Dyson Delivers Revolutionary Convenience

If you want an example of space-age technology being used in even the most mundane applications, you couldn’t do better than Dyson. Company founder James Dyson realised the limitations of conventional vacuum cleaners in 1978. After just a few minutes, the vacuum would rapidly lose suction power. That marked the beginning of a five year journey that would lead to the development of the world’s first cyclonic vacuum cleaner. The centrifugal force inside a Dyson vacuum can reach 100,000 G, or 100,000 times the force of Earth’s gravity. A later innovative development was the Dyson Air Multiplier, which allows air to be circulated inside the vacuum without the need for blades. Each and every year, Dyson improves its designs and looks for new ways to raise the quality of its products to never before seen levels. Ultimately, Dyson doesn’t manufacture products. It creates breakthroughs.

Revolutionary Products

In the span of less than a decade, Dyson changed the way the world looks at vacuum cleaners, fans, and washing machines. Designs that had been in use for well over a century were suddenly seen as inadequate and out-of-date and new designs came into existence that were truly revolutionary. Dyson continues to make use of brilliant researchers throughout the world to create solutions to problems that many weren’t even aware existed. Dyson is a symbol of a new age of technological innovation, a true brand of the future.

Promoting Cleaner, Healthier Homes

Dyson products are all about improving your quality of life. When you use Dyson products, you can enjoy a cleaner home, cleaner clothes, and even cleaner air. Allergy sufferers can finally find relief thanks to the innovative technologies introduced by Dyson. Since the introduction of bagless vacuum technology, vacuum manufacturers around the world have improved their designs to be functional, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient. Today, nearly every modern vacuum on the market utilises some variant of cyclone or air multiplication technology.

Comfort and Style

Dyson fans offer an attractive addition to any contemporary room and can provide cool, clean air without the noise associated with blade fans. All Dyson products are made with your comfort in mind. When you choose Dyson, you are choosing a cleaner, quieter environment that the whole family can enjoy.

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