Westinghouse 90cm Oven Range

Superseded by the new new Westinghouse oven range.

The best thing about ninety centimeter ovens is they’re great for baking, grilling, and serving up a feast for family and unexpected guests. Westinghouse’s new ninety centimeter oven range has been designed locally, using experience and knowledge of the Australian cooking family. Not only that, they’re also manufactured right here in Australia as well.

Some of the things you might be thinking about about with such a big oven are heat up time, cleaning and having a oven that’s big enough to cater for everyone. Westinghouse have all those questions, and more, answered with this new 90cm oven range.

The new ninety centimetre ovens from Westinghouse feature touch control and fully programmable timers. This provides much more control when cooking. One of the most noticeable things you’ll notice right away is the size of the oven, with one hundred and twenty liters of gross capacity and one hundred and sixteen liters of usable space, setting a new benchmark for oven capacity.

To give you an idea of how large the oven is, you can comfortably fit up to four roast chicken and vegetable dishes in the oven, or up to 72 mini cupcakes in one go. That’s one huge family gathering or a sports team get together.

These ovens use two fans that rotate in opposite directions, which results in significantly better air flow distribution than a standard one or two fan oven. This is called the twin fan system. The oven is designed to heat up fast. How fast?

Well, on a quick cook setting, it takes only eight and a half minutes to heat the oven to one hundred and eighty degrees celsius. That means you can have the oven ready to cook with very little notice, a great feature if you do have unexpected drop ins.

The ceramic hob, with touch controls, makes it easy to use and also to clean. The fully programmable timer means you can plan your food preparation ahead of time, especially for slow cooked meals.

The oven has a large window for maximum visibility of the food while it’s cooking. It’s built with 3 layers of glass and a special door cooling system which keeps the door as cool as possible. That’s why these ovens don’t require a hot surface warning, so it’s much safer for families with young kids.

This oven is really versatile. It features seven shelf positions and come with catalytic liners. There is also a handy storage compartment, perfect for storing oven accessories and racks, for quick access when you need them. The kick plate also provides an integrated look for your kitchen.

Here, you can see the oven cavity is seamless. There are no awkward joints or dirt traps. The grill trays are actually split into two separate components, so you only need to clean what you use. The oven door is also easy to remove for cleaning, as are the layers of glass. Fingerprint resistant stainless steel means it’s easy to keep the oven looking great.

That’s the Australian made and designed Westinghouse ninety centimetre range, with electronic touch controls, one hundred and sixteen liter usable capacity, an effective twin fan system, fast heat up, triple glazed cool touch door, which easy to clean and maintain, not to mention having its own storage area. That’s definitely an oven made for modern families.

So come on in to your nearest Bing Lee store, or shop online right now.

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