Panasonic Steam Double Heater Oven

The Panasonic Steam Double Heater Oven is an amazing piece of cooking technology that we’re going to show you today. Whether you live by yourself, share a small apartment or just want a convenient way to cook and reheat food, then this model is worth looking at.

First up, the it uses flat bed technology, which means no rotating dish is required, so you can utilise the entire space for your cooking – no compromises. And because it’s Panasonic, the inverter technology in the microwave means a much more consistent heating level for the entire cooking cycle.

But this is no ordinary flatbed microwave – it has steam, grilling and oven functions that increase the possibilities for entertaining and restaurant style cooking.

This microwave has two high powered heater areas on the top and bottom to provide oven-like cooking results great for roasts and quiches. You can use the steam function in tandem with the oven for dessert dishes like cakes, cookies, and cream puffs, keeping these dishes moist and cooked to perfection.

Have you tried defrosting food but have found that you have ended up overcooking the the food food is now dry and inedible? By using steam along with the defrost microwaving option, your frozen dishes will be defrosted and still full of moisture.

The grill function is great for crispy dishes like vegetables and fish. Again, you don’t have to turn on your large oven for smaller sized portions, just use your Panasonic microwave.

The grill function actually has a couple of extra features that make it a true cooking companion for single dwellings and smaller apartments.

By combining the grilling function and microwave, you can speed up cooking time by up to 40% on dishes like grilled chicken, with the meat being cooked at an optimum while the skin is browned to a golden colour – impressing your guests and delivering true home-cooked meals.

The double grill function, is a great innovation too. Here, the top grill and microwave are used along with the double grill tray that’s provided. Place your chops or mince patties on the double grill tray, and the top grill will brown the top surface of your food, and the microwave heats the double grill ribs, which delivers that seared bottom surface. The end result? Fast cooking results and no need to turn your food over for grilling via the top elements.

Because the ribbing is raised on the tray, any excess fat and oil will run off, making your dish tastier and healthier.

Speaking of trays, this Panasonic microwave comes with 4 different trays to suit different dishes – the double grill we’ve just mentioned, a metal tray for oven use, a wire rack, and glass tray. And remember, because it’s flat bed, all of these take up the entire space of the microwave to optimise your cooking.

So come on in to your nearest Bing lee store or purchase online right now!

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