New Dyson Vacuum Range is Launched!

Today, Dyson are releasing two new floor care products into the marketplace, and Bing Lee are excited to show them off to you in store and online.

By now we would have all heard about Dyson and the way that name has become synonymous with high quality floor care products. Who would’ve thought that a vacuum cleaner could be so full of technology and design? Well, Dyson are taking the concept of floor care to the next level with the new DC54.

With the introduction of the DC54, Dyson once again redefines the term “no loss of suction”. It’s called the Dyson Cinetic, and it doesn’t use any filters. No filter cleaning means no loss of suction, ever. All you do is dump the dirt and dust after doing your floor cleaning. It means no maintenance whatsoever outside of simply opening the bin latch. Other than that, you’ve got the only Vacuum in the world that will never, ever lose suction.

How is this possible? Well, this new Dyson, called the DC54, uses very small cyclones. The smaller the cyclones, the faster the air spins inside the Cinetic system, and the better the dirt and dust separation. There are 54 cyclones working at once to make this work.


But if they are that small, how do they stay unblocked? Here’s another key breakthrough that the Dyson team have delivered – each cyclone has a flexible tip that keeps oscillating, similar to a sifter that moves slightly to nudge fine particles. The dust never gets trapped and all the dirt and dust gets sent in to the dust bin for easy release.

And of course the now-famous Ball technology is as much a part of the DC54 design as the reinvented cyclone system. The Dyson Ball, as it is called, contains the motor, the entire power cable when it’s retracted, and two wheels carved out of the spherical design.

Here’s our video on the DC54:

The other new product launched today is the DC59 Digital Slim, powered by the Dyson digital motor V6. This 350W motor, 2 Tier Radial cyclones and a re-engineered nickel manganese cobalt battery combine to provide powerful suction. The latest motor head with carbon fibre filaments aids in achieving high dust removal.

The DC59 battery lasts up to an incredible 20 minutes, so you could conceivably run around a large portion of your home for a quick clean without dragging your main vacuum out for the task.

Together these four technologies enable DC59 to remove as much dust as a corded machine.  

Like its predecessor the new Dyson digital slim is lightweight. It is designed with the motor in the handle so it’s easy to use up top – cleaning ceilings and other hard to reach places – as well cleaning across all floor surfaces.

Dyson engineers used Archimedes’ simple, but brilliant lever principle to perfect the balance in hand. So it’s just as easy to clean cobwebs from ceiling corners, as it is to clean crumbs from the floor.

The DC59 is a portable, but incredibly powerful vacuum cleaner that means cleaning up those in-between messes is now quick and easy…so easy and so powerful in fact you may find yourself quickly zipping through the entire house regularly…just because you can.

Here’s our video on the new DC54. Have a great week!

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