Trend Micro Maximum Protection

Online security has never been more important, given the amount of time we spend on not just our computers, but also our smartphones and tablets. After all, the three things we’re doing online the most these days are browsing the internet, reading and writing emails, and connecting with our friends and family through social networks. With Trend Micro’s Maximum security, you’ll be protecting yourself on multiple platforms and devices.

Maximum Security provides a license for up to 5 devices, across Windows, including Windows 8 PCs and tablets, Macs and Android tablets and smartphones. You can assign the licenses according to the devices you have in any combination.

So let’s check out some of the powerful features that Maximum Security provides.

AntiVirus is still the most important aspect of any security package, and Trend Micro’s Titanium console gives you the control and reports in an easy to read format. You can run instant anti-virus scans, see how secure your PC is right now, and see reports on what viruses have been stopped in their track and whether they were web-based or localised viruses and spyware.

Now, the social network protection is invaluable now that we spend so much time on Facebook and Twitter. How do you know what links are safe to click on, especially if it looks like an interesting link and your friend has shared it with you?

Titanium scans your facebook wall or twitter feed, and provides a guide for what links are safe to visit. Green means safe, those that might be unsafe are highlighted in red. You can also then warn your friend that their link is potentially malicious to give them the chance to take it off their wall, and therefore off all their friends feeds.

If you have an expanded online social life, you’ll be glad to know that this feature also extends across Google plus. linkedin, pinterest and myspace amongst others.

Navigating privacy controls in Facebook can be a little daunting as well. Titanium Maximum protection helps you set your privacy controls to the level you want, and even makes suggestions on what to change to optimise your privacy level. We’ve all accepted friend’s requests to play games and join other apps on Facebook, and Trend Micro helps you control what apps have access to your private information.

Maximum Security is also working hard in the background to ensure your online and email activity is protected as well, by blocking unsafe web pages, blocking links and attachments in emails, and letting you know what web pages might be unsafe.

Trend Micro also offers a raft of other features, like parental control, remote data locking, 10 gigabytes of secure online storage, and secure erase that doesn’t just deletes a file but wipes it completely from the directory of a PC.

As you can see, with Trend Micro’s Maximum Security, you can be safe in the knowledge that your browsing, emails and social networking will be protected and secure.

So come on in to your nearest Bing Lee store, or purchase online right now.

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