Samsung Smart Washer Highlights

Samsung - WW90H9600EW - 9kg Front Load Washer


If you think that washing machines haven’t changed that much over the years, you’re about to think otherwise. This a high performance 9 kilo front load washing machine from Samsung with some extra features designed to make washing simple.

The door is made with Samsung’s own crystal gloss, with a blue colour for a touch of class and for easy viewing of the wash cycle. First thing you’ll notice is there’s no button to push or lock, just a bit of pressure towards yourself and the door’s open. The door opening is very big, great for putting in all your large linen and winter gowns.

it’s also super quiet. Samsung uses 14 stainless steel ball bearings that spin in the opposite direction to the drum to help counteract any wobbles because of uneven loads. The digital inverter motor runs at a cool temperature, so it’s more durable and Samsung back it up with an 11 year warranty.

At the bottom here of the door opening is the container for the detergent. But here’s the incredible thing – you can load over a litre of liquid detergent and it will be good for 26 washes. You can also pre-fill softener and that will be good for 20 washes.

Using the Auto optimal wash program, 4 different sensors look at the size of the load, the amount of dirt on the clothes and how much water and detergent is needed. Then it works out which cycle to use, what temperature the water should be, how long to wash, how long to rinse and the spin speed and with all of that, how much detergent and softener to dispense.

In addition to the optimal wash, there are 6 specialty cycles, that have been designed for exactly that – harder to wash situations. That includes gardening, cooking, and sports, taking the guess work out of even really messy laundry loads.

This washing machine has a a 5 inch touch screen and you can take full control of the wash in terms of selecting garment type, water temperature, spin speed and type of detergent. That last one is important because not everyone wants to use liquid detergent.The washer actually comes with two powder pebbles to insert powder detergent.

This washing machine is also wi-fi enabled. Using an app available for android and iphones, you can monitor the wash cycle, start or pause it and look at how much time before the wash completes. It will even send an alert to your smartphone when your load is ready to be put on the line.

That’s the Samsung Wi-fi Washer, a washing machine that dispenses its own detergent, can work out what wash to do based on what you throw in and can be controlled from your mobile device. Brilliant!

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