Dyson DC65 Upright Vacuum Highlights

It was only just 21 years ago that Dyson changed the way we Australians vacuum their homes.

Before Dyson, conventional vacuum cleaners remained unchanged for over a century – they would work on carpets but neglected other areas of your home. They just didn’t do what they were needed to do, and left a lot of dust and dirt behind around the home.

In 1993, James Dyson launched his first bagless machine with no loss of suction and no bag – the DC01. It took him 5 years of perseverance and over 5,000 prototypes  to create this best-seller. From there, Dyson set out to launch more upright vacuums, designing and engineering the next machine to perform better than the previous ones.

Still setting the benchmark for vacuum cleaner suction performance today, those smart engineers at Dyson have built a vacuum cleaner for your entire home. The latest addition to the range is the Dyson DC65 Animal upright vacuum. Let’s take a look at this machine in more detail.

We know that 91 percent of Australian Homes have a mixture of floor types, and to get good dust pick up across all floor types – there are a couple important things you need to know. There is the brush bar that will loosen and agitate the dirt and there is the suction at the cleaner head that pulls the dust away. This is precisely what the Dyson self-adjusting cleaner head is designed to do.

You see, as you move from floor type to floor type, the floating sole plate automatically adjusts to maintain a good seal and high suction. The DC65 also has a new design purple brush bar, driving deeper into the carpet pile with 25 percent more brush bar power than its predecessor. With a Dyson DC65, you really get the best of both worlds on carpets and hard floors  without wasting suction energy … and you don’t even have to worry about fiddly dials. Simple!

DC65 has 12 cyclones that make up Dyson’s most advanced Radial Cyclone™ technology – spinning the air very very quickly, creating incredible forces that capture the tiniest of particles … microscopic allergens and dirt that you can’t see – as small as 0.5 microns.

DC65 is perfect for cleaning around the rest of your home. Whilst fixed wheel vacuums are fine for going in straight lines, a house full of obstacles means the ball technology in Dyson machines allows you to navigate easily around all the obstacles effectively and efficiently.

And did I mention that DC65 is great for cleaning up high and hard-to-reach places … all the way up to the top of the stairs with its instant release wand. Just simply use the right tool for the right job – such as the mini tangle-free turbine tool – it picks up hair and dirt without tangling. This is just one of the extra tools that help you clean dirt from awkward places – from up high and down below to the edge of your skirting boards.

Dyson DC65 upright is engineered specifically for real Australian homes and tested to be incredibly strong and durable. Come on in to any Bing Lee store to try one out!


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