What’s Hot This Week at Bing Lee?

At Bing Lee, it’s never a dull moment – our suppliers are always releasing new products and these last couple of weeks have been no different. So in case you haven’t been to one of our stores or browsed our site lately, here’s a few new products which have just made their way to our shelves, fresh from the manufacturer!

Samsung HWF-450 Sound Bar: We’ll be honest, big screen TVs look great, but if you’ve flicked from the news and weather to an action movie, you’re probably going to want sound with a little more oomph. The latest Sound Bar from Samsung takes all the wiring up hassles away because… well, there are no wires! The main unit connects to your Smart TV or other devices via Bluetooth, and because the Soundbar is designed to sit right underneath the TV there’s no issues with connectivity or signal strength. The Sound Bar then passes the low frequency sound to the wireless subwoofer for a superb rumble to compliment the audio spectrum – matching your immersive image with immersive sound. No wires, all cinema!


Sony SRSBTM8B Wireless Speaker – If you have a phone with NFC (Near Field Communication), then you will want to check out this portable speaker – simply touching the speaker while you have NFC activated on your phone will instantly pair the two devices and provide a bluetooth connection for sharing your music. And if your phone rings while you’re enjoying your playlist? Not to worry, you can actually take and make hands-free calls with the speaker as well. Simply insert 4 AA batteries for 20 hours talk and playing time, and your portable music session is good to go.


Panasonic DMRBWT835GL – you would have heard of Smart TV – how about a Smart Blu-Ray Recorder? Panasonic have snuck everything possible into this sleek looking player. It can play back, Blu Ray discs at Full HD, as well as record and playback Free To Air broadcasts up to Full HD. It comes with a 1TB drive that can hold up to 50, yes FIFTY days of full HD content. Being DLNA capable, it has a pretty special feature that allows it to stream from other devices, as well as share it’s content to your DLNA network. It also comes with ABC iView and Youtube video as well as other live reports of news and weather.


Have a great weekend everyone!

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