Westinghouse Flexspace Fridges

For over 60 years, Westinghouse has been designing practical and reliable kitchen solutions for Australian families. The new refrigeration range which has been developed over the last 3 years, has been designed to increase storage capacity of every fridge, from the depth of the base to redesigning the shelf rails, to increasing internal depth that doesn’t increase the external dimensions.

Westinghouse have developed a sliding rail system called Flexstore. Flexstore has a unique sliding rail with storage bins that lift and slide to exactly where they are needed. They are wide enough to hold 3 litre drink bottles and large bottles of milk and are incredible strong.

There’s bottle fingers on the bottom bin so every bottle is secure. There is a family safe compartment that can be locked when needed.

The key to keeping food fresh is maintaining the optimum temperature and humidity conditions, so every Westinghouse refrigerator has intelligent multi-flow technology, which provides an even temperature throughout the compartment, keeping food at optimal temperatures, reducing wastage and saving money.

Many fridges pass cold dry air through the crisper, this turns the fruit and vegetables dry. To control this, Westinghouse developed the flexfresh crisper. The flexfresh crisper circulates cool air around the crisper rather than through it, and is fully sealed. This maintain the crisper’s optimum temperature and humidity and an additional humidity control to adjust the settings when needed. It also has a sliding divider to keep fruit and vegetables apart, for ongoing freshness.

To control the multi-flow air system, there is an electronic touch temperature controller, located at the front of the inside of the fridge for easy access. For times when you need to rapidly chill, there is a boost button to maximise airflow and cool everything quickly.

There are bright LED lights at the back and top to help find items that get lost on busy shelves, and all models have a door alarm to let you know when the door has been left open. The spill-safe glass shelves are designed to improved visibility and isolate leaks, preventing up to a litre of spills from dripping onto shelves below.

It’s easy to keep the new Westinghouse fridges clean, inside and out. The deli and freezer bins have easy to remove clip off fronts, shelf walls have been designed to be easy to wipe, and the Flexstore bins and shelves are easy to remove.

Stainless steel models have fingerprint resistant coatings. To make it really easy to load and unload groceries, in the bottom mount range, all freezer drawers have full extension runners. The top mount range have adjustable door dividers, to organize the freezer exactly the way you want it. Plus, these freezers never need defrosting.

That’s just some of the features of the new Westinghouse fridge range!

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