Westinghouse WHE5160SA Fridge Highlights

This is a 510 litre French door fridg from Westinghouse. It’s got some great features that help you keep your fridge items organised and extend the life of your fruit and vegies.

Starting on the outside of the fridge, the stainless steel finish will add a bit of sparkle and class to any kitchen. It’s fingerprint free because of a special coating so it stays clean and shiny, and if you have young kids, you just know they’ll have their little hands all over this fridge.

Especially because of the water dispenser, very convenient if you have young ones leaving or coming back from sports, it’s just fill up and go. Plus, it’s filtered for more healthy drinking. This fridge also produces ice on demand as well, with an extra large ice bin for parties and unexpected guests.

Now as you can see we have the fridge area on the top and the freezer area on the bottom. Because it’s french door there is a generously wide space that can be used for large platters and big pots, just what you need for parties and family events.

Here you can see there’s plenty of shelves in the bottom freezer area to help you organise the different frozen foods that you need to store.

Now in such a big area, you need to have good air circulation, and this Westinghouse have a multi-flow air delivery that disperses the air evenly through the cooled space to keep your food fresh longer. And speaking of fresh, this fridge comes with a deodoriser to keep the fridge and contents smelling fresh.

Now a big space also mean lots of food, and you need to stay organised. Spillsafe shelves keep any accidental spills on the shelf for easier cleaning up. There’s adjustable door bins, dairy compartment, crisper bins and a slightly warmer dairy compartment for butters and cheeses.

Sometimes you want to chill a bottle or two quickly the great news is this fridge actually keeps an eye on a few things for you and gently nudges you when it needs some action. If you’ve put drinks in the freezer area to chill, you can set it t alert you from 5 to 30 minutes later. And if you’re going away, you can select the holiday mode to reduce energy consumption.

That’s the Westinghouse French door fridge, perfect for big families, and big parties!

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