SAMSUNG 4 Door French Door Fridge

This is the Samsung Chef Mode French Door Fridge with a 719 litre capacity, perfect for big families and frequent entertainers, allowing you to store your groceries and bulkier items with ease.

You can see just by looking from the outside that this is no ordinary fridge. It’s been designed with a stylish and refined look that will add class and sparkle to any kitchen. Small touches like the contoured metal body and recessed handles adds a dash of professionalism to your environment.

On the left here there is Samsung’s ice blue digital display, that lets you control settings at the touch of a button. The Samsung Ice and Water dispenser provides a very tall opening so pitchers and tall decorative glasses can be filled quickly and easily.

Opening the french doors on top, you can see the wide space available, making it easily to see everything at a glance. There’s plenty of space in the fridge and freezer to store any shape or type of food. While we’ve got the doors open, the two step foldable shelf slides in and out and can be folded up to create more room for larger bottles and tall or bulky containers. This way you can adjust it to fit everything in and safely reach to the back of the fridge.

On the side, an easy big door bin lets you safely store larger items like larger larger size cartons of milk or two rows of drink cans, saving space and great for parties.

The high efficiency LED lights illuminate virtually every corner in the fridge, which also saves more space than traditional incandescent bulbs.

The freezer space is split into two doors. the cool select zone plus feature provides the ultimate in food storage flexibility, with the bottom right compartment easily converting from a fridge to a freezer, with 4 temperature settings. For example, the chill mode provides precise cooling for preserving fish, meat and poultry – at -1 degree Celsius, with minimum temperature fluctuation, so they stay fresh with the best flavour and texture.

Samsung’s triple cooling system independently controls and optimises the temperature, maximises humidity and prevents odours mixing in the three compartments. No frost technology means never having to worry about defrosting your fridge again.

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