Netgear R6300 Wi-Fi Router

If you own a tablet, smartphone or notebook, then you probably rely on a wireless network to use your mobile device online while at home. And if you have a family or live with friends then chances are that there will be lots of devices wanting to connect to your network.

The new R6300 Wi-Fi Router is aimed at making it easy for you, your family and your guests to connect their devices to your network to consume content, wirelessly print and at all times be secure.

This router is one of the very first routers to feature the brand new ‘AC’ standard, offering gigabit wireless transfer speeds. Devices that support the AC standard will begin to appear later this year, so it’s a great future proofing investment if you’re looking to upgrade your current router. The AC standard builds on the 5GHz band of the N wireless standard, and being a dual band router, the R6300 will be backward compatible with all your current wireless devices.

It used to be a real hassle to set up a router and make it secure from the moment you connect it. However this router comes preconfigured with an easily identifiable router name and password so you can connect your modem and have a secure wireless connection straight out of the box.

The WPS, or ‘push n connect’ feature lets you connect to any WPS capable device, for a quick and easy set up. At the same time if you have guests using your network, you can restrict them to just internet and prohibit access to your network drives and files.

Then there’s the Genie app, that gives you control over the router via your tablet, smartphone or notebook – no disc required. The Genie app helps you monitor usage, repair connection issues and control the router for password administration, router naming and other maintenance tasks.

The R6300 has two USB ports, which are powerful wireless tools in themselves. Plug in a hard drive storage device and that drive will be accessible through any other device connected to the network. If that content is music, video or photos, then you’ll be able to stream it to any DLNA device on your network. Plug a printer into the other USB port and that printer will be converted into a wireless printer for use with any computer on the network. The printer then also becomes an Airprint printer for use with iPhones and iPads.

Combining the Genie app with the DLNA functionality makes content sharing very easy. While on your smartphone use the Genie app to find content on your DLNA network, and then send that content from the hard drive to your DLNA Smart TV. All from the comfort of your couch.

The R6300 from Netgear does more than just connect you wirelessly to the internet – it takes wireless networking to a faster, smarter and more secure level, all the while preparing you for the next generation of wireless connectivity.

So come on in to your nearest Bing Lee store or purchase online right now.

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