Changhong 65″ Smart TV Highlights

If you’re looking for a fully featured large screen TV with the best bang for buck, then you can’t go past the Changhong sixty five inch smart TV. Packed full of features, this TV strikes a great balance between performance and affordability.

Let’s start with the overall look of this TV. The near frameless design provides a sleek, modern look for any home entertainment decor, and the sweeping arc stand tops off the cool, metallic design statement. It’s not just all good looks for this model though.

This smart TV uses Android as an operating system, to deliver a quick and intuitive interface that anyone in the family will be able to use in just a few moments. And because it uses the Android platform, Changhong are able to offer apps that you can download onto the TV that allow you to connect with others, be entertained and up to date as well as inspired.

You can choose from apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Soundhound, and CNN. Changhong currently has 150 apps which are constantly updated for the best user experience. This Changhong TV uses both wireless and ethernet input to connect online for more flexibility.

Using the remote control provided, you can easily access your own content, any downloaded apps and the home screen. There are actually 3 USB inputs, 2 are USB 2, and one is the superspeed USB 3 for lightning fast transfer speeds. The Media player will detect any content on a drive connected to one of these USB drives and you can easily playback your content to share with family and friends  you can also connect using one of the three USB a wireless keyboard and mouse to allow of quick ease in searching and navigating the internet.

Using your own hard drive or flash drive, you can record TV programs and play them back – all without a separate PVR. And for full high definition viewing, the 4 on board HDMI ports make this TV the hub for your gaming, movie and computer activities.

Tvs are all about the picture quality, and this Changhong TV utilises the Ultra Clear video processor engine that monitors changes in dark, bright or mixed scenes and optimises contrast and colour for a great video image every time.

The one hundred hertz panel minimises ghosting and jitter during fast moving scenes like action movies or sports, to deliver a smooth, enjoyable large screen experience.

That’s the Changhong sixty five inch smart TV – great features, fantastic size with a great price.

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