Netgear EX6100 Range Extender

Netgear - EX6100 - AC750 WiFi Range Extender

Is your existing wi-fi signal too weak to reach where you need it? Then you need to know about the EX6100 AC750 Wifi range extender from Netgear. Like other Netgear range extenders, the extender works with any brand of wifi router to boost the range of your existing signal and deliver seamless, lightning fast wi-fi coverage wherever you need it.

It extends any wi-fi and maximises network speed, providing up to 750 megabits per second to the latest AC wifi devices. The powerful external antennas give wider, stronger coverage while dual band support improves signal quality.

Even better, by using both wi-fi bands simultaneously Netgear’s fast lane technology allows the range extender to establish super fast wifi connections that are perfect for HD gaming and streaming.

So, how do we set all this up? First, place the extender into an electrical outlet in the same room as your wifi router. The Power LED should turn green. Now we can extend our existing wi-fi network. Press the WPS button on the extender. Within two minutes, press the WPS button on the router. The WPS LED on the extender should light up green – indicating connection. If you have the 5GHz band on your router as well, then just repeat that step.

Now, when you use your wireless device, you’ll see the new networks you’ve just created, using the name of your original network with 2GEXT or 5GEXT added to the name. And it’s super simple to connect to these new networks – just enter the password you use on your original router.

Then we have to find the best location for this extender. The two arrows on the front will tell you if you need to bring the extender closer to the router, or your mobile device closer to the extender for optimum connection strength. Once the arrows stop blinking and the router symbol and device symbol are green, your connection is optimal.

A gigabit ethernet port also allows you to connect wired devices to your wi-fi network, or when set to access point mode, you can plug in a wired internet connection and create a new wi-fi hotspot, for example when you’re in a hotel room and only have a wired ethernet connection. Best of all, the range extender is effortless to install.The wall plug design lets you discretely plug it into any electrical outlet and directional arrows on the unit guide you to the location where the extender will work best.

Using the free wi-fi analytics app for your Android device you can test and confirm you have optimised your wi-fi network. So go ahead and give your wi-fi a boost, enjoy fast, seamless connectivity wherever you want it with the EX6100 AC750 WiFi range extender from Netgear.


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