Bing Lee Wins at Online Awards Event

This year, Bing Lee were the proud recipients of the award for Best Site Optimisation and Design at the recent ORIA event. This is very a humbling and exciting recognition from ORIA, which is the only awards event to recognise achievements in the e-commerce retailing segment.

As the recognised leader in design and optimisation, we are continually trying to make your online experience more enjoyable – and winning the award does not mean we’ll be sitting on our laurels to keep our site at the top of the pack.

So what does mean to you as a visitor to the Bing Lee site? Here are some of the highlights of our optimised site that hopefully will keep you coming back to us just as you might visit one of our local stores:

  • Site speed: whenever you click onto a product or other page on our site, we are dedicated to making sure that page loads up fast to deliver the information you’re looking for quicker.

  • Recommendations – as you visit the site, we’ll pick up what products you’ve been browsing and supply suggestions based on your browsing history. Hopefully you’ll see something that piques your interest!

  • Live chat: There’s nothing like being able to speak to a real person when you’re shopping, even when it’s online. Our live chat crew are based here at head office and are ready to take your inquiry.

  • User reviews: We’d love to hear what you think of the products we carry. Post your comments and share your thoughts on the latest appliance you purchased from us.

  • Filters: On the left hand side of the page, you’ll see many subcategories that help you focus your search down to a smaller subset of products. We want to help you find that product you’re looking for with minimal fuss and clicking.

  • Free delivery: We offer free delivery on a wide range of products when purchased online. Just check for the “free shipping” tag on products to see if your product qualifies.

  • We have regular sales and four day “Awesome Foursome” is being becoming quite the industry event. Sign up to our subscriber list for access to these regular promotions.

  • Product comparisons: If you want to see the difference between two or more products, just add a product to your comparison list. You can then see all the selected products and easily see the differences between the products you’re considering.

  • Product videos: We have a very active YouTube channel and we embed all our product and tutorial videos onto the related product pages. See how a products looks and what it can do before making your final buying decision.

As you can see, visiting the Bing Lee website is full of information and the little details that help make your online shopping experience more memorable and easier. Just like our stores located throughout New South Wales, we hope you come back to our online site again and again when you need help with your next appliance or electronics purchase.


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