Winter Guide to Heating

If you’re starting to feel like the doona is the best place to be when you really should be getting up to face the day, then it could be time to look for a heating solution for both those cold mornings, and the wintry nights.

There’s actually a lot of choice when it comes to heating, so here are a few tips:

Split system air conditioning: If you’ve decided to invest in a split system cooling air conditioner and are waiting for the summer to roll around, now might be the time. Reverse Cycle Air conditioners are slightly more in price than cooling only, but they do have the added benefit of heating large areas with the same kind of air reach that they do when pushing cool air around the room. This keeps hot and heated objects away from the floor if you’re worried about accidental collisions with temporary heaters.

Fans: If you have a smaller area and you do want to heat it up quickly, the Dyson Hot And Cool is kind of in a category all its own. It contains no external blades, so children and pets can literally stick their head into the fan with no issues. It also contains a shutoff if the unit ends up on its side. Definitely one to consider for dressing in the cold early morning!

Gas Heaters: If you have Gas connected to your house, investing in a gas heaters will convert your cold open area into a warm sanctuary. Gas heaters can quickly, effectively and efficiently heat large and open-plan areas. This is because Gas heaters are more energy efficient because they provide high heat output in relation to the energy used to generate that heat.

Oil Heaters: If you don’t have gas in your house, then an oil heater for single room heating may be your next best option. Although oil heater do take a while to heat the room, it does keep the room toasty once you get to a selected level. A lot of them have timers so you can have them turn on and off at regular times of the day, and water containers to keep the air from drying out – especially important in sleeping quarters.

Radiant heaters: These heaters are most effective at warming up a person than a room, so you do have to be in fairly close proximity to the radiant heater for it to deliver warmth. The air itself does not heat up, just the area directly in the radiant heaters’ perimeter.

Electric Blankets: We just had to mention these, because (speaking from experience) there is nothing like climbing into a prewarmed bed on an icy night. Electric blankets have expanded from the tie-down models to heated throws, that you can snuggle into while still on the lounge watching TV – or even deliver symptomatic relief for a sick member of the family. Hey, they even look nice with a variety of patterns so you’ll be cosy and trendy at the same time!

There are plenty of heating options available – just come in to see one of our staff at our store locations, have a chat to our online staff or simply browse our website catalogue for our full range.

Have a great weekend! 

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