Breville BSB530 All-in-One Food Processor

If you love cooking then chances are you spend a fair amount of time blending, chopping, slicing and mashing. One thing we’d all dread is the amount of different tools we’d need for all those food prep activities. Great thing is, Breville have come up with an all in one answer to all of those food processing tasks. It’s called the BSB530, but also affectionately known as, well… the all-in-one! The whole system revolves around the handyman tool-like control grip, making it easy to stabilise and control your food processing.

So let’s food prep and go through each of the great functions. When you use a hand stick blender, what is one of the biggest gripes you might have? That’s right, suction that causes the blender to stay bolted to the bottom of your bowl. Excess suction means less control, longer blending times and more chance of hot liquid ending up on you or your bench top.

The all-in-one’s hand stick blender has been cleverly designed to reduce suction by up to 80%; without compromising the blending power of that 700W motor. The secret is this patented oval shape, side channels and ribs that all combine to minimise that ‘vortex effect’ that round designs generate. This simple breakthrough provides more control and minimises spills and spits from the saucepan you’re blending in. With hand mixers used primarily for soups, great for those winter dinners, this hand blender makes it easier, safer and quicker to achieve the consistency and blend you’re aiming for.

Next, I want to show you one of the most versatile mashers available in the market today. No matter how you like your mashed potatoes, whether it’s coarse or extra creamy, the twist adjustable head let’s you set your mashing the way you want it. For example, rustic style textures and cooking are really coming back into vogue, and this masher helps you achieve that unique-tasting texture.

The flipside is the aftermath – the masher is extremely easy to breakdown into its parts for easy rinsing or placing in the dishwasher, and can just as easily be reconstructed for use at a moment’s notice.

Slicing individual vegetables on a workbench can be tiresome and let’s face it, a little dangerous for your exposed fingers. Not only that, but most of us probably wouldn’t be able to chop a carrot or cucumber, for example, with consistent thickness all the way through.

So what, I hear you say, why is that important? Well, these days, the concept of plating up and food presentation is high on many cook’s agendas, and this means even the mundane aspects of activities such as slicing or chopping need to result in a product that you’d be proud to place on your guest’s plate. Breville’s adjustable slicer lets you control that action completely – let’s do three different types of hard vegetables now – thin carrots, here we go, thicker cucumbers, straight through the chute, and extra thick onion slices. Now, let’s have a look at that on a plate. Think of the presentation possibilities!

And lastly, chopping. Electric choppers can really make a mess of things by pureeing the bottom layer while not even chopping the rest of your ingredients. Breville’s quad blade chopping system increases the chopping action across two levels and 4 blades, delivering more even chopping in a much quicker time.

The All-in-one doesn’t stop there – the whisk and reversible grating disc also add to your food prep repertoire so you can experiment with countless ingredients and refinements of each process.

And when you’re done, all the components of the all-in-one fit onto this well organised storage unit, ready for your next culinary adventure. Mashing up. chopping up and plating up – the Breville All-in-one has got you covered.

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