What you need to know about induction cooktops

While gas or electric cooktops might seem more familiar to the everyday cook, we’re here to give you the rundown on induction cooktops and why they might just be the best kitchen appliance could opt for.

If you’re building a home, remodelling a kitchen or moving into a place with a peculiarly flat-looking cooktop, you’re most likely in need of a proper introduction to the phenomenon of induction cooking.

How they work

So, what is an induction cooktop? Well, the formal term is “electromagnetic induction”, which generates electricity (and thus, heat) through magnetism rather than an open flame or traditional electrical heating element.

More technically, an electric current is passed through a coil of copper wire within the cooktop and produces a magnetic field which sends other currents through the pot placed upon it.

This heating method means that once the pot is moved away, the element shuts down and prevents a dangerously hot surface from being exposed when not in use. Safety – tick!

Why it’s a better option

Induction cooktops have improved thermal efficiency and precise heat control. Yes, those are similar qualities to a gas cooktop, but induction is all about the energy-saving technology. So aside from the safety factor, the element shutting down once a pot is removed means that it doesn’t use up any unnecessary power.

Don’t worry about the time it takes to get cooking again, either. The resistance of the pot means it will heat evenly and very rapidly as soon as it’s placed back on the element.

Some models also feature a child safety lock so curious little fingers don’t get burnt. With most designs possessing touch controls, it’s a good option for busy households.

Let’s not forget about the aesthetics of induction cooktops! They’re practical, but they don’t skimp out on the presentation. The sleek look of an induction cooktop blends seamlessly into any modern kitchen – perfect for the interior design lovers.

What to keep in mind

Because induction cooktops use a reactionary heating method, it’s important to remember that not every type of pot or pan will be suitable for induction cooktops.

But don’t let that put you off – induction-fit cookware generates heat evenly within and therefore cook your creations even more consistently. Bon appetite!

what you need to know about induction cooktops

Our recommendations

Bing Lee has a wide range of induction cooktops so that you can get the right pick for your family and cooking needs. Bosch, Westinghouse and Smeg are just some of the trusted brands that offer a variety of induction cooktops. Miele also offers a large collection of induction cooktops that you can browse at Bing Lee stores.

A game-changing induction cooktop is the Miele Combiset with Extractor and TepanYaki. Talk about entertaining your dinner guests!

This one has it all with two separate induction cooktops and an extraction fan in the centre. It allows you to cook dishes at different temperatures while the eco motor keeps things quiet. Check it out by hitting play on the video below!

Xmas Gift Ideas

At Bing Lee, we have a huge range of items that could fit very snugly in a Xmas stocking or wrapping paper, across a wide variety of product groups. Here are some of the products that could tick the box for one (or many) of your friends and family.

Tablets are the perfectly-sized windows into a world of entertainment, social networking, reading and browsing. Here we’ve chosen two great small sized tablet you can use in bed, on the train or on the couch in the lounge room.

The best features of Google’s tablet platform come together in the Nexus 7, a lightweight, high definition tablet that is perfect for a spot of gaming, browsing the internet, watching TV and movie content or just updating Facebook. So small it can fit in the smallest of handbags, its bright screen is perfect for catching up on a couple of chapters on an ebook or watching a viral YouTube clip.

If you want more functionality out of your tablet then the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will suit your busy and productive life. It comes with an S-Pen, which allows you to use the tablet as a doodler, photo editor and even recognises your handwriting so you can convert your notes into text that you can then save or send on to others. It also comes with a Micro SD card slot for extra storage capacity.

Taking photos and videos of every moment of your life is now almost second nature. We’ve got a great range of compact, DSLR and high zoom cameras for any budget and shooting need. Here’s a couple of great cameras to fill that empty stocking.

The Panasonic Lumix Compact camera has all the features needed to take great shots and fit in your pocket. With a 25mm wide angle lens you can get all the family (and extended family) into your obligatory group shot, and with built-in wifi connectivity you can instantly share your shots and use your smartphone as a remote viewfinder when you want everyone, including yourself, in the shot!

The toy for the boy who already has a big boy’s toy – a Go Pro action camera that can be mounted* on pretty much anything that moves for dramatic capture of speed, slides, flying, stunts – or even strap it to your dog and throw a stick. Relive everything from your point of view, and because it records in full HD, you can play it back on your big screen TV in lifelike detail. *Wide range of mounting accessories available separately.

With all the cooking programs and books on home cooking all the rage, there’s nothing worse than not having the right equipment to make that perfect dish. Buy your loved one a great new cooking tool and inspire them to be the next world class chef!

The Breville Power Blender has 5 speed settings and can crush ice to make great smoothies, cocktails and juices. The glass jug has a large 1.5L capacity so you can serve the whole family at once. The Power Blender is great for creating healthy shakes to refresh the team after a big game, or unwind with friends and concoct your own “evening” drinks! This blender has versatility for all occasions.

When you’re planning to cook a big winter meal, the first thing you’ll be reaching for is your mixer. The professional stick mixer from Electrolux uses a triple blade for quick and consistent mixing. Adjust the mixing speed and keep track of how fast it’s spinning with the blue LED indicator. The anti-splash design let’s you use the mixer directly in the pot, cutting cleaning and preparation time.

Xmas is a great time to upgrade to a bigger, smarter TV. We are giving away an awesome popcorn making machine with every TV over $1,000. Nothing better than a movie, friends and family and hot buttered popcorn within arm’s length!

When it comes to bigger and smarter, the Samsung UA60ES6500 ticks all the boxes. It’s a huge 60 inches for BIG screen entertainment, with 3D for maximum “in-your-face” action experience and Smart Hub for internet connectivity. It’s full HD for great playback of your Blu Ray collection, and wireless internet so you don’t have to worry about cables or adapters to hook into your network.

If you’re looking for something a little smaller for a bedroom or rumpus room, then the LG 42” television could be a great stocking filler – if your stocking is a metre wide! Now this is a cool TV, with a browser, wireless connectivity, USB recording to a hard drive so you can record programs for the kids or for yourself, and plenty of HDMI inputs for gaming consoles and media players.

With hundreds of other Xmas gift ideas in our stores and online, you’re sure to find something for your friends and family. Here’s a couple of other electronic products that could just be the perfect present for someone close to you!

This high flying quadcopter is controlled by an iOS or Android device. Capture your drone’s flight with the built-in 720p video camera, and control your flight by viewing the drone’s camera through your compatible smartphone or tablet. Learn some great in-air aerobatics and even race or dogfight against another drone. Use one of the many official drone apps to experience the thrill of flying.

This TRIPLE handset from Uniden that comes packed with features that are convenient and focused on safety. Having triple handsets means that no matter where you are in the house, you will be within a few steps of one of the handsets at any time for quick pickups. You can even transfer the call to different handsets so far away family members can have private chats with each of your family members.

Hopefully some of the Xmas ideas above help you solve some of your gift buying dilemmas. Happy shopping!

Breville BSB530 All-in-One Food Processor

If you love cooking then chances are you spend a fair amount of time blending, chopping, slicing and mashing. One thing we’d all dread is the amount of different tools we’d need for all those food prep activities. Great thing is, Breville have come up with an all in one answer to all of those food processing tasks. It’s called the BSB530, but also affectionately known as, well… the all-in-one! The whole system revolves around the handyman tool-like control grip, making it easy to stabilise and control your food processing.

So let’s food prep and go through each of the great functions. When you use a hand stick blender, what is one of the biggest gripes you might have? That’s right, suction that causes the blender to stay bolted to the bottom of your bowl. Excess suction means less control, longer blending times and more chance of hot liquid ending up on you or your bench top.

The all-in-one’s hand stick blender has been cleverly designed to reduce suction by up to 80%; without compromising the blending power of that 700W motor. The secret is this patented oval shape, side channels and ribs that all combine to minimise that ‘vortex effect’ that round designs generate. This simple breakthrough provides more control and minimises spills and spits from the saucepan you’re blending in. With hand mixers used primarily for soups, great for those winter dinners, this hand blender makes it easier, safer and quicker to achieve the consistency and blend you’re aiming for.

Next, I want to show you one of the most versatile mashers available in the market today. No matter how you like your mashed potatoes, whether it’s coarse or extra creamy, the twist adjustable head let’s you set your mashing the way you want it. For example, rustic style textures and cooking are really coming back into vogue, and this masher helps you achieve that unique-tasting texture.

The flipside is the aftermath – the masher is extremely easy to breakdown into its parts for easy rinsing or placing in the dishwasher, and can just as easily be reconstructed for use at a moment’s notice.

Slicing individual vegetables on a workbench can be tiresome and let’s face it, a little dangerous for your exposed fingers. Not only that, but most of us probably wouldn’t be able to chop a carrot or cucumber, for example, with consistent thickness all the way through.

So what, I hear you say, why is that important? Well, these days, the concept of plating up and food presentation is high on many cook’s agendas, and this means even the mundane aspects of activities such as slicing or chopping need to result in a product that you’d be proud to place on your guest’s plate. Breville’s adjustable slicer lets you control that action completely – let’s do three different types of hard vegetables now – thin carrots, here we go, thicker cucumbers, straight through the chute, and extra thick onion slices. Now, let’s have a look at that on a plate. Think of the presentation possibilities!

And lastly, chopping. Electric choppers can really make a mess of things by pureeing the bottom layer while not even chopping the rest of your ingredients. Breville’s quad blade chopping system increases the chopping action across two levels and 4 blades, delivering more even chopping in a much quicker time.

The All-in-one doesn’t stop there – the whisk and reversible grating disc also add to your food prep repertoire so you can experiment with countless ingredients and refinements of each process.

And when you’re done, all the components of the all-in-one fit onto this well organised storage unit, ready for your next culinary adventure. Mashing up. chopping up and plating up – the Breville All-in-one has got you covered.

Panasonic Steam Double Heater Oven

The Panasonic Steam Double Heater Oven is an amazing piece of cooking technology that we’re going to show you today. Whether you live by yourself, share a small apartment or just want a convenient way to cook and reheat food, then this model is worth looking at.

First up, the it uses flat bed technology, which means no rotating dish is required, so you can utilise the entire space for your cooking – no compromises. And because it’s Panasonic, the inverter technology in the microwave means a much more consistent heating level for the entire cooking cycle.

But this is no ordinary flatbed microwave – it has steam, grilling and oven functions that increase the possibilities for entertaining and restaurant style cooking.

This microwave has two high powered heater areas on the top and bottom to provide oven-like cooking results great for roasts and quiches. You can use the steam function in tandem with the oven for dessert dishes like cakes, cookies, and cream puffs, keeping these dishes moist and cooked to perfection.

Have you tried defrosting food but have found that you have ended up overcooking the the food food is now dry and inedible? By using steam along with the defrost microwaving option, your frozen dishes will be defrosted and still full of moisture.

The grill function is great for crispy dishes like vegetables and fish. Again, you don’t have to turn on your large oven for smaller sized portions, just use your Panasonic microwave.

The grill function actually has a couple of extra features that make it a true cooking companion for single dwellings and smaller apartments.

By combining the grilling function and microwave, you can speed up cooking time by up to 40% on dishes like grilled chicken, with the meat being cooked at an optimum while the skin is browned to a golden colour – impressing your guests and delivering true home-cooked meals.

The double grill function, is a great innovation too. Here, the top grill and microwave are used along with the double grill tray that’s provided. Place your chops or mince patties on the double grill tray, and the top grill will brown the top surface of your food, and the microwave heats the double grill ribs, which delivers that seared bottom surface. The end result? Fast cooking results and no need to turn your food over for grilling via the top elements.

Because the ribbing is raised on the tray, any excess fat and oil will run off, making your dish tastier and healthier.

Speaking of trays, this Panasonic microwave comes with 4 different trays to suit different dishes – the double grill we’ve just mentioned, a metal tray for oven use, a wire rack, and glass tray. And remember, because it’s flat bed, all of these take up the entire space of the microwave to optimise your cooking.

So come on in to your nearest Bing lee store or purchase online right now!

Westinghouse 90cm Oven Range

Superseded by the new new Westinghouse oven range.

The best thing about ninety centimeter ovens is they’re great for baking, grilling, and serving up a feast for family and unexpected guests. Westinghouse’s new ninety centimeter oven range has been designed locally, using experience and knowledge of the Australian cooking family. Not only that, they’re also manufactured right here in Australia as well.

Some of the things you might be thinking about about with such a big oven are heat up time, cleaning and having a oven that’s big enough to cater for everyone. Westinghouse have all those questions, and more, answered with this new 90cm oven range.

The new ninety centimetre ovens from Westinghouse feature touch control and fully programmable timers. This provides much more control when cooking. One of the most noticeable things you’ll notice right away is the size of the oven, with one hundred and twenty liters of gross capacity and one hundred and sixteen liters of usable space, setting a new benchmark for oven capacity.

To give you an idea of how large the oven is, you can comfortably fit up to four roast chicken and vegetable dishes in the oven, or up to 72 mini cupcakes in one go. That’s one huge family gathering or a sports team get together.

These ovens use two fans that rotate in opposite directions, which results in significantly better air flow distribution than a standard one or two fan oven. This is called the twin fan system. The oven is designed to heat up fast. How fast?

Well, on a quick cook setting, it takes only eight and a half minutes to heat the oven to one hundred and eighty degrees celsius. That means you can have the oven ready to cook with very little notice, a great feature if you do have unexpected drop ins.

The ceramic hob, with touch controls, makes it easy to use and also to clean. The fully programmable timer means you can plan your food preparation ahead of time, especially for slow cooked meals.

The oven has a large window for maximum visibility of the food while it’s cooking. It’s built with 3 layers of glass and a special door cooling system which keeps the door as cool as possible. That’s why these ovens don’t require a hot surface warning, so it’s much safer for families with young kids.

This oven is really versatile. It features seven shelf positions and come with catalytic liners. There is also a handy storage compartment, perfect for storing oven accessories and racks, for quick access when you need them. The kick plate also provides an integrated look for your kitchen.

Here, you can see the oven cavity is seamless. There are no awkward joints or dirt traps. The grill trays are actually split into two separate components, so you only need to clean what you use. The oven door is also easy to remove for cleaning, as are the layers of glass. Fingerprint resistant stainless steel means it’s easy to keep the oven looking great.

That’s the Australian made and designed Westinghouse ninety centimetre range, with electronic touch controls, one hundred and sixteen liter usable capacity, an effective twin fan system, fast heat up, triple glazed cool touch door, which easy to clean and maintain, not to mention having its own storage area. That’s definitely an oven made for modern families.

So come on in to your nearest Bing Lee store, or shop online right now.

New Products And A New Store for Bing Lee

The great thing about retail is there’s always new products released into the market. New tablets, pick up and go blenders, and sound bars to name a few, as we’ve seen lately! This week we’ll have a look at a few more products that have just arrived into our stores – as well as a… well, new store!

Samsung Curved OLED

Samsung Curved OLED: This new TV is a gimpse into the future of television screens. Available at the moment at the Alexandria store and due into more selected stores in the next few weeks, the Curved OLED represents the next leap in viewing technology. The self emitting diodes deliver the same intensity of LED panels, but because they are individual lights, blacks are the same as plasmas – so the total results is the richest colours you have ever seen on a screen.

The curved display is designed to immerse you in the content. The vision envelopes you so you feel almost part of the action, whether it’s sport or dramatic cinema. And even when the TV is turned off, it’s going to take the breath away from anyone that visits you. Style, bleeding edge technology and the best conversation piece in the street awaits you with Samsung’s curved OLED.


Yamaha Musical Instruments

Music: If you’re a regular customer of Bing Lee (and thank you if you are!) then you might have bought an audio system to play music, a tablet to watch music videos or a home theatre to bring concert DVDs alive. Now, you have the opportunity to create the music, with the introduction of music equipment in selected stores – Online, Alexandria, Balgowlah, Bankstown, Casula, Old Guildford, Penrith, Prospect and Rhodes stores.

Whether you want to try serenading your loved one with the pluck of a guitar string or the tinkle of piano keys, or want to raise the roof with a rock-out with your mates, we have a range of selected musical instruments right here. With an electric guitar and amp pack, an acoustic guitar, two keyboards and an electronic drum kit, there’s enough gear to transform your whole family into the next Partridge family. If that’s your thing.


New Google Tablet

Nexus 7 (2013): Nexus is the name of the Google branded tablet and phone range. We’ve just received our first shipment of both the Wi-fi and 4G versions of the new Nexus 7, no name change but it’s the 2013 version. And it is a stunner: a 1,920 x 1200 screen on a bright, richly coloured 7” screen, you cannot discern pixels – it’s simply one of the best displays ever on a mini tablet.

Full support from Google means the latest updates to the operating system before any other manufacturer. You just have to try a full HD video to see how good this screen is. It comes pre-loaded with all the Google Services like Drive, Music, Books, Movies and Earth. Of course hundreds of thousands of apps are available from the Google Play store as well. Check one out online or instore today.


… And a new store for Bing Lee!

And last but not least, the latest addition to Bing Lee is not a product but a new destination to showcase all these products. We’ve opened a new store in Balgowlah, with our usual great range of products across TVs, computers, fridges, floorcare, cooking, laundry and more. It’s been fitted out with Small Appliances, IT and AV products on the top levels, and whitegoods, floorcare, fitness and cooking on the ground level. Come visit our friendly staff at the Balgowlah store now.

Have a great week!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

With Father’s Day fast approaching on the 1st of September, it’s probably a good time to think about how to spoil your dad – and Bing Lee’s got some great Big Boy’s Toys to kickstart your ideas.

GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition: All GoPros are 15% off from this Thursday until Sunday, but it’s the Black Edition that has all the bells and whistles. This action camera can shoot video up to 4K resolution, so dad will have the clearest footage possible of his bike rides, track day races or underwater adventures. The waterproof housing is good to 60 metres deep! The Hero 3 comes with inbuilt wifi for use with a compatible smartphone, but the Black edition also comes with its own dedicated wi-fi remote control.

Samsung 60” Smart Plasma TV: If you’re looking to upgrade your TV, then why not hit two birds with one stone and impress your dad to the max at the same time? The 8 series takes TV discovery to the next level – you can ask it, with your voice, to help find shows you’re looking for. Whether it’s a genre like cooking or sport, or shows with particular actors, you simply use the Smart Hub remote and speak into it. Swipe using your hand between different panels of the TV, select and open apps, even change channels and adjust the volume. And with Wifi built-in to the TV, it’s very easy to get this connected to your home’s wireless router. Once you have online connectivity, you can load in your Skype, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter passwords and get social from the comfort of your lounge.

Samsung Sound Bar: When Dad sits down to watch an action flick (what else would he watch, right?), it won’t be using just the speakers on the Samsung Smart TV – the HWF450 soundbar and wireless active subwoofer will deliver a dramatic audio experience with dynamic range and impressive sound quality – and with wireless connection, there’s minimal clutter and a great streamlined design to suit just about any modern entertainment area.

Breville Nespresso U Solo Espresso Machine: If your Dad likes a caffeine hit before he starts the day, upgrade him from instant coffee to a new Nespresso machine. Whether it’s espresso or milk based coffee, the BEC300W will be able to provide that morning or afternoon shot.

Palsonic Wine Bottle Cooler: Moving onto the evening, if your Dad is fond of the odd drop or two, or likes to collect wine but doesn’t have a good place to store it, then the Palsonic PAL42BWF will keep up to 42 bottles at the right temperature for long term storage, and with the see through safety glass door, Dad will be able to look fondly at this wine collection whenever he’s in the mood!

And of course we have a full range of Samsung Digital Still smart cameras as well. How smart? Check out our video below showing the range we carry and a short tutorial on how easy it is to connect online and to compatible smartphones. Hopefully that helps with those last minute gift decisions for Dad. Have a great weekend celebrating Father’s day!

Regional store introduction

Most of you would know that Bing Lee is a NSW-based company, predominantly based in Sydney Metro. What some of you may not know is we have northern region stores reaching all the way up to Armidale. Today, we’d like to show some of these stores off to you and introduce the teams to you.

First store is Taree. Located in Taree’s city centre with access from the street, our 1,350 sqm store has expert staff ready to assist you in any facet of home electronics. Our wide display of large screen TVs will inspire you to upgrade your cinema experience along with our home theatre solutions. Try out a new camera and take a few snaps before you buy, print photos from your existing camera, browse our computing range while you wait. We also have the Asko range of laundry and dishwashing solutions as well as a cooking display to help you decide on your kitchen upgrade or renovation.

Next is Port Macquarie. Located off the street with plenty of parking, our 790 sqm Port Macquarie store is filled with the best in electronic appliances, from computing and audio visual solutions to climate control and refrigeration. Our Port Macquarie store displays Asko and Miele laundry and dishwashing products, along with an impressive cooking display, including Miele, to help you choose your next components to enhance your kitchen upgrade or renovation.

Further up north is Tamworth, home of the Golden Guitar. Located just outside the city centre at the Longyard Homemaker Centre, our 800 sqm Tamworth store has friendly, helpful staff along with a great selection of brands across the range of home electronic appliances. Browse through our Smart TVs, fridges, air conditioning and heating options, as well as a great cooking display. Check out our Miele laundry products if you are looking to update or replace your existing clothes washer. Get hands on with our range of computing options from handheld tablets to large screen notebooks.

And our northern-most store is Armidale. Located in the city centre with easy access from the street, the 650 sqm Armidale store has a great range of air conHave a great weekend!ditioning, fridges, TVs and computers. Armidale have a great range of Asko appliances as well as a cooking display to help you decide on your next kitchen purchase, along with experts in store to help you with your digital imaging needs.

Have a great weekend!

Size Does Matter – The Advantage of a 90cm Oven

An oven and cooktop 90 centimeters in width? It may sound excessive, but for those with large families and who entertain guests on a regular basis, you would never want to go back.

Having an oven space that can handle 4 chickens at once will mean much less time having to prepare one dish, take it out, put another one in, and so forth – until all the dishes for your party or event are ready.

When you consider the cavity size of these ovens, mass production of treats and healthy meals becomes easy. Dozens of cupcakes, many loaves of bread, trays of biscuits – the possibilities are endless.

One of the overlooked benefits of having a wider oven is not just what you can put inside the oven, but what you can put onto the cooktop. Let’s face it, on a standard cooktop it can get pretty squeezed for space once you put a large pot or pan – it becomes a game of pots and pans tetris to get the best configuration.

With a 90cm oven, if you do use larger pots for boiling and pans for frying, you have much more space to spread out your cooking tools – less chance of spitting from one pan to another as well. And you could actually use 4 burners at once, a great help if you’re preparing for a large crowd.

If you love to cook, then the 90cm freestanding oven from Westinghouse could be a great option. And if you’re looking for a wall oven, Westinghouse’s 90cm wall oven counterpart could be the answer to your large family, party and even home baking business.

After all, they do say that the oven is the heart of a kitchen, and a big heart is appreciated by everyone!

Here’s a video segment showing some great features of the Westinghouse 90cm ovens we mentioned above.

A Great Winter Feed with Breville’s All-in-One

As winter starts to really show its arrival with foggy mornings, dew-covered grass and a brisk bite in the wind, many of us would be thinking about warm dinners to fill us up at night. Soups are a great way to huddle in front of the TV or gather around the dinner table, and they can be very easy to prepare.

Soup meals can be a cinch to prepare, and can be as simple or as sophisticated as you’d like – throw in what you have in the kitchen pantry or fridge, or go out and select ingredients to make a specific dish. As with any dish, preparation is the key, and with Breville’s All-in-One, the path to a great tasting soup will be less messy and better textured.

So first, let’s have a quick look at what the All-in-One is all about, and how it can make food preparation easier, more consistent and help produce better cooking results:

We spoke to Breville this week, who kindly provided a simple but tasty soup recipe – the trusty Leek and Potato Soup, which serves a family of four using the ingredient levels provided.


40g butter

1 tablespoon olive oil

2 leeks, thinly sliced

750g potatoes, roughly chopped

1 litre chicken stock

Salt and white pepper

Chopped chives, to serve


1. Heat butter and oil in a large saucepan, add leeks and cook, stirring, for 3–4 minutes until softened. Add potatoes and stock. Bring to the boil then reduce heat and cook, covered, for about 20 minutes or until potatoes are soft. Remove from heat and allow soup to cool slightly.

2. Place stick mixer into saucepan and blend until soup is smooth. Season to taste.

3. Serve soup topped with fresh chopped chives.

If the soup becomes too thick when cooking or blending add a little extra stock or water. And that’s it, a nice simple meal that you could add some hot bread or toast to for dipping.

But don’t just take our word for it, world-renowned chef Heston Blumenthal has also tried out the All-In-One, and is keen to show you how well the blender performs:

So there you have it – a simple but tasty soup recipe, a great product to help you prepare the dish, and the thumbs up from a famous chef. For more information on the BSB530 from Breville featured here, just click here to see more and even order online.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy your hot soup!

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