Size Does Matter – The Advantage of a 90cm Oven

An oven and cooktop 90 centimeters in width? It may sound excessive, but for those with large families and who entertain guests on a regular basis, you would never want to go back.

Having an oven space that can handle 4 chickens at once will mean much less time having to prepare one dish, take it out, put another one in, and so forth – until all the dishes for your party or event are ready.

When you consider the cavity size of these ovens, mass production of treats and healthy meals becomes easy. Dozens of cupcakes, many loaves of bread, trays of biscuits – the possibilities are endless.

One of the overlooked benefits of having a wider oven is not just what you can put inside the oven, but what you can put onto the cooktop. Let’s face it, on a standard cooktop it can get pretty squeezed for space once you put a large pot or pan – it becomes a game of pots and pans tetris to get the best configuration.

With a 90cm oven, if you do use larger pots for boiling and pans for frying, you have much more space to spread out your cooking tools – less chance of spitting from one pan to another as well. And you could actually use 4 burners at once, a great help if you’re preparing for a large crowd.

If you love to cook, then the 90cm freestanding oven from Westinghouse could be a great option. And if you’re looking for a wall oven, Westinghouse’s 90cm wall oven counterpart could be the answer to your large family, party and even home baking business.

After all, they do say that the oven is the heart of a kitchen, and a big heart is appreciated by everyone!

Here’s a video segment showing some great features of the Westinghouse 90cm ovens we mentioned above.

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