Sandisk Connect Wireless Media Drive Highlights

Ideal for family vacations and rainy days, the Sandisk Wireless Media Drive is the perfect pocket-sized entertainment device that streams high-definition movies, photos, and music on tablets, smartphones, and computers. These new wireless devices represent the next generation of portable storage, delivering an easier way to access and share content across multiple mobile devices.

It includes an SDHC/SDXC card slot for instant sharing of those awesome birthday pictures and videos you just took on your digital camera with friends and family – no Internet connection required. A durable aluminum housing protects it from the bumps and scrapes you’d expect from on the go use.

And with up to 8 hours of continuous streaming per charge, it will keep the whole family entertained longer perfect on that long car or plane ride. It comes with a USB cable for recharging.

The SanDisk Connect is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices as well as PC and Mac computers. Movies, music, photos and documents can be loaded by simply dragging and dropping the files, and then accessed via the SanDisk Connect app, available for download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

So let’s see how easy it is to set one up. First, charge the connect device, which will glow green here when it’s fully charged. Press this button for three seconds and it’s turned on. Use your smartphone or tablet to connect by using your wifi setting and find the sandisk connect on your list of networks.

Once you’re connected, you open the app that you’ve downloaded and you’ll see the files that are on the connect and on your device. And now, just start streaming from the connect! Now, this is a cool function – you can transfer files to and from the Connect, so instead of streaming, you can place them on your tablet for viewing later, or if you want to free up space, move the content over from your device to the Sandisk connect.

You can repeat this 7 other devices, and you can stream 5 movies at once. Now here’s another nifty trick – you can use the connect app to move your content over to the connect media player. and then use another device to transfer them from the media drive to the new device, so you’re using connect as a sort of bridge to transfer from one device to another regardless of whether it’s an android or apple, and no internet required.

That’s the Sandisk Connect wireless media drive – a great storage and wireless streaming solution for the whole family.

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