Breville Boss Super Blender

As the old saying goes, “you are what you eat”. We all want to look and feel healthier, and cutting down the amount of preservatives and additives that our families eat is a great place to start.

Preparing meals from scratch sounds fine in theory, but without the right equipment it can be overwhelming and time consuming. What if I told you that one appliance could replace over ten others, create everything from green smoothies to hot soup, from sorbets to hummus and from nut butter to flour in minutes… AND clean itself?

Let me introduce you to the new Boss SUPERBLENDER by Breville.

What’s a “superblender” I hear you ask? Well, not all blenders are created equal. Smoothies are not just about bananas and milk anymore. “Green smoothies” are becoming one of the best ways to increase your daily intake of vitamins, minerals, and fibre. We’ve all read how great superfoods like kale are for you, but have you ever tried blending it in a regular blender? Most traditional blenders simply don’t have enough power to blend leafy greens, meaning your green smoothies ends up more like lumpy green sludge. Try getting the kids to drink that.

Blending is all about texture, and thanks to the 3 horsepower motor and unique ProKinetix bowl-hugging blade system, this superblender can pulverise virtually any combination of ingredients, even kale, into a super fine texture to increase absorption of nutrients and produce a noticeably smoother mouthfeel. In fact, up to 50% smaller particles than a traditional blender.

This power and the unique folding action created by the curved blades means that you can create tastier, healthier meals from scratch at home in minutes that you never imagined possible.

Frozen desserts without preservatives, nut butters without salt and sugar, hot soups without flavourings, mayonnaises without emulsifiers, soy milks without stabilisers, and of course green smoothies you don’t have to chew. That’s right, the Boss can even mill.

The Boss control panel has been designed with the whole family in mind. There are a selection of dedicated one touch programs that are really simple to use including ice crush, smoothies, the world’s first green smoothie button, frozen desserts, and of course auto clean. There’s even a one touch button for cold to hot soup! That’s right, simply throw in your favourite combination of vegetables, herbs and spices and in as little as 6 minutes you’ll be ready to pour up to 1 litre of delicious hot soup straight from the blender. This one touch function is such a fast and convenient way to make hot soup, without having to watch over or stir it.

The Boss also features an LCD timer that counts down for pre-programmed settings and counts up for speed dial control. The two-in-one wet and dry jug is made from Shatterproof Titan, the same material used for airplane windscreens. It’s lightweight, BPA free of course, and shatter resistant. It’s also dishwasher safe, but with the self-clean function, a drop of dishwashing liquid and small amount of water is all you’ll need for most ingredients.

For the rare times that you do need to intervene, the Boss comes with two accessories, a frozen dessert tamp for helping with delicious guilt-free frozen sorbets, and the second is a spatula that helps scrape out every last yummy spoonful of sticky nut butters and other emulsions so you don’t waste a thing.

That’s the new Breville Boss, easy to use superblender. With one touch functions including the world’s first ‘Green Smoothie’ function and variable speeds ranging from a slow stir to a pulverising high speed mill. Now you too can enjoy the ‘finer’ things in life!


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