New Products And A New Store for Bing Lee

The great thing about retail is there’s always new products released into the market. New tablets, pick up and go blenders, and sound bars to name a few, as we’ve seen lately! This week we’ll have a look at a few more products that have just arrived into our stores – as well as a… well, new store!

Samsung Curved OLED

Samsung Curved OLED: This new TV is a gimpse into the future of television screens. Available at the moment at the Alexandria store and due into more selected stores in the next few weeks, the Curved OLED represents the next leap in viewing technology. The self emitting diodes deliver the same intensity of LED panels, but because they are individual lights, blacks are the same as plasmas – so the total results is the richest colours you have ever seen on a screen.

The curved display is designed to immerse you in the content. The vision envelopes you so you feel almost part of the action, whether it’s sport or dramatic cinema. And even when the TV is turned off, it’s going to take the breath away from anyone that visits you. Style, bleeding edge technology and the best conversation piece in the street awaits you with Samsung’s curved OLED.


Yamaha Musical Instruments

Music: If you’re a regular customer of Bing Lee (and thank you if you are!) then you might have bought an audio system to play music, a tablet to watch music videos or a home theatre to bring concert DVDs alive. Now, you have the opportunity to create the music, with the introduction of music equipment in selected stores – Online, Alexandria, Balgowlah, Bankstown, Casula, Old Guildford, Penrith, Prospect and Rhodes stores.

Whether you want to try serenading your loved one with the pluck of a guitar string or the tinkle of piano keys, or want to raise the roof with a rock-out with your mates, we have a range of selected musical instruments right here. With an electric guitar and amp pack, an acoustic guitar, two keyboards and an electronic drum kit, there’s enough gear to transform your whole family into the next Partridge family. If that’s your thing.


New Google Tablet

Nexus 7 (2013): Nexus is the name of the Google branded tablet and phone range. We’ve just received our first shipment of both the Wi-fi and 4G versions of the new Nexus 7, no name change but it’s the 2013 version. And it is a stunner: a 1,920 x 1200 screen on a bright, richly coloured 7” screen, you cannot discern pixels – it’s simply one of the best displays ever on a mini tablet.

Full support from Google means the latest updates to the operating system before any other manufacturer. You just have to try a full HD video to see how good this screen is. It comes pre-loaded with all the Google Services like Drive, Music, Books, Movies and Earth. Of course hundreds of thousands of apps are available from the Google Play store as well. Check one out online or instore today.


… And a new store for Bing Lee!

And last but not least, the latest addition to Bing Lee is not a product but a new destination to showcase all these products. We’ve opened a new store in Balgowlah, with our usual great range of products across TVs, computers, fridges, floorcare, cooking, laundry and more. It’s been fitted out with Small Appliances, IT and AV products on the top levels, and whitegoods, floorcare, fitness and cooking on the ground level. Come visit our friendly staff at the Balgowlah store now.

Have a great week!

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