What’s Hot This Week at Bing Lee?

Happy Friday to all our online visitors! Today we’re going to have a quick look at some of the brand new products that have just arrived in our stores across computers, home theatre and food preparation.

Toshiba P70 Notebook: If you’re looking for an absolute workhorse to replace your current desktop, then look no further! This 17.3” notebook features a fourth generation quad-core processor for extra grunt. The gigabit ethernet connection means the fastest fixed line internet connection and super fast wireless connectivity if you need to move it around the house.

The 2GB graphics card provides clear, jutter-free video entertainment when the lights go down, and impressive response to video and photo editing. The massive 1 terabyte hard drive will hold huge amounts of documents, music, photos and videos.


Yamaha YHT-799AU Home Theatre System: Speaking of connectivity, even home theatre systems are becoming smarter and more feature rich as well. The latest Home Theatre system from Yamaha features 5 x 115W speakers including two impressive tall boy speakers to immerse you in the cinematic action in your home.

The real smarts are in the receiver, with fixed ethernet connection to provide airplay for your Apple iDevices – imagine music coming from your iPhone thumping it’s way into the lounge room! It also has a large range of internet radio stations to choose from, and if you’re a Pandora music streaming user, you’ll be able to login via the receiver on-screen display and enjoy tailored playlists.

There’s some great future proofing here as well, with 4K pass through for latest Ultra High Definition content. 5 HDMI inputs and one output means you can use this as your home entertainment hub.

Electrolux Professional Stick Mixer: When you’re planning to cook a big winter meal, the first thing you’ll be reaching for is your mixer. The professional stick mixer from Electrolux, available now at Bing Lee, uses a triple blade for quick mixing and consistent results.

You can adjust the mixing speed and keep track of how fast it’s spinning with the handle’s blue LED indicator. The powerful 700W motor with turbo function creates a powerful vortex, sucking the ingredients in your container onto the blades, ensuring all the components are mixed evenly.

This stick mixer also comes with a double whisk attachment for fluffy, light textures. Plus, why use more mixing bowls than necessary? The anti-splash design means you can use the mixer directly in the pot, which reduces cleaning and preparation time.

Have a great weekend and look out for some great deals on the Clickfrenzy event next Tuesday!

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