WD Mycloud Personal Cloud Storage

Today I’d like to show you a new way to save and organise your digital life plus access your stuff from anywhere on any device. Introducing WD’s newest personal cloud storage offering, MyCloud.

Mycloud gives you complete control over your personal content, allowing you to keep it safe at home, yet always with you. Unlike public cloud solutions that either backup or store your photos, videos and files on a remote server, Mycloud keeps your stuff secure in your home network.

There are no monthly fees and you get terabytes, not just gigabytes of storage. Because 1 terabyte holds up to two hundred thousand photos or a hundred and twenty hours of video, and who can store all that with just gigabytes.

Mycloud also comes loaded with a dual core processor for the performance you need to stream media seamlessly, and transfer files without skipping a beat. It also has a USB three expansion port to add capacity to your personal cloud.

With MyCloud, it’s easier than ever to install and manage your personal cloud storage. To get started, simply plug your MyCloud to your wifi router. Download the My Cloud app and connect to the drive, that’s all you need to do to be up and running in seconds. The WD websitewww.wd.com/setup will walk you through more advanced features via step by step how to tutorials. Here you can also access all the software you need to support your My Cloud.

Once you are set up, it’s a breeze to save your stuff in one central location. Just drag and drop the files that you want to save on your personal cloud using the MyCloud app for your desktop. This app keeps your computer connected to your personal cloud no matter where you are, whether you’re on a mac or a PC. From your app you can easily manage and organise your files and share direct links to specific photos, videos, folders and even presentations via email either as a link to that file or folder or the file itself.

Backing up your data is extremely important. If your computer has issues, you know that the things that are really important to you are safe. Mycloud works seamlessly with your mac or PC computer to save and wirelessly back up your files on your home network.

For PCs, WD’s backup software, WD Smartware Pro, makes it easy to protect your personal content. Simply select the files you want to back up Select your Mycloud to back everything up to, and choose your backup schedule. It’s really that easy.

With the Mycloud dashboard you have a clear view of your drive’s status at anytime. You can also share your photos, videos and documents with family and friends, and customise how these users access your drive, so they only see the shared folders you want them to see.

Being able to access and see what important to you when you’re at home is ordinary. Being able to access and share those memories anywhere in the world is extraordinary. With WD’s free Mycloud apps, all your personal content on your drive is available to you on your smartphone or tablet wherever you are.

Once the Mycloud app installed on any iOS, Android or windows phone device, you can view your folders, share your photos with friends, watch a movie on your ipad, and stream your music library. If you’re going on a trip or even getting on an airplane, you can download files directly to your phone or tablet and watch them when you’re not connected.

Most of us take tons of video and photos on our smartphones and tablets which takes up a lot of memory on your mobile device. With the Mycloud app you can instantly free up space on your phone by directly uploading photos and videos directly to your drive at home.

If you’re a dropbox, sky drive or google drive user, you can access your account within the mycloud mobile app and share files between your cloud service and your own personal cloud. There’s no need to pay extra fees for more capacity. Get the most out of your public cloud and your personal cloud all on one device. Mycloud also works with other public clouds including google drive and skydrive.

There you have it, WD’s Mycloud is the newest personal cloud storage solution that keeps your media safe on your home network so you can access it anywhere on any device. You can protect your content with automatic file back up and free up space on your tablets and smartphones with the direct upload feature. Setup is as easy as 1-2-3

So come on in to your nearest Bing Lee store or purchase online right now.

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