Westinghouse WHE5160SA Fridge Highlights

This is a 510 litre French door fridg from Westinghouse. It’s got some great features that help you keep your fridge items organised and extend the life of your fruit and vegies.

Starting on the outside of the fridge, the stainless steel finish will add a bit of sparkle and class to any kitchen. It’s fingerprint free because of a special coating so it stays clean and shiny, and if you have young kids, you just know they’ll have their little hands all over this fridge.

Especially because of the water dispenser, very convenient if you have young ones leaving or coming back from sports, it’s just fill up and go. Plus, it’s filtered for more healthy drinking. This fridge also produces ice on demand as well, with an extra large ice bin for parties and unexpected guests.

Now as you can see we have the fridge area on the top and the freezer area on the bottom. Because it’s french door there is a generously wide space that can be used for large platters and big pots, just what you need for parties and family events.

Here you can see there’s plenty of shelves in the bottom freezer area to help you organise the different frozen foods that you need to store.

Now in such a big area, you need to have good air circulation, and this Westinghouse have a multi-flow air delivery that disperses the air evenly through the cooled space to keep your food fresh longer. And speaking of fresh, this fridge comes with a deodoriser to keep the fridge and contents smelling fresh.

Now a big space also mean lots of food, and you need to stay organised. Spillsafe shelves keep any accidental spills on the shelf for easier cleaning up. There’s adjustable door bins, dairy compartment, crisper bins and a slightly warmer dairy compartment for butters and cheeses.

Sometimes you want to chill a bottle or two quickly the great news is this fridge actually keeps an eye on a few things for you and gently nudges you when it needs some action. If you’ve put drinks in the freezer area to chill, you can set it t alert you from 5 to 30 minutes later. And if you’re going away, you can select the holiday mode to reduce energy consumption.

That’s the Westinghouse French door fridge, perfect for big families, and big parties!

Asus ET2321 All In One Desktop

This is the Asus ET2321 All in one Touchscreen PC running Windows 8.1. The display is a widescreen twenty three inch IPS display with a nineteen twenty by ten eighty resolution, which will provide native clarity for full high definition content. As a desktop PC with a touchscreen, you’ll be be able to use it in a variety of ways.

First, when you’re in desktop mode you’ll be able to have two windows open at the same time side by side, without compromising on the text or picture size within each window. This makes multitasking even easier, it’s like having two monitors, but both within your field of vision.

Secondly, when it’s time to wind down, the ET2321 will transform into a movie playing mini cinema, thanks to the on board graphics and ear pleasing audio. And because the screen is full high definition, it will play back movies in native resolution, so they will look superb. And with a 178 degree viewing angle, you can settle back with family or friends for a cozy film night.

Watching the screen isn’t the only highlight of this all-in-one, the Windows 8.1 touch based experience is great as well, with full 10-finger multi-touch capability. Pinch-to-zoom, rotate images and scroll through webpages, all with ease. The ET2321 provides outstanding accuracy, offering effortless control through Windows 8.1, optimizing your touch experience. Smooth throughout, the responsive touchscreen makes swiping, scrolling, and all other gestures quicker, more intuitive, and incredibly rewarding.

All this is driven by a powerful Intel processor with 16 gigs of RAM to support those multiwindow scenarios we covered earlier as well as number crunching apps when you need to be working hard. There’s also a massive hard drive to store all your content, be it music, photos, movies and productivity files.

Another great feature is its wireless connectivity so you can place this anywhere in your home and still be connected online.

This is all supported by a stylish stand that elevates the display and keeps your desk looking uncluttered. The wireless keyboard and mouse complement that clean look to your work environment.

Lastly, because the ET2321 uses the full blown version of Windows, you can install all the third party Windows programs you’re used to using, or discover many more apps on the Windows store.

So if you’re looking for a full high definition, touchscreen all-in-one that provides the best of both worlds in play and work, then this 23 inch from Asus could be your next PC.


Sandisk Connect Wireless Media Drive Highlights

Ideal for family vacations and rainy days, the Sandisk Wireless Media Drive is the perfect pocket-sized entertainment device that streams high-definition movies, photos, and music on tablets, smartphones, and computers. These new wireless devices represent the next generation of portable storage, delivering an easier way to access and share content across multiple mobile devices.

It includes an SDHC/SDXC card slot for instant sharing of those awesome birthday pictures and videos you just took on your digital camera with friends and family – no Internet connection required. A durable aluminum housing protects it from the bumps and scrapes you’d expect from on the go use.

And with up to 8 hours of continuous streaming per charge, it will keep the whole family entertained longer perfect on that long car or plane ride. It comes with a USB cable for recharging.

The SanDisk Connect is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices as well as PC and Mac computers. Movies, music, photos and documents can be loaded by simply dragging and dropping the files, and then accessed via the SanDisk Connect app, available for download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

So let’s see how easy it is to set one up. First, charge the connect device, which will glow green here when it’s fully charged. Press this button for three seconds and it’s turned on. Use your smartphone or tablet to connect by using your wifi setting and find the sandisk connect on your list of networks.

Once you’re connected, you open the app that you’ve downloaded and you’ll see the files that are on the connect and on your device. And now, just start streaming from the connect! Now, this is a cool function – you can transfer files to and from the Connect, so instead of streaming, you can place them on your tablet for viewing later, or if you want to free up space, move the content over from your device to the Sandisk connect.

You can repeat this 7 other devices, and you can stream 5 movies at once. Now here’s another nifty trick – you can use the connect app to move your content over to the connect media player. and then use another device to transfer them from the media drive to the new device, so you’re using connect as a sort of bridge to transfer from one device to another regardless of whether it’s an android or apple, and no internet required.

That’s the Sandisk Connect wireless media drive – a great storage and wireless streaming solution for the whole family.

Changhong 65″ Smart TV Highlights

If you’re looking for a fully featured large screen TV with the best bang for buck, then you can’t go past the Changhong sixty five inch smart TV. Packed full of features, this TV strikes a great balance between performance and affordability.

Let’s start with the overall look of this TV. The near frameless design provides a sleek, modern look for any home entertainment decor, and the sweeping arc stand tops off the cool, metallic design statement. It’s not just all good looks for this model though.

This smart TV uses Android as an operating system, to deliver a quick and intuitive interface that anyone in the family will be able to use in just a few moments. And because it uses the Android platform, Changhong are able to offer apps that you can download onto the TV that allow you to connect with others, be entertained and up to date as well as inspired.

You can choose from apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Soundhound, and CNN. Changhong currently has 150 apps which are constantly updated for the best user experience. This Changhong TV uses both wireless and ethernet input to connect online for more flexibility.

Using the remote control provided, you can easily access your own content, any downloaded apps and the home screen. There are actually 3 USB inputs, 2 are USB 2, and one is the superspeed USB 3 for lightning fast transfer speeds. The Media player will detect any content on a drive connected to one of these USB drives and you can easily playback your content to share with family and friends  you can also connect using one of the three USB a wireless keyboard and mouse to allow of quick ease in searching and navigating the internet.

Using your own hard drive or flash drive, you can record TV programs and play them back – all without a separate PVR. And for full high definition viewing, the 4 on board HDMI ports make this TV the hub for your gaming, movie and computer activities.

Tvs are all about the picture quality, and this Changhong TV utilises the Ultra Clear video processor engine that monitors changes in dark, bright or mixed scenes and optimises contrast and colour for a great video image every time.

The one hundred hertz panel minimises ghosting and jitter during fast moving scenes like action movies or sports, to deliver a smooth, enjoyable large screen experience.

That’s the Changhong sixty five inch smart TV – great features, fantastic size with a great price.

Electrolux French Door Fridge Highlights

This is a 510 litre French door fridge from Electrolux. It’s got some great features that help you keep your fridge items organised and extend the life of your fruit and vegies.

So let’s start on the outside of the fridge. This is a stainless steel fridge, and will add a bit of sparkle and class to any kitchen. And if you have young kids, you just know they’ll have their fingers all over this fridge. Great thing is it’s fingerprint free because of a special coating so it stays clean and shiny.

Then we have the water dispenser, which is almost flush to the fridge door and can accommodate any sized container, even a kids sports bottle – very convenient if you have young ones leaving for their sports event, just fill up and go. The water outlet is actually really innovative, with the tubing integrated into the top of the fridge section under the light cover. Plus, it’s filtered for more healthy drinking. Cool, hey? And it’s not just water, this fridge also produces ice on demand as well, with an extra large ice bin for parties and summer time cooling.

Now as you can see we have the fridge area on the top and the freezer area on the bottom. Because it’s french door there is a huge wide space that can be used for really wide platters and big pots – great for parties and family events.

Now in such a big area, you need to have good air circulation, and Electrolux have a multi-flow air delivery that disperses the air evenly through the cooled space to keep your food fresh longer. And speaking of fresh, this fridge comes with a fresh sense deodoriser to keep the fridge and contents smelling fresh.

Now a big space also mean lots of food, and you need to stay organised. There’s adjustable door bins, deli drawers, crisper bins and slide away glass shelf for taller or awkwardly shaped items.

Now if you’ve got a big family and you’re running around the house you could definitely be forgiven for being a little absent minded when it comes to something like a fridge. The great news is this fridge actually keeps an eye on a few things for you and gently nudges you when it needs some action. Not only for doors to be shut to keep the cool in, but also if you’ve put drinks in the freezer area to chill, or even if the freezer is getting a little warmer than it should be, you’ll get alerted. And if you’re going away, the fridge goes into a more economic mode to reduce energy waste.

So this is a cool fridge, pardon the pun! It even has a self freezing freezer door to help you keep the icy cold air trapped in the freezer.

Breville Boss Super Blender

As the old saying goes, “you are what you eat”. We all want to look and feel healthier, and cutting down the amount of preservatives and additives that our families eat is a great place to start.

Preparing meals from scratch sounds fine in theory, but without the right equipment it can be overwhelming and time consuming. What if I told you that one appliance could replace over ten others, create everything from green smoothies to hot soup, from sorbets to hummus and from nut butter to flour in minutes… AND clean itself?

Let me introduce you to the new Boss SUPERBLENDER by Breville.

What’s a “superblender” I hear you ask? Well, not all blenders are created equal. Smoothies are not just about bananas and milk anymore. “Green smoothies” are becoming one of the best ways to increase your daily intake of vitamins, minerals, and fibre. We’ve all read how great superfoods like kale are for you, but have you ever tried blending it in a regular blender? Most traditional blenders simply don’t have enough power to blend leafy greens, meaning your green smoothies ends up more like lumpy green sludge. Try getting the kids to drink that.

Blending is all about texture, and thanks to the 3 horsepower motor and unique ProKinetix bowl-hugging blade system, this superblender can pulverise virtually any combination of ingredients, even kale, into a super fine texture to increase absorption of nutrients and produce a noticeably smoother mouthfeel. In fact, up to 50% smaller particles than a traditional blender.

This power and the unique folding action created by the curved blades means that you can create tastier, healthier meals from scratch at home in minutes that you never imagined possible.

Frozen desserts without preservatives, nut butters without salt and sugar, hot soups without flavourings, mayonnaises without emulsifiers, soy milks without stabilisers, and of course green smoothies you don’t have to chew. That’s right, the Boss can even mill.

The Boss control panel has been designed with the whole family in mind. There are a selection of dedicated one touch programs that are really simple to use including ice crush, smoothies, the world’s first green smoothie button, frozen desserts, and of course auto clean. There’s even a one touch button for cold to hot soup! That’s right, simply throw in your favourite combination of vegetables, herbs and spices and in as little as 6 minutes you’ll be ready to pour up to 1 litre of delicious hot soup straight from the blender. This one touch function is such a fast and convenient way to make hot soup, without having to watch over or stir it.

The Boss also features an LCD timer that counts down for pre-programmed settings and counts up for speed dial control. The two-in-one wet and dry jug is made from Shatterproof Titan, the same material used for airplane windscreens. It’s lightweight, BPA free of course, and shatter resistant. It’s also dishwasher safe, but with the self-clean function, a drop of dishwashing liquid and small amount of water is all you’ll need for most ingredients.

For the rare times that you do need to intervene, the Boss comes with two accessories, a frozen dessert tamp for helping with delicious guilt-free frozen sorbets, and the second is a spatula that helps scrape out every last yummy spoonful of sticky nut butters and other emulsions so you don’t waste a thing.

That’s the new Breville Boss, easy to use superblender. With one touch functions including the world’s first ‘Green Smoothie’ function and variable speeds ranging from a slow stir to a pulverising high speed mill. Now you too can enjoy the ‘finer’ things in life!


Dyson Cooling Range

Five years ago, Dyson reinvented the conventional electric fan by developing patented Air Multiplier technology to get rid of those unpleasant, buffeting blades. Since then, Dyson engineers have been relentlessly improving Air Multiplier technology and, 650 prototypes later, they’ve developed even quieter and more energy efficient fans – introducing the AM06 desk fan, AM07 tower fan, and AM08 pedestal fan.

The new Dyson Cool fans have been engineered to be quieter – up to 75% quieter than the previous generation, and use up to 40% less energy – yet still generate powerful airflow. To lower noise levels, the new Dyson Cool™ fans house a Helmholtz cavity, designed to capture and dissipate audible motor noise. How does a Helmholtz cavity work?

When air is forced into the Helmholtz the pressure inside increases, catching soundwaves through the machine. These waves are then bounced within the cavity, dissipating the sound, and cancelling specific tones. Airflow paths have also been streamlined, so that air passes through the machine more quietly and with greater efficiency – meaning the motor can run more slowly, using less energy.

They’ve even been accredited with Quiet Mark – the international mark of approval awarded by the UK Noise Abatement Society. Quiet Mark lets Dyson owners know that they can expect great Dyson performance that’s easy on the ear.

As well as being quieter and more energy efficient, the new range of Dyson Cool fans also come with a remote control, which is magnetised to store neatly on the machine. There are ten precise airflow settings, which can be controlled by the remote or by the soft-touch button at the base of the fan.

A sleep timer can switch the fan off after pre-set intervals ranging from 15 minutes to 9 hours, handy for those hot summer nights. For whole room high velocity air projection, there is smooth oscillation. And it pivots on its own centre of gravity, staying put without clamping. Because there are no blades, it is easy to clean, and safe – which makes it perfect for the whole family.

We’re in for a hot summer – so come on in to your nearest Bing Lee store or purchase online right now.


Breville Oracle Coffee Maker Highlights

Hi there, and first up, a confession – I love coffee. The taste, the aroma, even the social aspect of sharing stories and laughs over a good latte or macchiato. Now if you want to experience all three of those at once, you’d normally arrange to catch up with your friends at a nice cafe. But with the release of the Oracle from Breville, your friends can enjoy true cafe quality coffee at your place, without you having to be a barista.

Breville’s Oracle is the world’s first “automatic manual” coffee machine. What does that mean? The best of both worlds… a two-in-one. The great taste and latte art of a manual machine, with the convenience of an automatic; in less time than it takes to boil the kettle!


The new Oracle takes care of all the tricky bits of coffee making like grinding, dosing, tamping, AND milk texturing, so that you can entertain with confidence. But any baristas in the family can still override the auto milk texturing with the lift of a lever, to practice their skills. One important bit is still up to you and that’s adjusting the grind size, with the simple twist of a dial.

Which takes us to pouring the shot, or “extraction” as it’s known. You know you have adjusted your grind correctly when the espresso flows thick, like warm honey, with a smooth, creamy taste. Too coarse and it will under extract and you’ll get too much water and a bland taste. Too fine and the water will be blocked, and the flow will only drip out and the taste will be bitter.

We know that 9 out of 10 Australians prefer their coffee with milk, but achieving that café-style latte art at home can be really tricky, even with a milk thermometer. The secret is not just the temperature, but the milk TEXTURE. That’s what sets the Oracle apart. With the twist of a dial and the touch of a lever, the Oracle’s steam wand automatically textures your milk to the exact temperature and consistency that you select on the LCD display. So you’ll never burn or over froth your milk again.

So let’s make one of my favourite coffees now – a latte. First, we fill the milk jug to the bottom of the spout, then push the steam wand down into the milk as we place it onto the drip tray. Next we scroll to ‘latte’ on the display, toggle once to select the temperature at, say 60 degrees, and then we just bump this lever. And that’s the milk taken care of. Once it reaches 60 degrees it’ll stop automatically so you can’t burn your milk.

Now we have some freshly roasted beans here. I know they’re fresh because they have a ‘roasted on’ date stamped on the bag that’s within the last 30 days. Very important, because fresh is always best. Because they are so fresh we can dial it up to the coarser, higher number. So now with the bump of the handle, the grinder will grind, dose and tamp the coffee grounds flat & evenly for a consistent extraction, AUTOMATICALLY! All of this happens in this area, so there’s no mess.

Now we just move the portafilter from the grinder to the grouphead, the temperature is pre-set at that magic 93 degrees, just like a machine in a café, and the only decision we need to make now is one shot or two? When I push the one shot button, I’m watching the shot clock, and if we’ve selected the perfect grind size for these beans, we’ll see warm honey start to pour out at around 8 to 10 seconds. It’ll automatically stop pouring at 20 seconds for one shot (or 30 seconds for two shots), leaving us a delicious café-quality shot with a nice thick crema.

Now, we take our milk jug, give the outside of the steam wand a quick wipe, then push it back in place, and it’ll “auto purge”. That’s right, the Oracle even cleans itself. I then give the jug a quick swirl, and slowly introduce the milk into my crema. And there you have it, a true café quality latte. I’m not going to waste it. Mmmmmm, that’s gooood.

That’s the new Breville Oracle – the best way to serve true cafe quality coffee at your place, in as little as 90 seconds. Now excuse me, I’m going to make another cup…


Dyson DC65 Upright Vacuum Highlights

It was only just 21 years ago that Dyson changed the way we Australians vacuum their homes.

Before Dyson, conventional vacuum cleaners remained unchanged for over a century – they would work on carpets but neglected other areas of your home. They just didn’t do what they were needed to do, and left a lot of dust and dirt behind around the home.

In 1993, James Dyson launched his first bagless machine with no loss of suction and no bag – the DC01. It took him 5 years of perseverance and over 5,000 prototypes  to create this best-seller. From there, Dyson set out to launch more upright vacuums, designing and engineering the next machine to perform better than the previous ones.

Still setting the benchmark for vacuum cleaner suction performance today, those smart engineers at Dyson have built a vacuum cleaner for your entire home. The latest addition to the range is the Dyson DC65 Animal upright vacuum. Let’s take a look at this machine in more detail.

We know that 91 percent of Australian Homes have a mixture of floor types, and to get good dust pick up across all floor types – there are a couple important things you need to know. There is the brush bar that will loosen and agitate the dirt and there is the suction at the cleaner head that pulls the dust away. This is precisely what the Dyson self-adjusting cleaner head is designed to do.

You see, as you move from floor type to floor type, the floating sole plate automatically adjusts to maintain a good seal and high suction. The DC65 also has a new design purple brush bar, driving deeper into the carpet pile with 25 percent more brush bar power than its predecessor. With a Dyson DC65, you really get the best of both worlds on carpets and hard floors  without wasting suction energy … and you don’t even have to worry about fiddly dials. Simple!

DC65 has 12 cyclones that make up Dyson’s most advanced Radial Cyclone™ technology – spinning the air very very quickly, creating incredible forces that capture the tiniest of particles … microscopic allergens and dirt that you can’t see – as small as 0.5 microns.

DC65 is perfect for cleaning around the rest of your home. Whilst fixed wheel vacuums are fine for going in straight lines, a house full of obstacles means the ball technology in Dyson machines allows you to navigate easily around all the obstacles effectively and efficiently.

And did I mention that DC65 is great for cleaning up high and hard-to-reach places … all the way up to the top of the stairs with its instant release wand. Just simply use the right tool for the right job – such as the mini tangle-free turbine tool – it picks up hair and dirt without tangling. This is just one of the extra tools that help you clean dirt from awkward places – from up high and down below to the edge of your skirting boards.

Dyson DC65 upright is engineered specifically for real Australian homes and tested to be incredibly strong and durable. Come on in to any Bing Lee store to try one out!


Sandisk Dual USB Drive Product Highlights

The SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive is a very handy USB flash drive featuring both a micro-USB and a USB 2.0 connector in a sleek and sturdy design. The SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive is designed for Android smartphone and tablet users who need an easy way to move content such as photos and videos from their mobile devices. The drive allows users to safely store and backup files, free-up space, or simply transfer multimedia between their smartphones, tablets and computers.

The SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive provides a convenient way to transfer content via an Android-powered smartphone or tablet’s micro-USB port and a computer’s USB connection. Optimized for Android smartphones and tablets, the SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive features a micro-USB connector on one side and a USB 2.0 connector on the other, enabling you to transfer photos, videos, and other files to your PC or Mac computer to clear up storage space.

While other methods of transferring files from a mobile device to a computer require wires, applications or a wireless set-up, the SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive simply needs to be connected to a mobile device supporting USB on-the-go to access up to 64GB of ‘plug and play’ storage capacity, which means that it is automatically detected when it is connected to a compatible Android smartphone, tablet or computer.

The drive’s dual USB ports also feature a retractable cover, meaning no caps to lose while still keeping the connectors safe.

SanDisk is making content management even easier with the SanDisk Memory Zone app, available for download on Google Play™. With the SanDisk Memory Zone app, users are able to better organize files stored on internal and external phone memory for management, viewing, copying and backup – further easing the hassle of freeing up the memory on their mobile device.The app can be used with the SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive for moving files.

Offering up to 64GB of storage space, the SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive provides enough capacity for large digital photo or music libraries. If you take a lot of photos or videos with your smartphone or tablet, the drive makes it easy to backup those files or move them from your device to your PC or Mac computer.

The SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets** and with PCs running Windows® XP, Windows 7, or Windows 8 or Mac computers running Mac OS X v10.5 and above.