Bosch: Inventing Innovation and Convenience

Bosch has a rich history that began in 1886 in Stuttgart, Germany. It was there that Robert Bosch started his business, which was then called the Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering. The early inventions that emerged from Bosch’s shop were mainly related to automotive technology, such as spark plugs and ignition units. In 1907, the auto parts produced in Bosch’s factory debuted in Australia. With just one importer, Bosch products were available only in Sydney and Melbourne. In 1922, Bosch automotive products began to be widely sold in Australia by the company Pyrox, which operated a location in Sydney. In 1930, Bosch permitted Pyrox to start manufacturing products under the company’s brand name, launching a rich heritage of manufacturing in Australia that continues to this day. By 2002, Bosch products made in Australia made more than $531 million in sales worldwide. The company employs 1,800 people throughout Australia and New Zealand, producing automotive parts, consumer goods and industrial equipment. The headquarters for the Australasian region is based in Clayton, Victoria. Household appliances were first produced under the Bosch brand name more than 75 years ago, and since then, the brand has made many achievements in its range of consumer goods. Here at Bing Lee, one of the most popular lines available from Bosch is its ActiveWater Plus Dishwasher collection. Designed for maximum water efficiency, this range is the only complete collection of dishwashers available in Australia that has a 5.5 WELS water rating! The dishwashers in the collection use as little as 10.3 Liters of water and can still hold up to 14 place settings, while using five times less water than washing the same amount of dishes by hand. The lineup of Bosch products available at Bing Lee includes many other kitchen appliances. For cooking, the brand manufactures traditional and microwave ovens, warming drawers, cooktops and ranges and was one of the first to introduce automatic roasting and baking modes in their products. Bosch also makes a line of refrigerators, including top mount, side-by-side, bottom mount and French door styles. To round out its kitchen appliance range, Bosch offers coffee makers, food processors, hand blenders and multi-purpose kitchen machines. Bosch is the number one selling brand of washing machines and dryers in Europe. Here in Australia, many of their models are on the cutting edge of technology. An example is the Logixx 8 Vario Perfect Washer, which has a 5.0 WELS water rating and a unique drum system known as the VarioSoft. This system gets clothes cleaner than a traditional washer drum, but is still gentle enough for delicate fabrics, despite its increased power. Each year, Bosch includes new features in its household appliances range that are intended to help protect the environment. The brand calls this its Green Technology Initiative, and it centers on creating products that require less electricity and water to operate. In addition, the Bosch factories located in Australia are constantly improving their recycling efforts. In 2008, Bosch received the prestigious German Sustainability Award for the strides the company has made in protecting the planet.

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