4 mouth-watering recipes to cook in your Breville Steam Zone™

We’re sharing four delicious recipes from Breville so that you’re covered for breakfast, lunch, dinner AND dessert with the clever Steam Zone™ appliance.

Steaming is one of the healthiest ways to cook, and Breville has made healthy cooking easy and fun with the Steam Zone™. In just 30 seconds you can start preparing delicious meals for the whole family.

With two separate steam zones, you can cook two differently-flavoured foods at different temperatures. And the clever set-and-forget design cooks both dishes with a synchronised finish!

What does that mean? Well, you don’t have to wait around for the potatoes to finish cooking before popping on your broccolini so that they don’t go soggy. The Steam Zone™ will know exactly when to start cooking in the second steam zone to give you two perfectly cooked foods at the exact same time!

Of course, you can always use the large 40cm steaming area to cook a whole fish or chicken. The independent steaming control lets you pick low or high power to suit delicate or firmer ingredients.

Check out the features of Breville’s Steam Zone™ as demonstrated by one of our Bing Lee experts, Ritchie.


Ready to start cooking? Get the menu set with (1) Steamed Steel-Cut Oats with Berries, Nuts and Maple Syrup, (2) Steamed Chicken Salad with Nam Jim Dressing, (3) Steamed Trout, Potatoes and Asparagus with Lemon-Eshallot Vinaigrette and (4) Steamed Crème Caramel!

*All recipes and images are originally from and credited to: http://brevilleprecision.com/





Want more recipes to cook up a storm with your Steam Zone™? Download and print Breville’s recipe cards here: Breville Recipes.

Bing Lee’s 10 best-selling microwaves

This list compiles the most-sold microwaves with the best value for money, as indicated purely by the number of purchases from our loyal Bing Lee customers – that’s you!

Microwaves are a household must-have. Whether you’re popping popcorn, reheating leftovers or “baking” mug cakes, a microwave should be easy, reliable and effective for everyday use. But where do you start when looking to purchase one?

Picking a microwave (or any appliance for that matter) is made easier when considering a model or range that a lot of other people have opted for. It proves that the durability, usability and overall quality of the product is worth the spend.

Numbers speak for themselves, so we’ve put together a list of the ten most popular and frequently-sold microwaves from Bing Lee to date.

Here’s the countdown.

10. Panasonic 27L Flatbed Microwave Oven

9. Sharp Conventional Microwave Oven

8. Smeg 34L Microwave Oven

7. Breville The Quick Touch™ Stainless Steel Microwave

6. LG 42L Smart Inverter Microwave Oven

5. Panasonic 32L Inverter Microwave Oven

4. Panasonic 20L Microwave Oven

3. Samsung 32L Microwave Oven

2. Samsung 28L Microwave Oven

1. Panasonic 27L Inverter Microwave Oven

What you need to know about induction cooktops

While gas or electric cooktops might seem more familiar to the everyday cook, we’re here to give you the rundown on induction cooktops and why they might just be the best kitchen appliance could opt for.

If you’re building a home, remodelling a kitchen or moving into a place with a peculiarly flat-looking cooktop, you’re most likely in need of a proper introduction to the phenomenon of induction cooking.

How they work

So, what is an induction cooktop? Well, the formal term is “electromagnetic induction”, which generates electricity (and thus, heat) through magnetism rather than an open flame or traditional electrical heating element.

More technically, an electric current is passed through a coil of copper wire within the cooktop and produces a magnetic field which sends other currents through the pot placed upon it.

This heating method means that once the pot is moved away, the element shuts down and prevents a dangerously hot surface from being exposed when not in use. Safety – tick!

Why it’s a better option

Induction cooktops have improved thermal efficiency and precise heat control. Yes, those are similar qualities to a gas cooktop, but induction is all about the energy-saving technology. So aside from the safety factor, the element shutting down once a pot is removed means that it doesn’t use up any unnecessary power.

Don’t worry about the time it takes to get cooking again, either. The resistance of the pot means it will heat evenly and very rapidly as soon as it’s placed back on the element.

Some models also feature a child safety lock so curious little fingers don’t get burnt. With most designs possessing touch controls, it’s a good option for busy households.

Let’s not forget about the aesthetics of induction cooktops! They’re practical, but they don’t skimp out on the presentation. The sleek look of an induction cooktop blends seamlessly into any modern kitchen – perfect for the interior design lovers.

What to keep in mind

Because induction cooktops use a reactionary heating method, it’s important to remember that not every type of pot or pan will be suitable for induction cooktops.

But don’t let that put you off – induction-fit cookware generates heat evenly within and therefore cook your creations even more consistently. Bon appetite!

what you need to know about induction cooktops

Our recommendations

Bing Lee has a wide range of induction cooktops so that you can get the right pick for your family and cooking needs. Bosch, Westinghouse and Smeg are just some of the trusted brands that offer a variety of induction cooktops. Miele also offers a large collection of induction cooktops that you can browse at Bing Lee stores.

A game-changing induction cooktop is the Miele Combiset with Extractor and TepanYaki. Talk about entertaining your dinner guests!

This one has it all with two separate induction cooktops and an extraction fan in the centre. It allows you to cook dishes at different temperatures while the eco motor keeps things quiet. Check it out by hitting play on the video below!

Westinghouse Flexspace Fridges

For over 60 years, Westinghouse has been designing practical and reliable kitchen solutions for Australian families. The new refrigeration range which has been developed over the last 3 years, has been designed to increase storage capacity of every fridge, from the depth of the base to redesigning the shelf rails, to increasing internal depth that doesn’t increase the external dimensions.

Westinghouse have developed a sliding rail system called Flexstore. Flexstore has a unique sliding rail with storage bins that lift and slide to exactly where they are needed. They are wide enough to hold 3 litre drink bottles and large bottles of milk and are incredible strong.

There’s bottle fingers on the bottom bin so every bottle is secure. There is a family safe compartment that can be locked when needed.

The key to keeping food fresh is maintaining the optimum temperature and humidity conditions, so every Westinghouse refrigerator has intelligent multi-flow technology, which provides an even temperature throughout the compartment, keeping food at optimal temperatures, reducing wastage and saving money.

Many fridges pass cold dry air through the crisper, this turns the fruit and vegetables dry. To control this, Westinghouse developed the flexfresh crisper. The flexfresh crisper circulates cool air around the crisper rather than through it, and is fully sealed. This maintain the crisper’s optimum temperature and humidity and an additional humidity control to adjust the settings when needed. It also has a sliding divider to keep fruit and vegetables apart, for ongoing freshness.

To control the multi-flow air system, there is an electronic touch temperature controller, located at the front of the inside of the fridge for easy access. For times when you need to rapidly chill, there is a boost button to maximise airflow and cool everything quickly.

There are bright LED lights at the back and top to help find items that get lost on busy shelves, and all models have a door alarm to let you know when the door has been left open. The spill-safe glass shelves are designed to improved visibility and isolate leaks, preventing up to a litre of spills from dripping onto shelves below.

It’s easy to keep the new Westinghouse fridges clean, inside and out. The deli and freezer bins have easy to remove clip off fronts, shelf walls have been designed to be easy to wipe, and the Flexstore bins and shelves are easy to remove.

Stainless steel models have fingerprint resistant coatings. To make it really easy to load and unload groceries, in the bottom mount range, all freezer drawers have full extension runners. The top mount range have adjustable door dividers, to organize the freezer exactly the way you want it. Plus, these freezers never need defrosting.

That’s just some of the features of the new Westinghouse fridge range!

BEKO 584L French Door Fridge with Drink Bar

This is a 584 litre French door fridge from Beko that has some great features that help you keep your fridge items organised and extend the life of your fruit and veggies.

So let’s start on the outside of the fridge. This is a fingerprint free stainless steel fridge with clean straight lines, and metal finish handles. Here you can see the mini-bar with soft opening door that gives you quick access to drinks without opening the entire fridge door.

The water dispenser is perfect for the quick sports bottle top up. If you need a drink in the middle of the night there’s an automatic illuminator.

Now as you can see we have the fridge area on the top and the freezer area on the bottom. Now did you know that many fridges have one cooling system for both areas, which means they share the same air circulation? Not this Beko. The cooling system is actually independent for the fridge and freezer areas. This controls the humidity levels better and stops odours getting from one area to another. This means longer lasting fruit and veggies.

Because it’s french door there is a huge wide space that can be used for really wide platters and big pots – great for parties and family events. The glass shelving can accommodate different sized containers by adjusting the mechanism with a push or pull action.

The two doors in the bottom freezer area give you a more organised freezing space. Plus, the multi-zone compartment gives you the option to turn the right hand side freezer into a fridge when  you need the extra cooling space.

The fridge area has active fresh blue light. This technology that Beko uses actually helps the fruit and vegetables, which have grown as a result of sunlight, continue to stay fresh and actually prolongs the life of your fruit and veggies.

In addition to the blue light, the Active Ioniser neutralises bacteria, viruses and particles that cause effluvia in the refrigerator, which creates an antibacterial effect. The circulated air inside the refrigerator is kept clean and as a result food can be stored for a longer period. The active odour filter circulates and filters cool air inside the refrigerator to help eliminate unwanted odours and bacteria to help keep food fresh.

That’s the Beko fridge, family sized, versatile and keeping your fresh food at its optimum for longer!

LG 712L Stainless Steel 4 Door French Door Fridge

Here is a 712 litre French door fridge with 4 doors, from LG.

So let’s start on the outside of the fridge. This is not just any water dispenser, it’s one of the tallest on any fridge, and can accommodate a kids sports bottle – very convenient.

One of the really cool and practical features on this french door is the door in door feature. On this door I just press a button while I open the fridge and here we have a very handy inner panel that holds all of the snacks and drinks that the whole family would want frequent access to during the day.

This door in door minimises the amount of cold escaping from the main fridge area. The shelving in this door can hold standard can sizes, so you don’t have to worry about fitting skinnier drinks there. In fact the shelf height in this section can be adjusted by simply moving it depending on your storage needs.

Now, we close this door, this time open without the button press, and welcome to the main compartment, and let’s open the other door as well. Because it’s french door there is a huge wide space that can be used for really wide platters and big pots – great for parties and family events.

The fridge area has bright led lights which are just as bright as daylight, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. Now one thing you may notice is the absence of a ice box on this shelf that would normally feed the water and ice dispenser on the front of the door. LG have smartly integrated the entire water and ice dispensing into the door itself, so you’ve got complete freedom to use the entire width of your fridge top to bottom.

There are a couple of little hideaway spaces where you can store small cold items like eggs, cheese and snacks.

Being a big fridge, you’re going to have a lot of different food types, and to make sure you don’t retain any odours, the pure and fresh deodoriser at the back here helps neutralize odours and purify the air that’s circulating in the fridge.

Now down here is the freezer compartment, and it is split into two doors. This provides lots of organisation and saves you from opening the full freezer area when you only need one item.

As you can see, this French Door from LG helps you stay organised, gives you great visibility for all your cooled and frozen food items and minimises cold air loss with its door in door feature.

SAMSUNG 4 Door French Door Fridge

This is the Samsung Chef Mode French Door Fridge with a 719 litre capacity, perfect for big families and frequent entertainers, allowing you to store your groceries and bulkier items with ease.

You can see just by looking from the outside that this is no ordinary fridge. It’s been designed with a stylish and refined look that will add class and sparkle to any kitchen. Small touches like the contoured metal body and recessed handles adds a dash of professionalism to your environment.

On the left here there is Samsung’s ice blue digital display, that lets you control settings at the touch of a button. The Samsung Ice and Water dispenser provides a very tall opening so pitchers and tall decorative glasses can be filled quickly and easily.

Opening the french doors on top, you can see the wide space available, making it easily to see everything at a glance. There’s plenty of space in the fridge and freezer to store any shape or type of food. While we’ve got the doors open, the two step foldable shelf slides in and out and can be folded up to create more room for larger bottles and tall or bulky containers. This way you can adjust it to fit everything in and safely reach to the back of the fridge.

On the side, an easy big door bin lets you safely store larger items like larger larger size cartons of milk or two rows of drink cans, saving space and great for parties.

The high efficiency LED lights illuminate virtually every corner in the fridge, which also saves more space than traditional incandescent bulbs.

The freezer space is split into two doors. the cool select zone plus feature provides the ultimate in food storage flexibility, with the bottom right compartment easily converting from a fridge to a freezer, with 4 temperature settings. For example, the chill mode provides precise cooling for preserving fish, meat and poultry – at -1 degree Celsius, with minimum temperature fluctuation, so they stay fresh with the best flavour and texture.

Samsung’s triple cooling system independently controls and optimises the temperature, maximises humidity and prevents odours mixing in the three compartments. No frost technology means never having to worry about defrosting your fridge again.

Fisher and Paykel Ice and Water French Door Fridge

If you’re looking at upgrading your fridge, you may want to look at Fisher and Paykel’s 519 litre Ice & Water French Door . At 790mm wide and 1715mm high, this fridge has been designed to maximise space with unobstructed access to wide open shelf spaces .

High quality EZKleen stainless steel doors add sophistication and will complement any kitchen. The concealed hinges create a seamless finish and soft close doors mean no more slamming fridge doors or having the door left open. The ultra-slim water dispenser is easy to use. The angled water delivery means that almost any size or shape of vessel can be filled, while taking up no storage space in your fridge door.   

Flexible shelving and storage options and easy to access bins and trays on full extension runners allows for smart fridge organisation. The spill proof  shelves are easy to clean and will contain drips and spills.

Activesmart™ Foodcare is the combination of temperature sensors with smart electronics that create a controlled environment and optimum temperature to help keep your food fresher for longer.

The humidity control system, along with the cool and consistent temperature delivered by ActiveSmart™ Foodcare, creates the perfect microclimate in each produce bin . The humidity control slides offer settings for both fruit and vegetables to retain moisture and freshness.

Alarms on the fridge and freezer let you know if the door has been left open, and you can mute when loading the fridge from a large shopping trip . When you’re away, for example on holiday,  this fridge will recognise lower levels of use and defrost less often and therefore use less energy. This is called adaptive defrost.

You can change the temperature of the fridge or freezer easily through the SmartTouch control panel. That’s the Fisher and Paykel 519 litre Ice & Water French Door.  


NESPRESSO Lattissima Touch at Bing Lee

We’re here to show you the latest Nespresso machine, the Lattissima Touch, with a stylish sleek design in Titanium black, the perfect addition to any modern kitchen. The Lattissima Touch features the patented automatic cappuccino system, personalised beverage preparation with six one touch recipes, to deliver the perfect cup of coffee every single time.

As Australians we love our milk-based coffee, and Lattissima Touch delivers a perfect blend of milk and coffee every time, no matter what your coffee style is.

To get a perfect milk froth each time, all you have to do is this. Press the power button, and the machine heats up in just 25 seconds. To prepare warm milk froth, cappuccino or a latte macchiatto, fill the milk container with the desired quantity of milk, preferably fresh cold milk just out of the fridge.

Open the steam connector door and put the rapid cappuccino system in place. This will take only 15 seconds to heat. You can place a short cup under the coffee outlet, but you can also push the drip tray into the machine if you’re using a tall glass for a latte for example. Adjust the spout to suit the cup height.

You can adjust the texture of milk froth by turning this knob left or right. Use minimum froth texture for cappuccinos and maximum froth texture for latte macchiatos. Insert a capsule here. Then press the cappuccino or macchiato button to begin. The preparation will start and stop automatically. After your coffee is prepared, the clean indicator will shine orange, and you should make it a habit of cleaning your milk container after each beverage preparation.

It’s super easy to personalise your coffee volume on the Lattissima touch. As you can see there are 6 beverage functions. Ristretto, espresso, lungo, latte macchiato, cappuccino and warm milk froth. These preparations start automatically when you have reached a specific volume. You can tailor the volume of these drinks to better suit your preferences.

To begin, press and hold the desired coffee selection for 3 seconds. This enters a programming mode, and the button will blink rapidly and the brewing will start. Keep the button pressed for the entire process as the coffee flows. Then, release the button when the desired volume is reached. That button will blink three times to confirm the new volume has been stored. From then on that selection will flow to the programmed volume. For milk and coffee blends, you simply repeat the process for the milk flow and the coffee flow.

With the new Lattissima Touch from Nespresso, it only takes your touch to experience a great coffee every single time, exactly how you like it.

Westinghouse Cooking Range at Bing Lee

With Bing Lee and Westinghouse, cooking for the family needn’t be stressful. The new Westinghouse ovens on display in our stores are so practical, you’ll get dinner on the table with ease. Let’s look at some of the highlights in the Westinghouse cooking range in Bing Lee.

(WVE613S) Here is a great value 60cm fan forced oven with an 80 litre capacity. It features a 2 hour timer, and has cool touch door that opens to the side.

(WVE615S) This model here has all those features plus a programmable timer and multiple functions including fan grill fan bake, defrost and pizza functions.

(WVEP618S) Check out this 60cm oven with quadruple glazed door for cool touch exterior, on glass touch controls and a pyro function that turns grease and grime into ash for chemical free cleaning.

(WVE655S) If you need to cook different dishes at once, then then this oven with a separate grill will be perfect for you. It also features knob controls, fingerprint resistant stainless steel and programmable timer.

(WVE626S) If you need a bigger cooking capacity, this duo oven provides an extra half oven space for big family events or even on its own for smaller cooking needs.

And when it comes to cooktops, Bing Lee and Westinghouse make life easier with flexible cooking solutions.

(WHC642BA) This four zone ceramic cooktop can be easily cleaned, has a safety residual heat indicator and knob control for easy temperature adjustment.

(WHG646SA) If you have gas at home, this stainless steel gas cooktop could be a great option with a high powered wok burner, individual easy ignite function for each burner, and family safe trivets and safety gas cut off.

(WHC644BA) And here’s real cooking flexibility. This ceramic cooktop has one special hotplate with three variable zones so you can use a wide variety of pot and pan sizes in that area. The pause button lowers the temperature to a warming mode until you’re ready to get the cooking back on.

(WHI644BA) This induction cooktop only heats the cookware and not other surfaces so it’s very safe. The on glass touch controls make it easy to set heating levels and timers, stylish and easy to clean ceramic glass surface and because it’s induction, perfect heat control.

A cooking solution also needs a good air circulation system. Westinghouse rangehoods complete any kitchen look and capture steam and heat build up while you focus on the important cooking tasks.

From stainless steel slide outs to in-cupboard integrated models and washable filters, Westinghouse has the rangehood to suit your cooking space. (quickly show WRH608IS, EFG540G/A, WRC613SB )

Bing Lee and Westinghouse – making cooking easier.

WVE613S – Basic 60cm fan forced oven – 120 min timer, cool touch doors 80L gross, fingerprint

WVE615S – 60cm fan forced – all above plus programmable timer and multi function

WVEP618S – 60cm quadriple glazed door plus pyro function for cleaning, anti splatter grill inserts, touch on glass controls

WVE655S – totally separate grill, and oven for multiple cooking at once

WVE626S – Duo oven with extra half space for smaller cooking needs, self clean oven liners, glass doors

WVE636S – Multi oven – dual cavity for bigger capacity, separate grill

WHC642BA – basic ceramic cooktop – easy clean surface, physical knob control, heat indicator

WHG646SA – gas cooktop with high powered wok burner, easy ignite, family safe trivets, cast iron trivets

WHC644BA – ceramic cooktop with separate cooking zones – one has three zones, pause button

WHI644BA – Induction cooktop – pause button, quick cook timer, induction cooking touch on glass control, boost, child safe, easy clean

WRH608IS – stainless steel slide out – 2 fans, three speeds, recirculation, slimline, filters

EFG540G/A – integrated in cupboard, improves air quality, washable filters, slim

WRC613SB – 60cm – power twin blade centrifugal blade, touch control, conversation noise levels, touch control, filters can be dishwashed

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