Asus Tytan Desktop Highlights

Asus - G70AB-AU001S - ROG Tytan Desktop PC

If you’re a gamer, or even just like having the best possible graphics experience possible on your PC for editing and playback, then you are going to want to check out this new desktop PC. It’s the Republic of Gamers Tytan Desktop from Asus. It has some mindblowing features that keep you at the top of your game, prepared for victory, when you’re gaming.

The Tytan G70 comes built with premium components, an efficient and effective cooling system to handle the overclocking potential of the Intel engine in an aggressive, take no prisoner case design that makes the ultimate performance statement even when it’s not turned on.

So let’s start with that striking design. The Tytan’s iconic stealth warship-inspired design is just the start. Strong, aggressive lines flare out to reveal crimson fans for that dramatic visual touch which are not just for show, they help channel cool air through the system as well. and grille red and blue LED indicators to show system readiness. As a safety measure, the chassis doors have sensors which prevent them from closing on fingers.

The ASUS TYTAN G70 features one-click Turbo Gear overclocking that allows you to make the most out of the latest 4th generation Intel Core ii7 processors without having to reboot. Turbo Gear provides simultaneous four-core CPU overclocking to push the TYTAN G70’s clock speed from 3.7GHz to two stable overclocking levels, with Level 1 at 3.9GHz and Level 2 at 4.1GHz.

The activation of Turbo Gear mode automatically opens the chassis top and side doors to reveal six front-facing and two rear-facing fans. These, along with two fans in the bottom grill and within the system, work together with the integrated water-cooled CPU and hundreds of intricately designed vents to provide effective thermal management. These cooling solutions make the TYTAN G70 ideal for marathon gaming sessions and in the long run, prolong component lifespan as well.

Great gaming response and graphics are important, but to round out your experience you’ll also want awesome sound to immerse you in your gaming world, and the Tytan has you covered in this department as well.

Through a unique mix of audio hardware and tuning software, ASUS SonicMaster brings you right into the fight. Gunshots ring out, explosions reverberate, and even footsteps become auditory cues on the digital battlefield. Be immersed in battle whether you’re using a headset or speakers. AudioWizard sound processing provides ROG TYTAN Desktops with an additional layer of audio enhancement, with up to five customizable modes you can easily switch to on the fly.

And lastly, you can pair this gaming juggernaut with a new twenty seven inch full high definition panel with a very wide viewing angle and super narrow frame that makes multi-screen setups a breeze.

That’s the Asus Tytan – great graphics, superb gaming experience and the ultimate gamer’s desktop design.

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