Samsung Smart Camera Range

The Samsung range of smart cameras have plenty of features to help you take great pictures and easily share them with friends and your social networks. Let’s check out the range and how each model offers different features to suit various uses.

The DV150F is a great camera for selfies. You can frame yourself and anyone else in your shot easily with the innovative 38 millimeter front LCD. No more guesswork when it comes to self portraits – get the right angle and expression captured perfectly on the 16 megapixel sensor with 5 times optical zoom and 25mm wide angle lens. In fact, you can make it fun with children mode to keep kids still, a visual countdown for your group and jump shot that takes shots in rapid succession to create gifs.

The next one is the WB30F, which also has a 16.2 megapixel lens and doubles to a 10 times optical zoom, which is great for getting up close to the action. For a camera this size and weight, it has a huge 3 inch screen on the back for previewing and then reviewing your compositions.

Then we step up to the WB250, with a 14.2 megapixel CMOS sensor for detailed images, an incredible 18 times optical zoom for really close up shots and optical image stabiliser to keep your pic blur free even when you are zooming right in. The touch screen on the 3 inch LCD makes it easy to move around the menu to adjust your photo options.

The WB800 takes photo capturing to another level for compact cameras with a 21 times zoom and 16.2 megapixel sensor. There are a huge amount of effects, filters, video recording and editing functions on the cameras themselves, so you can start making changes to your image as soon as you’ve captured it.

And of course the Samsung Galaxy Camera takes the main features of the WB800, has the Android Jelly Bean operating system built in, along with 3G mobile capability and a 4.8 inch touch screen, it’s the ultimate Smart Camera with access to all the photo apps that are available on Android as well as its own set of great editing tools – for both photo and video.

But now we come to the really interesting part – each one of these cameras is also a smart camera, with powerful wireless functionality built into each model. Let’s use the WB250 as the example of some of these great features.

First, none of us want to lose our precious memories, so wouldn’t it be great if we could easily back up all the photos we’ve taken on our phone. With all of these models, you can. Just move the dial to wifi, and you’ll be presented with a few different options. If you have a skydrive account, simply click on the cloud icon. It will ask you to connect to a wifi account, and then you enter your skydrive details. All the photos on your camera will sync with your skydrive, allowing you to access them from any other cloud connected device.

You can also upload to facebook, picasa, and videos to your youtube account. Once you enter your account details, you’ll have them there for seamless uploading from then on. You can even email selected photos as well to any person with an email address.

So that’s if you’re in an area with a wireless network. What if you’re out and about, snapping shots with friends at a party or on a road trip and want to share your every moment?

First of all we need to download the Samsung Smart Camera app onto our compatibleiPhone or Android smartphone. Activate the app and it will say to start the wi-fi feature on the camera. So we’ll turn the dial to the wi-fi selection and press mobile link. Pressing the direct link button does the same thing. For this we’ll select transfer photos from camera, and now the ID of the camera appears on the smartphone. You can now transfer pictures to the paired smartphone – no physical SD card needed, or any other wired connection.

Taking that concept one step further, you can then press the autoshare symbol that’s on the screen. Now that you have already paired with the camera, it will switch functions and now send any photo snapped on the camera directly to the smartphone – so you’ll end up with high quality shots right on your phone. You can then use your phone to edit or simply share your pics on your favourite social networks.

So there you go – great picture quality, awesome stand out features on each model and the easiest way to connect to friends, phones and your greater social network. That’s Samsung’s Smart Camera Range.

So come on in to your nearest Bing Lee store, or purchase online right now!

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