Asus ET2321 All In One Desktop

This is the Asus ET2321 All in one Touchscreen PC running Windows 8.1. The display is a widescreen twenty three inch IPS display with a nineteen twenty by ten eighty resolution, which will provide native clarity for full high definition content. As a desktop PC with a touchscreen, you’ll be be able to use it in a variety of ways.

First, when you’re in desktop mode you’ll be able to have two windows open at the same time side by side, without compromising on the text or picture size within each window. This makes multitasking even easier, it’s like having two monitors, but both within your field of vision.

Secondly, when it’s time to wind down, the ET2321 will transform into a movie playing mini cinema, thanks to the on board graphics and ear pleasing audio. And because the screen is full high definition, it will play back movies in native resolution, so they will look superb. And with a 178 degree viewing angle, you can settle back with family or friends for a cozy film night.

Watching the screen isn’t the only highlight of this all-in-one, the Windows 8.1 touch based experience is great as well, with full 10-finger multi-touch capability. Pinch-to-zoom, rotate images and scroll through webpages, all with ease. The ET2321 provides outstanding accuracy, offering effortless control through Windows 8.1, optimizing your touch experience. Smooth throughout, the responsive touchscreen makes swiping, scrolling, and all other gestures quicker, more intuitive, and incredibly rewarding.

All this is driven by a powerful Intel processor with 16 gigs of RAM to support those multiwindow scenarios we covered earlier as well as number crunching apps when you need to be working hard. There’s also a massive hard drive to store all your content, be it music, photos, movies and productivity files.

Another great feature is its wireless connectivity so you can place this anywhere in your home and still be connected online.

This is all supported by a stylish stand that elevates the display and keeps your desk looking uncluttered. The wireless keyboard and mouse complement that clean look to your work environment.

Lastly, because the ET2321 uses the full blown version of Windows, you can install all the third party Windows programs you’re used to using, or discover many more apps on the Windows store.

So if you’re looking for a full high definition, touchscreen all-in-one that provides the best of both worlds in play and work, then this 23 inch from Asus could be your next PC.


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