming consoles and media players.

With hundreds of other Xmas gift ideas in our stores and online, you’re sure to find something for your friends and family. Here’s a couple of other electronic products that could just be the perfect present for someone close to you!

This high flying quadcopter is controlled by an iOS or Android device. Capture your drone’s flight with the built-in 720p video camera, and control your flight by viewing the drone’s camera through your compatible smartphone or tablet. Learn some great in-air aerobatics and even race or dogfight against another drone. Use one of the many official drone apps to experience the thrill of flying.

This TRIPLE handset from Uniden that comes packed with features that are convenient and focused on safety. Having triple handsets means that no matter where you are in the house, you will be within a few steps of one of the handsets at any time for quick pickups. You can even transfer the call to different handsets so far away family members can have private chats with each of your family members.

Hopefully some of the Xmas ideas above help you solve some of your gift buying dilemmas. Happy shopping!

Samsung Smart Camera Range

The Samsung range of smart cameras have plenty of features to help you take great pictures and easily share them with friends and your social networks. Let’s check out the range and how each model offers different features to suit various uses.

The DV150F is a great camera for selfies. You can frame yourself and anyone else in your shot easily with the innovative 38 millimeter front LCD. No more guesswork when it comes to self portraits – get the right angle and expression captured perfectly on the 16 megapixel sensor with 5 times optical zoom and 25mm wide angle lens. In fact, you can make it fun with children mode to keep kids still, a visual countdown for your group and jump shot that takes shots in rapid succession to create gifs.

The next one is the WB30F, which also has a 16.2 megapixel lens and doubles to a 10 times optical zoom, which is great for getting up close to the action. For a camera this size and weight, it has a huge 3 inch screen on the back for previewing and then reviewing your compositions.

Then we step up to the WB250, with a 14.2 megapixel CMOS sensor for detailed images, an incredible 18 times optical zoom for really close up shots and optical image stabiliser to keep your pic blur free even when you are zooming right in. The touch screen on the 3 inch LCD makes it easy to move around the menu to adjust your photo options.

The WB800 takes photo capturing to another level for compact cameras with a 21 times zoom and 16.2 megapixel sensor. There are a huge amount of effects, filters, video recording and editing functions on the cameras themselves, so you can start making changes to your image as soon as you’ve captured it.

And of course the Samsung Galaxy Camera takes the main features of the WB800, has the Android Jelly Bean operating system built in, along with 3G mobile capability and a 4.8 inch touch screen, it’s the ultimate Smart Camera with access to all the photo apps that are available on Android as well as its own set of great editing tools – for both photo and video.

But now we come to the really interesting part – each one of these cameras is also a smart camera, with powerful wireless functionality built into each model. Let’s use the WB250 as the example of some of these great features.

First, none of us want to lose our precious memories, so wouldn’t it be great if we could easily back up all the photos we’ve taken on our phone. With all of these models, you can. Just move the dial to wifi, and you’ll be presented with a few different options. If you have a skydrive account, simply click on the cloud icon. It will ask you to connect to a wifi account, and then you enter your skydrive details. All the photos on your camera will sync with your skydrive, allowing you to access them from any other cloud connected device.

You can also upload to facebook, picasa, and videos to your youtube account. Once you enter your account details, you’ll have them there for seamless uploading from then on. You can even email selected photos as well to any person with an email address.

So that’s if you’re in an area with a wireless network. What if you’re out and about, snapping shots with friends at a party or on a road trip and want to share your every moment?

First of all we need to download the Samsung Smart Camera app onto our compatibleiPhone or Android smartphone. Activate the app and it will say to start the wi-fi feature on the camera. So we’ll turn the dial to the wi-fi selection and press mobile link. Pressing the direct link button does the same thing. For this we’ll select transfer photos from camera, and now the ID of the camera appears on the smartphone. You can now transfer pictures to the paired smartphone – no physical SD card needed, or any other wired connection.

Taking that concept one step further, you can then press the autoshare symbol that’s on the screen. Now that you have already paired with the camera, it will switch functions and now send any photo snapped on the camera directly to the smartphone – so you’ll end up with high quality shots right on your phone. You can then use your phone to edit or simply share your pics on your favourite social networks.

So there you go – great picture quality, awesome stand out features on each model and the easiest way to connect to friends, phones and your greater social network. That’s Samsung’s Smart Camera Range.

So come on in to your nearest Bing Lee store, or purchase online right now!

Netgear R6300 Wi-Fi Router

If you own a tablet, smartphone or notebook, then you probably rely on a wireless network to use your mobile device online while at home. And if you have a family or live with friends then chances are that there will be lots of devices wanting to connect to your network.

The new R6300 Wi-Fi Router is aimed at making it easy for you, your family and your guests to connect their devices to your network to consume content, wirelessly print and at all times be secure.

This router is one of the very first routers to feature the brand new ‘AC’ standard, offering gigabit wireless transfer speeds. Devices that support the AC standard will begin to appear later this year, so it’s a great future proofing investment if you’re looking to upgrade your current router. The AC standard builds on the 5GHz band of the N wireless standard, and being a dual band router, the R6300 will be backward compatible with all your current wireless devices.

It used to be a real hassle to set up a router and make it secure from the moment you connect it. However this router comes preconfigured with an easily identifiable router name and password so you can connect your modem and have a secure wireless connection straight out of the box.

The WPS, or ‘push n connect’ feature lets you connect to any WPS capable device, for a quick and easy set up. At the same time if you have guests using your network, you can restrict them to just internet and prohibit access to your network drives and files.

Then there’s the Genie app, that gives you control over the router via your tablet, smartphone or notebook – no disc required. The Genie app helps you monitor usage, repair connection issues and control the router for password administration, router naming and other maintenance tasks.

The R6300 has two USB ports, which are powerful wireless tools in themselves. Plug in a hard drive storage device and that drive will be accessible through any other device connected to the network. If that content is music, video or photos, then you’ll be able to stream it to any DLNA device on your network. Plug a printer into the other USB port and that printer will be converted into a wireless printer for use with any computer on the network. The printer then also becomes an Airprint printer for use with iPhones and iPads.

Combining the Genie app with the DLNA functionality makes content sharing very easy. While on your smartphone use the Genie app to find content on your DLNA network, and then send that content from the hard drive to your DLNA Smart TV. All from the comfort of your couch.

The R6300 from Netgear does more than just connect you wirelessly to the internet – it takes wireless networking to a faster, smarter and more secure level, all the while preparing you for the next generation of wireless connectivity.

So come on in to your nearest Bing Lee store or purchase online right now.

Trend Micro Maximum Protection

Online security has never been more important, given the amount of time we spend on not just our computers, but also our smartphones and tablets. After all, the three things we’re doing online the most these days are browsing the internet, reading and writing emails, and connecting with our friends and family through social networks. With Trend Micro’s Maximum security, you’ll be protecting yourself on multiple platforms and devices.

Maximum Security provides a license for up to 5 devices, across Windows, including Windows 8 PCs and tablets, Macs and Android tablets and smartphones. You can assign the licenses according to the devices you have in any combination.

So let’s check out some of the powerful features that Maximum Security provides.

AntiVirus is still the most important aspect of any security package, and Trend Micro’s Titanium console gives you the control and reports in an easy to read format. You can run instant anti-virus scans, see how secure your PC is right now, and see reports on what viruses have been stopped in their track and whether they were web-based or localised viruses and spyware.

Now, the social network protection is invaluable now that we spend so much time on Facebook and Twitter. How do you know what links are safe to click on, especially if it looks like an interesting link and your friend has shared it with you?

Titanium scans your facebook wall or twitter feed, and provides a guide for what links are safe to visit. Green means safe, those that might be unsafe are highlighted in red. You can also then warn your friend that their link is potentially malicious to give them the chance to take it off their wall, and therefore off all their friends feeds.

If you have an expanded online social life, you’ll be glad to know that this feature also extends across Google plus. linkedin, pinterest and myspace amongst others.

Navigating privacy controls in Facebook can be a little daunting as well. Titanium Maximum protection helps you set your privacy controls to the level you want, and even makes suggestions on what to change to optimise your privacy level. We’ve all accepted friend’s requests to play games and join other apps on Facebook, and Trend Micro helps you control what apps have access to your private information.

Maximum Security is also working hard in the background to ensure your online and email activity is protected as well, by blocking unsafe web pages, blocking links and attachments in emails, and letting you know what web pages might be unsafe.

Trend Micro also offers a raft of other features, like parental control, remote data locking, 10 gigabytes of secure online storage, and secure erase that doesn’t just deletes a file but wipes it completely from the directory of a PC.

As you can see, with Trend Micro’s Maximum Security, you can be safe in the knowledge that your browsing, emails and social networking will be protected and secure.

So come on in to your nearest Bing Lee store, or purchase online right now.

Hands on with the Samsung NX300 Smart Camera

It’s almost second nature for us to share our daily goings-on with our social networks and on blogs. A camera that had the performance and flexibility of a digital SLR with great connectability and eye catching design could add some great flourishes to your status updates. Let’s have a look at the new Samsung NX300 which represents the best of the mirrorless range that is gaining popularity.

The 20.3 megapixel CMOS sensor is a professional class component that helps you create high resolution, lifelike images. The ISO rating up to 25,600 delivers awesome low light moments. With a shutter speed selectable to a super fast 1/6,000 of a second, even fast moving objects will be captured with great precision and clarity.

The shutter speed can be slowed down to 30 seconds for one shot for those long exposure compositions (you’ll definitley need a tripod for those shots!). On the flip side, you can shoot bursts of up to 8.6 frames per second, great for sporting events.

And let’s not forget video – with the NX300 you can record full HD video at 1080p and 50 frames a second, producing content that will look great on your large screen flat panel or to edit and share online.

The retro brown leather look of the body, makes the camera a talking point even before it’s turned on. The brush aluminium design of the top and bottom completes the eye catching design.

On the back there’s a bright AMOLED touchscreen display that flips up ninety degrees and down 45 degrees, giving you great flexibility to frame your shot even in hard to maneuver situations, and can be used in bright, daylight conditions. And being touch screen you have access to all the important commands.

If you’re coming from a DSLR and are more comfortable using physical buttons, then the iFunction toggle on the lens. This is also much more useful when you want to keep your subject in frame and on screen and make adjustments on the fly. By pressing through on the ifunction button, you’ll be able to make the changes and see the difference on the screen, before you take your shot.

Move the dial to wifi, and you’ll be presented with a few different options. If you have a skydrive account, simply click on the cloud icon. It will ask you to connect to a wifi account, and then you enter your skydrive details. All the photos on your camera will sync with your skydrive, allowing you to access them from any other cloud connected device.

You can also upload to facebook, picasa, and videos to your youtube account. Once you enter your account details, you’ll have them there for seamless uploading from then on. You can even email selected photos as well to any person with an email address.

Using the Samsung Smart Camera app onto our compatible iPhone or Android device, allows you to transfer pictures wirelessly to the paired tablet. You can also use the autoshare function to send any photo snapped on the camera directly to your device – so you’ll end up with high quality shots right on your phone. You can then use your tablet/smartphone to edit or simply share your pics on your favourite social networks.

Here’s our video that goes into more depth on the camera features and the connectivity – and right now we’re bundling the NX300 with a Samsung Tab3 7″ tablet at no extra charge so you can get connected and start snapping and sharing right away!

Have a great weekend!

Samsung Series 8 Smart TVs – Your Entertainment Hub

Remember that movie with Tom Cruise called Minority Report? One iconic part of the film was the way Tom Cruise’s character used his hands to swipe the air to get information. At the time, that kind of technology still seemed to be fantastical. As we all know in the world of technology, things have a way of improving and developing at a rapid pace, and today, here we are with Samsung’s latest 8 series TV. In fact calling it a TV probably doesn’t do justice for what it can deliver in terms of content and interaction.

If you’re an avid watcher of free-to-air TV, then you will love the way this TV can help recommend shows that are currently airing on other channels or upcoming shows – and it does this based on learning your TV viewing patterns over time. You can use the TV to simply alert you, or help you set up recording these suggested programs using your own hard drive.

The 8 series takes TV discovery to the next level – you can ask it, with your voice, to help find shows you’re looking for. Whether it’s a genre like cooking or sport, or shows with particular actors, you simply use the Smart Hub remote and speak into it.

So let’s talk about that hand movement thing for a second, because on this TV, it works really well. I’m left handed and it recognised my gestures as easily as it would a right handed person. And you can do a lot with one hand on your Series 8 TV. Swipe between different panels of the TV, select and open apps, even change channels and adjust the volume.

As with all Smart TVs, you really need to have this connected to the internet to get the most out of it. And with Wifi built-in to the TV, it’s very easy to get this connected to your home’s wireless router. Once you have online connectivity, you can load in your Skype, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter passwords and get social from the comfort of your lounge.

Here’s a brief video highlighting some of the “smarts” of the Series 8 Smart TV. Click below for more details and to order online:


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